Month: August 2012

Balearic Government

It is really a pain that destinies like the indicated ones, have become the emblem of the call " tourism basura" , the chosen destinies by those who have destroyed their paradisiac image of long ago, an image difficult to recover especially in the situation of present crisis, since at the moment is enough goloso being satisfied to this class of tourism which, at least, he is fixed and not to bet by a tourism of greater quality than it would require of important investments in advertising campaigns and " hand dura" with the gamberros that have become owners and gentlemen of these tourist places, auyentando to the tourism of quality to other peninsular or foreign destinies. The Council of Tourism of the Balearic Government, before the accidents caused by the practice of " balconing" , one has hurried to affirm that these cases and that do not have to become general the message that there is to transmit to the tourism is that the Balearics are " a destination segura" , but the certain thing is that the profile that chooses some destinies of the Islands quite remote of are so longed for " tourism of calidad" , being an example of it the case of Ibiza, a paradisiac place that, nevertheless, is associated to the macrodiscotheques, the drug consumption and the macrodrunkennesses, something that, of course, aid not to foment the familiar tourism that whatever the cost look for calm destinies and that, without a doubt, would improve the tourist, hotel sector enormously and of restoration of these places, thus, of course, the quality of life of its neighbors, the great ones forgotten this history and that, year after year they must support the invasion of drunkards by its streets that are to be controlled by the respective local police, another waste of public cost that in nothing compensates the few income that this type of tourism generates. " balconing" it is not more than the end of the iceberg and another one of the consequences logics of a little recommendable tourism and by which it was bet for a long time by the Spanish Mediterranean coasts, with Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearics at the top, with destinies like Salou, Benidorm and Ibiza as points of the spear, points of the spear that have harmed excessively the set and that have caused that other calmer places and than a long time ago they bet by the quality tourism have gained them the game. Original author and source of the article

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Tim Bernes Lee

With passing of the times I not only exercise it American was to use the Internet, and yes universities had also started to use the idea of that they could create nets of studies to facilitate, I exercise as well as it, the exchange of facilitated information. The history of the Internet does not have a defined date, its history is divided by great creations during the times that form in the set its ticket in the line of the world-wide time. One of the biggest prominences is the creation of the Web for return of 1989 for the scientist Tim Bernes Lee. Lee had the idea where the people would use the Internet for access the information in a universal format (HTML) through a specific tool (navigating). With the creation of the Internet, everything had been appearing diverse methods to keep on people the Internet making that was possible to facilitate the life of each one, was thinking about this that had appeared the commercial calls Internet, that in Brazil came to appear for return of 1995 with the arrival of the great pioneers of the branch, AOL, zaz, Mandic and others. Immediately afterwards another fact that would mark the history of the Internet had been the electronic commerce the calls Bubble of the Internet, great experiences that had opened chances diverse companies to invest heavy in it I deal for the Internet, purchase, sales and exchange of products in general, but many of these companies, whom until then already they had projects millionaire, had perceived that the Internet not yet was very mature still to receive as much investment as well as them thought, were in this period for return of 2000/2001 that the call happened burst of the Bubble, where the majority of the PontoCom companies had broken. To define an accurate date to say when the Internet was created is difficult but to say when it gave its first steps can be more easy, could not believe that it would go so far, but the Burst of the Bubble, many had soon after been discredited in the force of the Internet, and were then that the social medias had been created.

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