Month: March 2014

Festival Charter

Compensation for investors due to wrong advice and prospectus errors consulting and prospectus errors allow compensation claims more than 13 million invested investors in late 2005 in the containership Fund MS “Rio Stora” submitted by MPC. At a time when the Charter rates for container ships had reached its historical high. Already by early December 2005 you had fallen by more than 30%, as quoted Michael Niefund, engineer for maritime transport and port management in the Fund letter of December 9, 2005. End of 2005 he saw the industry under pressure for the next two to three years. The high number of new buildings was responsible for his assessment.

“Run until 2008 ships with a total of more than four million container parking spaces from the stack. That is more than half of the current worldwide fleet”, cited the Fund letter end of 2005 Niefund. The investors of the MPC MS “Rio Stora” painful experience deterioration in Charter rates torpedoed calculation of ship funds that these predictions were true, must now. The decline of the MS “Rio Stora” ensured Charter rates, which is accelerated by the ongoing since autumn 2008 turbulence of the global economy and financial markets and seeks, also, that are the revenue well below plan. Daily income of 15,800 USD during the five-year Festival Charter period and then 16.250 USD by the year 2023 were brochure calculations for the 2,000 TEU container ship to reason.

Today, 6,400 USD are for 1,700 TEU ships and 2,500 TEU ships approximately 7,200 USD (HARPEX 20.07.2012). Thus moving the Charter rates on the level of 2002. For the MS “Rio Stora” this revenue not sufficient to cover the ship operating costs and interest and repayment is scheduled to pay. The financing banks lose patience, the insolvency of the vessel is in danger here, as well as in many other ship funds.

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RAI Convention Centre

ORGA Systems showcases smart metering project at the metering, billing/CRM Europe 2012 Paderborn (Germany), 02 October 2012: be speaking about its smart grid solution will at the upcoming metering, billing/CRM Europe Orga systems for the utility sector, which take place at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam from October 9th to 11th. The winning solution is important part of the prepaid electricity service offered by a leading Philippine utility company; enabling them to retrieve the maximum benefits from smart metering investments. Benefiting from dynamic real time billing the electricity industry is changing rapidly forcing utility companies to find new and more intelligent ways of managing their energy supply infrastructure. In the end, finding the right business cases is essential to utility companies. Offering new services such as prepaid, cost control and budgeting to customers and bringing real time customer experience into play are opportunities to unlock new revenue streams for utilities.

ORGA Systems’ smart utility suite fulfills the highest performance requirements, understanding the challenges utilities face today and being a key enabler to transform high smart grid investments into profitable and sustainable business cases. * Meet US at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam from October 9th to 11th at booth 1D.59 in Hall 1 or in room B. 24, balcony Hall 1 learn more about ORGA Systems’ solutions during the keynote from Mr. Jurgen Bender, global lead energy solutions at ORGA Systems, at the “Innovation & technology platform” in the exhibition area on October 10th at 02:00 pm ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing. ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions, energy and telematic suppliers. ORGA Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 400 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Please visit for further information.

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

IPO possible in August – offer period can start August 10, 2012 Berlin / Gdask August 1, 2012; The BundesInvest AG specializes in the sales and consulting by radioactive end products starts with the marketing of their shares. After the conversion to an AG in Gdansk, the company presents national and international investors in London his concept in the next few days. The market gap is filled by us and we are pleased by the positive response,”explains founder and CEO Dr. Igor Imanov. Due to the dominance of the financial site and the locations locally, BundesInvest AG is limited to a presentation in London and apart from a roadshow in other financial centres.

The pricing is based on the method of the decoupled pricing (so called decoupled approach”). The price range is set towards the end of the investor presentation here. After the three-day price determination procedure starting at the earliest on August 10, 2012 takes place (accelerated bookbuilding”). The IPO (initial public offering) of BundesInvest AG is possible in principle still in August 2012. Based on the current share capital of 5.863.450 shares includes planned up to 2.834.375 shares of BundesInvest AG and consists of a public offer in the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as intra – and extra-European private placements. Up to 800,000 of the offered shares come from a capital increase against contributions in cash.

