Month: October 2012

Mercedes Flight

She told practically her life him: the mistake of its marriage, the sevicias that the father of Ricardito practiced with her, how it was luckyly in a relieved economic situation and that it had until now not thought about returning to marry. His neighbor was not so loquacious. He said to him that it liked more Europe than the United States but that there, clearly, it did not have the same professional possibilities that in America. and that I have proven that it. Without too much insistence, I must say it, but I have tried that it. No, it was not married.

There was never it been, answered to him a question for which Mercedes apologized immediately: Perhaps I am too indiscreet was embarrassed. What goes said to the man. With the years that I have it is logical it asks that it. But added, with leaves of sadness never I have found the woman able to make leave soltera me. Mercedes had forgotten completely both malencarados types already had scared that it.

In fact, both seemed to sleep like two blessed one next to the other. Thus, desmadejados and with the closed eyes, they seemed less sinister and, almost, nothing almost dangerous. Between the lunch, the projection of a film, the usual trips of Ricardito to the washbasin, the supply of a coffee by the flight attendants, another tea after awhile the time was happening. Before the trip arrived at its aim was she who took the initiative: Perhaps we could see us while we are in New York. The voice sounded a little to him tremulous, with a threat of falsetto as a result of the nervousness that had produced him its own boldness. I am afraid that does not go if possible said to the horseman, because I nothing else connect to arrive with flight to Minneapolis.

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Organization of United Nations

This text if is similar to the text elaborated for the ONU (Organization of United Nations) written in 1946 to appraise the ONG’ S, with the following writing: ‘ ‘ ONGS are civil entities without lucrative ends, of private law, that carry through works in one benefit coletividade’ ‘. However, in the second half of the decade of 60, the ONG’ S had character felt politician with of rejection to the traditional forms of being able, with proper speech of existence from the negation of the State. At this time, this idea if justified due to predominant the military character in Latin America. However, its main focus always was to develop works with finco social. In another form, the third sector, that not only encloses the ONG’ lucrative, assistance to the community and complemented the proper services of the State had its beginning in middle of century XVI with the figures of the Saints Houses giving.

This performance practically lasted all the colonial period with the main and only figure of the Church Catholic. No longer century XX, other religious entities had also had prominence in the performances of social politics together with the Churches Catholics. Later, in middle of a decade of 30, the politics you beat had more had its not concentrated performances in social politics, and nor catholics or other originated denominations at the beginning of century XIX had been concentrated in Churches. This ‘ ‘ expanso’ ‘ if she justifies for the beginning of the process of modernization of the Country, contributed for the urbanization and industrialization processes. Added to these factors, the Constitution of 1988 brought improvements in what it says respect to the social rights of the citizen.

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