Month: April 2014

Federal Statistical Office

In an otherwise critical market environment, the gross assets of Germans grows significantly. As wealth report shows global worth 4.7 trillion euro Alliance a gross asset value worldwide of 103.3 trillion euros. Increasingly, investors however think about how they can protect their money before inflation. The real estate funds of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) offer a good alternative here. “” It’s a little bit like, as have Germany is economically considered by the flattened Europe “decoupled”, financial analyst at the underwriter SHB says innovative fund concepts AG Hans Gruber This statement is based on current figures, as it reflects wealth report Global Alliance. But also, according to the Federal Statistical Office gross domestic product rose 2012 0.5 percent in the first three months, in the second quarter, after all, still by 0.3 percent. And the Institute for economic research (IFO) goes from a growth of 0.7 per cent – but under the condition, that is the Europe-wide debt crisis aggravated not further and slowly pulls the economy.

The pulse triggered this could mean so the IFO, that a stable employment with appropriate wage settlements further stabilizes the consumption rate in Germany and thus to stimulate demand. The rest is economy: an increased demand and consumption increases the number of employees and thus the gross domestic product. Germany shows good inclinations, to emerge from the valley floor. However, this development is accompanied by a rising inflation rate. For this year, the experts 1.6 percent expect higher rate, it should be already 2.2 percent next year. If we therefore assume that enough money is, remains only to clarify the question, whether because sufficient alternatives there are in which this money can be invested”, as the financial expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. And because it looks currently bleak, because issued Government securities of at least safe countries offer little more interest on. And also otherwise barely adequate yields are on the capital market, which beat the rate of inflation in the medium term.

The alternative is real value”, so Gruber. This explains also the run by private investors and institutional investors for real estate. If a real estate offers me after costs in the medium term a four per cent rental yield, it is always more interesting than a money plant, which languishes out just in front of him and shows little perspectives”, a Munich-based real estate agent manifests itself clearly. Many see this as. However, the supply of good investment opportunities in property investments, so real estate now in Germany is scarce. Here, the real estate funds offer a successful alternative SHB innovative fund concepts AG also for investors wishing to invest in manageable sizes. Because the funds are not only professionally managed, what goes hand in hand with an intensive support of the real estate. The funds offer investors also diversification in terms of the investment and the location. This ultimately leads to reasonable returns you can expect from a good investment. For more information,

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Using Mini-Sites

Just like the title, mini-sites are interesting and valid alternative to grab some extra cash. This type of business on the net, is evolving and this can easily notice a quick tour of the viewfinder, and the reason for which they have so much growth in recent times, is one ….. are effective . You can see that there are mini-sites, albeit with different structures, are of quite similar, but they all pursue one single order ,…. sell. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Are these typical sites to enter notes and extensive practical information, are totally devoid of spectacular Flash animations and presentations to allow instantaneous load. Everything is quite simple and light, the concepts are clear and everything is planned, prepared and ready to meet whoever enters the primary objective in which they were created, that is, sell a product or service.

It is these sites that have a single page, usually no links or buttons that lead you to another page. In this single page is all the information, you have everything you need to catch up both on the characteristics, advantages or properties of the product being offered and the only button or key that can be is what brings you to define and purchase. They work very well with affiliate programs, always starting from the basis that the first thing is to choose which market you’re going to run, and then, a good selection of product you’re offering to this market, without forgetting to have stated that the product chosen has a significant demand and that is of quality. You have so many products for sale on multiple pages together (mini-sites) like, and when linked to the same subject much better, you can obtain, for each, some “pasta.” Having several sites running (not mad at you begins with two or three, not more) gives you the advantage to analyze the performance of each, see which product sells best, if the provider complies with the deliveries and terms. If for some reason do not conform, the you resign and start promoting other. To get good results is better pre-sell the product before, through sales letters and information you send to your hot list of subscribers and then they are informed about the product’s head to the mini-market place where your link affiliate.

