Month: May 2013

Latin America

Peru is a country that after long years of waiting to seen resurgence in its economy and thanks to abundant natural wealth which has, is a large pantry for her people and a great destination for investment, for those who want to bet on successful businesses in latinoamrica. Peru geography gives you a great diversity of natural resources, primarily genetic resources and minerals, as well as species and ecosystems, so it is considered a megadiverse country.It has reserves of gas, oil, copper, iron, gold, also a fauna immense in its Amazon, as well as variety of medicinal plants, fine woods, abundant marine in its sea and rivers Amazon, huge archaeological zones, muchismos tourist sites to visit, to do, boating, camping, water skiing and snow. We have wonderful national parks, the best airport in Latin America, our ports are adapting with gantry cranes, in order to erecibir large tonnage ships, there are many megaprojects underway. Some things we needed to improve, as execution fast and intercept of the regional, ending the long government budgets paperwork for execution of works public, political work areas in Amazonian and Andean, a greater attention to Puno, Apurimac, but there we are. Peru is a Pacific people, he learned to live in a democracy and that aspires to be a partner of the economies most powerful in the world, for which reason to signed several FTA, as a way to develop through foreign trade. All this thinking of Peruvians in poverty, to give a better future to generations to come, to generate more jobs. However, there is in the country of the incas, some politicians, former military and foreign NGOs, which do not want Peru to follow within the liberal economic model. They try in every possible way destroy that democratic Governments do, encouraging protests, strikes, marches, thus deceive the world by saying that in Peru, there are social protest, because the country is going to drift, which is false.

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Discover Card Services

On the Internet, credit, debit, and prepaid cards are some of the ways most popular money transfer. Between card companies most recognized, we have Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, among others. Although they are recognized as cards, are really a number where the monies deposited in the, can be electronically transferred (call you this transaction). On the Internet, there are services that allow the transfer of money from these cards, to their own personal account. Some of them simply charge a very low percentage of less than 5% of the value of each transaction. The following are services that recommend using to receive payments on the Internet: Paypal one of the services most popular and safe which is used to make payments on the Internet. Besides being simple and easy to use, it is very efficient when it comes to sell tangible and electronic products.

A large percentage of customers of eBay (owner of Paypal) is used as your primary payment method Paypal. Once you get an account with PayPal, can get the necessary links that you can paste into your web page. The Paypal service allows you to create links in the form of buttons so that everytime a person give click to them, take you to a secure PayPal where they have the option of paying with a card, or a Paypal personal account page. 2Checkout very similar to Paypal but perhaps a little more complex. They require a down payment for opening an account, and other requirements (personal identification documents). Unlike Paypal, 2Checkout is a merchant account (merchant account) that gives you the option of prepayment payment directly to a card (Payoneer MasterCard) that you can use to withdraw money in any part of the world where to find a cashier at MasterCard. From my own experience, I can say that they have a good service to the customer.

Merchant accounts (Merchant Account) are those that use big business, companies and enterprises. These require many requirements but have greater legal support compared with Paypal. You can do a search on Google for Merchant Account and you will find many services that you can use. For more information on how to receive money online, visit our blog. Original author and source of the article

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