From Safilo Group, dedicated to the design, production and development of collections of eyeglasses and Sun through important design and their own brands for over 75 years, is presented the new collection of Emporio Armani Eyewear, one of the more stable firms that works with this group of Italian origin. This collection includes both sunglasses and goggles graduates first row that stand out for their great originality and aesthetic content. As for the sunglasses have increased, in this collection, sport chic typical models of Emporio Armani, with special attention to materials (antiallergic effects brillo-mate, finishes metal and rubber, etc.), polarized versions and innovative models. There are special models of adjustable sunglasses and between models of Sun and graduates produce synergies in terms of design and the logo of the brand. All models of the collection are timeless, simple and comfortable in the style of Emporio Armani. Elegance and exclusivity are made patents in all the glasses of the prestigious firm, just as it does in your clothes, creating an aesthetic symbol that resists over the years and that never goes out of fashion. If you want to learn more about the collection you can visit the website of the brand or go to the website of optics Bassol.