Month: July 2013

Las Dynamics

APPLICATION of the dynamic of group Las Dynamics for groups can be used for various purposes some of the most common applications, are the following: stimulate theoretical learning of the most important concepts of a particular topic. Observe in detail the concepts learned during the theoretical phase. -Control of the efficiency of learning through its demonstration in a real situation. -Awareness of problems decision making them accessible both rational and emotional. Participants transferred and translated the concepts learned in the theoretical session to real situations. Resolve existing conflicts with a more favorable climate for its solution. Be applied to overcome the stagnation of a group.

Analysis of problems. To present patterns of behaviour. The characteristics of the group, said group dynamics, are: an Association of two or more persons. Members are considered as a group, have a collective perception of unit, aware of each other identification. -There is a shared purposes. Members have the same goal. -There is a sense of mutual dependence on the satisfaction of needs.

Members need to help each other to achieve the purposes which met in group. Members can communicate with each other. Principles for the group development are: environment in the meetings: refers to the physical space which must be adapted to the number of members and the way of working of the same. They must be comfortable. Reduction of bullying: should aim to achieve good interpersonal relations, reduce tensions. Distributed leadership: promote that all members put into play their skills and abilities to facilitate the Group process and the achievement of the objective. Formulation of lens to match the interests of the Group: the aim must be chosen by common agreement between all members, never It must be imposed. You must adapt to age, potentialities and possibilities of the members in order to avoid the frustration of members for failure to improper objectives. Flexibility: The group must not be rigid, it must adapt to the changes of external circumstances such as internal. The consensus in the adoption of decisions: all resolutions taken by the group must start from this. The base is full participation in a democratic environment. Understanding of the process to orient or modify the objectives: participants must be aware of how gives the interaction, communication, and productivity, for the purpose of structuring and restructuring situations that favor the Group process. Continuous assessment: the Group should analyze your process and how the proposed purposes, by means of a permanent evaluation are achieving. It is important in all dynamics: Learn about the Group and its characteristics. Know the differences between individual work and the group. Analyzing the phases for the the Group evolves. Know the characteristics of the groups know the structure of the group. Analyze the role of the guia-mediador in the group. Learn about the different group techniques. Know select and apply a group technique.

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The Group

Operations and tactics from mid-2000, JI planned a series of attacks with bombs – some of which were successful and some of which not – which is defined as a terrorist group and drew its willingness to use violent methods to advance its objectives. These attacks with AC pumps, as well as the evolution of communication practices that have supported the Group’s bombing operations and other activities, are discussed below. It pays special attention to the operations of decision-making. The examination was extended to other functional areas, including training, logistics, and operational safety practices. It is important to note that although the bombing attacks have attracted considerable attention, they were only one aspect of the many activities of AC has conducted as a militant Islamic organization. The Group has also been strongly committed in the construction of its base of recruits and sympathizers through missionary work as well as other activities of jihad, such as sending members of the AC to participate in conflicts sectarian in the East of Indonesia. bombing one of the defining characteristics as a terrorist group has been his willingness and ability to carry out major bombing operations.

Since 2000, joint implementation of various sophistication bombardment operations have been conducted against a wide range of types of destination in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. From the JI attack in mid-2000 in Jakarta for the bombing of the Embassy of Australia in Jakarta in September 2004. It also includes the foiled plot to bomb sites in Singapore, including the United States.UU. and the embassies of Israel, because this was an effort to well developed by the time it was interrupted by the arrests carried out by Singapore authorities. Although AC is suspected of having participated in some other attacks throughout Southeast Asia in recent years, there is no definitive confirmation and the scant information available about the details of the attacks.

After the attacks of Bali.Con pumps of Bali also underestimated the capacity of the Government to track down using the registration number of the vehicle found in the truck of debris scattered in the place of the explosions. The ability of the Government to rebuild the registration number of the vehicle, despite the efforts of agents of the AC to clear before the detonation of bombs, was a major break in the investigation. This important forensic testing helped to identify members who participate in the joint implementation of the attacks and it has directly led to their arrests. In addition to these deficiencies in operational safety, joint implementation has suffered significant wear leadership, since many of its key leaders have been captured or killed in counterterrorism operations since the 9 / 11 attacks. However, it is not clear if the capacity of the Government authorities to find and stop these leaders and other actors above indicates a deficit in systemic JI operational security practices or is simply the result of hard work and good luck by national intelligence agencies. The learning experience in the joint implementation of operational safety against the fight against domestic and international terrorism demonstrates the efforts both operational and tactical success of the deficit. The Group took effective measures to reduce the risk that Government authorities which discover their steps in the construction of a terrorist organization and carrying out its first bombing operations. It is able to pass unnoticed, not only by the intelligence and police services of the countries in which it was operating, but also by foreign intelligence services.

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In Venezuela

PANORAMA current situation tourism in VENEZUELA: Venezuela is of great beauty with a tropical climate and dramatic contrasts. Tourism in Venezuela we can be time-consuming, since it has much to exploit. Tourism in Venezuela has developed considerably in recent decades, particularly due to its favourable geographical position, the variety of landscapes, the richness of flora and fauna, artistic expressions and the privileged tropical climate of the country, which allows you to enjoy each region (especially the beaches) throughout the year. In Venezuela the increasing development of the infrastructure of airports, ports and hotels has made possible the reception of international tourists, taking into account that each year the reception of tourists is greater. According to reports from the Ministry of tourism, in the year 2001 came to Venezuela nearly 800,000 visitors international, this figure was descending in the coming years, in part due to the tense situation which existed in the country, with the oil strike, coup attempts, military revolts and other internal conflicts that caused greater exit than entry of people to the country. For 2006 the tourism of international visitors to the country was higher to 900,000 people.

Venezuela is a country with a huge potential for tourism. Few countries offer such diversity of landscapes (beaches, mountains, Plains, forests), a very favourable climate, and a privileged geographical situation as Venezuela. Venezuelan tourism includes a wide range of offerings, suitable for all tastes and all budgets. There are currently a series of pages, portals, magazines, directories and travel guides, including a wide variety of useful information such as recommendations of Venezuelan to investigate nooks, guest suggestions and photos of tourist sites in all Venezuela, among others. These pages are related to the different national destinations. For each city, town, region or geographical point of Venezuela, surely there is a Web page that represents it. This information is complemented with an extensive list of travel agencies (some of them specialized in tourism by Venezuela, including tourism of adventure, an extensive list of hotels and hostals in Venezuela, airlines that cover the national territory, organizations that promote tourism in Venezuela, and tourist and holiday camps in the country.

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