Up to 1.568.730 of the offered shares come from the property of losing shareholders, consisting of the two founding members of the company. Also, additional allocations can be made of up to 343.875 shares of the company from the ownership of the shareholders (associated with a so-called GreenShoe option). BundesInvest AG shares will be traded under the ticker symbol BII and the ISIN PL0005217110 in the amtlicher Markt (Prime Standard) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Evening With Care Cosmetic Products Desheli

Evening set of procedures for the care of facial skin – is no less significant act than the same fairly familiar acts committed in the daytime. Therefore, in the evening, shortly before going to bed, do not be lazy to do yourself enjoyable and reward for their skin test, which she had to endure throughout the day. Consider the components included a set for night care as well as basic guidelines for their application. Night cream and phyto-anti-aging Eye Gel. Before starting to perform an evening set of procedures necessary to cleanse the skin available in a set of special tools. What follows is put on the face, neck and decollete line night herbal cream.

Need to get completely absorbed in the skin cream to the procedure to be most effective. To achieve the effect of warming cover the face with a warm towel and lie down motionless about five minutes. Then remove the towel and remove any excess cream with a tissue. This cream is recommended to apply twice a week. Night Cream Phyto-nourishes the skin and makes it more elastic.

It fully protects the skin from dryness and the negative environmental effects, providing a pleasant skin feel cool and fresh, and soothing her. When your skin has received all the necessary components of these preparations, we conclude our procedure using the gel for eyelids. The skin around the eyes requires very careful and gentle care, as is particularly tender and sensitive. The company has taken into account DeSheli all these features and creating luxury cosmetics, in which is the Eye Gel, contains no to the same flavors. Gel reduces and smooths out wrinkles, remove dark circles under the eyes, soothes and reduces swelling, slows down moisture in the cells, allowing the skin to these sites is smooth and elastic form. In this procedure comes to an end, and now you can safely go to bed and think about what you have taken another step toward achieving such a desired result!

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General Consul

I am the namorada one of the Karl; I am without cellular and necessary much speech with it. You could deliver this note to it? what the employee, harvested of surprise, answered; – Immediately, senhorita. It will be a pleasure! Only when they had come back to the car, Agate confessed the small trick to the Dr. Antunes. It did not comment nothing, but he was satisfied when knowing that the man that they looked was in the Bank. It immediately repassed the information to the Dr. Calequim, that was thankful.

Now, it was alone to extend the net and to wait that passarinho fell. But the things did not walk so tranquilamente in the Consulate of the Province. Lientai professor, senior council member of the Consulate, relief person in the community, was furious, esbravejando> as much in its room, that the shouts were heard of the street. The victim of its verbal incontinence was nobody little than the General Consul, the honorable one Hominton, that everything listened of head low, without spirit to react. In the Countries of hard line, the staff diplomatist of career, as much in the embassies how much in the consulates, he has lost, throughout the years, much of its autonomy and its traditional exemptions.

Commissioners politicians, dissimulated of some form under positions of obscure names, as assistants, vice cultural attachs, sub artistic assessors, advising aids, in the reality make use of ample being able politician and impose severity in the behavior, to prevent shunting lines, ideological or of another nature. Clearly he is that also this staff is not immune to the temptations and thus, to the times, some of them is called in return or simply it disappears of the representation diplomatics without leaving tracks. It is there that our reporter enters again, the Emiliano, always that it observes constantly, without becoming to notice.

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Information Security

The company "Anti-virus solutions," the fifth consecutive year participating in the international specialized exhibition – Conference on Information Security Infosecurity Russia – 2008". This year it was held from 7 to 9 October, and during these three days Visitors and exhibitors were able to see at the booth with the decisions on protection from exposure to malware and unwanted software, information leaks, hacker attacks and spam at the leading vendors. "Anti-virus solutions "- multi-vendor company, the scope of which not only supply and implementation of software solutions for information security, system and office software, but also a wide range of IT-services. They allow customers to get an objective assessment of the state of information security, optimal selection, quality design, rapid deployment and continue to effectively operate and develop information systems. Only at the booth, "antivirus" read the reports of representatives of the vendors. In particular, the visitors saw the presentations of experts of companies Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, as well as a special guest – managing channel sales of GFI in Eastern Europe Wolfgang Wimmer, who came to Russia to participate in the Infosecurity Russia – 2008. Statement by Wolfgang Wimmer on the theme Why Webfiltering is required for your business (Need web-filtering for your business), held only at the booth of "anti-virus solutions," particularly interested in the exhibition, visitors and press. In particular, journalists such authority in IT – the field of television as RBC-TV together with representatives of the anti-virus solutions "on the company interviewed a representative of the GFI, during which they asked him a number of topical issues on current trends in information security.

