Month: February 2012

Tinted Windows Of Your Car

Tinted car – what is it? Luxury, convenience, or it may be necessary? Let's try to figure it out. Luxury. Tinted windows, perhaps, gives the car elegance, regardless of the model, color and year issue – it is a fact. But with all this, tinted car luxury in our times is difficult to call. Firstly, because the cars with tinted windows, now, very much, and, consequently, no individual is not stressed, and hence, the uniqueness can not be considered. Secondly, is it fun (in Moscow), 3 to 5 thousand rubles, which is quite expensive for the average metropolitan motorists. Hence, a small conclusion: tinting the car – not luxury.

Convenience. You can not say for sure, but pluses in toning car windows more rather than minuses. Let's start with the pros. Are you going after work in rush hour, you want to go home soon, and, of course, the Ten Commandments driver you do not want to think (which, incidentally, in vain, in my opinion). You are trying to rebuild, if necessary, is not afraid of the word brazen "climbs" into the next lane, and immediately come across no foul language, from the driver who drives for his band. If you are at this point to look him in the eye – it may make him aggressive.

If he sees that you did not react, and in this case, your dimensions inferior to his physical abilities – this can also cause the disadvantaged driver aggression in a critical situation, with all ensuing consequences. If you have tinted car – the potential for conflict is greatly reduced, because you not visible, and uncertainty of a normal person does not cause aggression. Of course, this does not mean that the presence of tinted glasses in your car gives you more power on the road or the right to non-compliance. Not at all! I ask you: be careful on the road – the most effective means and the solution of most problems, even before they occur! But in some cases, when a problem does occur, tinted glasses to help him. Problems less – it means safe and convenient. And even if you never break the rules, and do not stand in traffic jams for hours – it's like when you have tinted windows, you do not feel like a tank, because no one you can not see and it is not annoying. There is one drawback. In the dark, especially the unseasoned eye, tinted glass creates some problems – you can see really well, but it's a matter of habit. On the other hand, when you are riding in the dark along the narrow road – you do not so prevent the headlights from the oncoming lane, as well as not dazzle through the mirror, you are overtaking cars with xenon headlights. A small conclusion: tinting car – it's still comfortable. Necessity. The above factors, with all the consequences, positive as displayed on the driving, and, consequently, on security: reduced likelihood of accidents, reduced likelihood of coming into conflict with other traffic. C Tinted windows do you feel calmer, more confident and more secure. Perhaps someone and do not deem it necessary, but I think I would agree that the tinting car – less than a luxury, but more than convenience.

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Burj Al Arab

This includes hotels, and some cruise ships, as well as the famous express train, which does not change with the times of Hercule Poirot. And believe me, old man, this is the kind of money – that the hotels targeted technological progress, the only diva given: for what? The classification of hotels: Banno and laundry question man with refined taste have always noticed that in the fine hotel bed linen is not white, and slightly creamy. And it is not made of Conventional satin, and the more subtle and smooth fibers. And the smell of bleach is not aggressive, but pleasant scent. In the elegant hotels are not allowed cheap frills, such as folded towels from the swans on the bed. Place towels – in the bathroom.

And not so nice wipe oneself crumpled towel on which he worked for a long time cleaner. Everything beautiful must be functionally and hygienically – this is the first law of high class. Robes and slippers are not even discussed – they should be it. But it is desirable that they are waiting for you warmed up. Towelie should be in all sizes and purposes: Hand, foot, body, face, for? In addition, one must have a stack of terry salfetochek, just in case need something to wipe. The hotel is clearly 'no modify' if on a shelf in the bathroom you waiting for uncomplicated single-use packets of shampoo and shower gel. That's the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, all cosmetics, including toilet water, creams face and body of Hermes.

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