He talked about how to protect corporate networks and presented an overview of existing and potential threats. Also participated in the stand adopted a special guest – a representative of McAfee Jonathan Wegner. He praised the performances of experts of "anti-virus solutions and the relevance of the seminars. Commercial Director of Anti-virus solutions, "Dmitry Slobodenyuk noted that" participation in the exhibition Infosecurity Russia – this is primarily an exchange of experiences. Three days gather together representatives of the most famous in the market of information security companies. This is a great opportunity to tell about the many software solutions offered by "anti-virus solutions, and on a range of IT-provided services. We are the permanent participants of the exhibition since its establishment in our country. Very pleased that the event organizers noted this fact an honorary diploma.

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The power revealed in the press is a persuasivo power, where the persuation if shows more efficient than the violence. During the joints for the 1964 blow, the persuation for such act was present in many periodic ones, however next to the persuasion it came the violence. As Foucault, the capitalist domination would not obtain as much success if only it was based on the repression (FOUCAULT, 1979). Nelson Werneck Sodr, in similar analysis, affirmed that a great periodical, today, is one capitalist company of great ratios. ‘ ‘ The domination if exerts excusing the use of military force, and yes for the use of the propaganda and the persuation …

Who controls the press and the ways of mass do not need blows more than militares’ ‘ (SODR, 1999, P. 12-13). The French, precursory philosopher into this referring analysis to the relations of being able, transformed the subject in established rule. Today, the negation of the relations of being able in the diverse spheres of the society is practically inexistent. From the foucaultianas influences, history politics leaves of if worrying only about the organization and relations of being able in the State, to also analyze the relations politics between diverse social groups.

They are these relations gifts in the press, whose interests if come back to analyze a ruling class. For Foucault a general theory of the power does not exist, that is, the power is not something that has nature or essence with universal characteristics. The power is not global unitary e, and yes social practical one in constant transformation. This power is characterized as micron-power, therefore although not to be the state power, it penetrates in the daily life of the individual, intervined directly and materially.

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Develop a powerful force of will is fundamental to coach football and thus to exercise good leadership. No she is not achieved absolutely nothing in life, nor be a sport leader or any another goal that an individual intends to achieve. Up to achieve a minimum objective, modest though it is, is needed sufficient willpower dose. An iron will is the secret to achieve important things, not only at the professional level within a competition, also in other facets of life and is the only way, because without it it would be impossible that humans get to overcome the obstacles that day-to-day go presenting the activity that develops, in this case within the complicated world of football. Tenacity, toughness, effort and sacrifice among other qualities ability, are primary part of that strength of will to get what one intends to comprehensively and in particular when it comes to exercise leadership to make this more effective and durable as possible. If the person He plays the role of coach has willpower, that comes to be something as well as having a mental discipline to propose objectives and not stop until you achieve them, will have a powerful and overwhelming motivation for advancing your way and not leave when tripped, when results do not join and the road is uphill and demoralization for a given failure do you throw the towel. If the leader is the leader, and a team director, as it is the case with the coach, is for something and that something among other things, is a powerful and indestructible strength of will which every day must go increasing to improve increasingly in his mission to get a solid leadership resulting in a management with maximum efficiency and performance that guarantees to the extent of the possible best sports resultsultimately win, win and win, that is what is required to the coaches and not only at the highest levels of professionalism, also in categories of lower echelons.

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The Fact

The next step is training for those employees who are already in your state. In most companies, this is done as follows: three o'clock you talking to someone and explain to him his work, and after you told us what work he will do, you are confronted with the fact that you are experiencing a lot of difficulties to implement their work. Do you feel that you are very busy. And given that you loaded your work that you yourself need to do, you feel that you have not found time to still further to tell him about his work. And you hope that he will do the job based on what you told him. This method is called – or sink or swim. We throw people in deep water and hope that he somehow there will pop up.

And if he does not learn to how to properly swim, he drowns. Due to the fact that you are not enough trained people, you are in a stage which is called – patience. That is, you have to put this person or simply remove it. At this stage, a moment that this person begins to make mistakes. And once you see that man makes mistakes. You say to yourself – "I understand. I understood why he makes mistakes.

He made them does, because I taught them not enough. " But you've got a big heart. And due to the fact that you have such a big heart you say to yourself – "Well, I hope that it will do its job. Let admitting mistakes, learning from its errors, correct and improve their work. " And your day is as follows. This man always comes to you during the day and asked – "How do I do then? How do I do? How do I do it here? ". But in the worst case There are still people who do not fit to you and do not ask.

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