Definitely the creation of mini-sites have been right for the webmasters, trying to simplify and save work editing, programming and everything that includes the composition of a website. They have managed to impose this new modality and that, besides being much simpler in composition and assembly, are also effective in results. Finally: As you see, there are many variations when doing business online, and probably many more continue to appear. This Internet universe that grows and grows. The variations and possibilities are not fictitious, they are real, they are there at your fingertips, you just have to analyze what is the one you and you should be convinced and get going without delay.

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Global Invest Partner Gwp Relies

What can happen the better investors than sustained, healthy growth. It is also the investors of the emission House global invest, with the global invest wind farm opportunity funds benefit gwp German wind power development in the partner. Global invest is an independent and specialized in alternative investment products German-Swiss group. Current participation offer is the Fund global invest wind farm opportunity 1, specifically invested in the development of wind farm projects. Global invest-partner a player known for many years that can refer to a large expertise is gwp German wind power. The professionals working for the company are more than 20 years of experience in this segment and have the appropriate experience. The equity offer is explained with a few sentences: the Fund provides both the parent company gwp as the joint project development company in Hosea capital available.

While the mother”that gets money as fixed interest loans available, participates the Funds with his participation in the project development company directly from their economic results. Investors are thus entrepreneurs worked, but at the same time largely”protection against capital losses, says Stefan Steiner by global invest. Latest move of Berlin wind energy specialists: the acquisition of the Turkish project entwicklers Konventa Ltd. headquartered in Gediz. Thus, further wind farm projects were taken over in Turkey? Thus an on developed secures gwp in Turkey”another land potential of 490 megawatts (MW) at five locations. The first wind park project to be already ready to implement over the next 12-15 months”, gwp, tells. Projects by about 300 MW under construction, are currently in Poland was gwp significantly involved in its implementation. The expansion to 382 MW in 2009, the Polish market reached an increase of more than double the previous year.

This is also the order in which we move just in Turkey. Because after all we have with the acquisition Projects with a volume of 490 MW secured, more than for example the Polish market could put in 2009 as a whole”, explains Dr. Helmut Peter Kahlert as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of German wind power company group and confirms also the assessment of global invest sales expert Steiner, that just the Polish market for investors is currently very interesting. Until the summer, investors have the chance, to most global invest wind farm opportunity 1 to participate. The Fund, which is a typical short term with its running time of 4-5 years, offers here a high yield and thus distribution potential. “We could already afford distributions the investors joined in 2010, although this in the prospectus of the global invest wind farm opportunity was thus not provided”, Steiner executes. Of course, invest global has the following funds in planning already.

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Gold As An Investment

As investors assess the end 2011 gold price gold has always been among the safest investments in the world. Finally an advantage against all other currencies never quite lost the precious metal its value. For investors, there is the opportunity to invest in gold bars or gold coins. Since 2001, the price of gold is permanently increased, probably due to the growing U.S. debt and the weakening US dollar. But believe the Germans in a growing positive trend? The gold price is currently about 1,700 USD per Troy ounce. It is still not too long, as he reached his absolute record high with 1.920,49 USD. Experts and investors are wondering now if and when the course beyond the magical 2.000er border.

Where the gold price can evolve, written in the stars. It is clear that many investors, particularly in times of crisis rely on gold reserves. The advantages are obvious. Gold has proved itself over decades as inflation protection, identifiability is more flexible than for example real estate as an investment and thus lighter. The State of the Price of gold at the end of the year most of the 8.727 participants in a survey as constant estimated. About 43 percent of the vote went to the option “between $ 1,500 and 2,000”.

However, almost 42 per cent of the participants believe that the gold price end of 2011 have exceeded the 2.000er brand. Took 31 percent of the vote “between 2,000 USD and $ 2,500”. Another 6 percent, tap a stand “between us $ 2,500 and 3,000 USD”. 5 percent of those polled deem likely a development “over 3,000 USD”. More information:..

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Growing Importance

Ideal accommodation for city visitors and business travelers city breaks enjoy for years of increasing popularity. Hotels and tour operators report increasing guest numbers, because more and more people are interested in culture, architecture and the special flair of the metropolises. First point of hotels are the city for most travelers. Due to its central location in the city centre, they form the perfect starting point for extensive discovery tours for tourists. But also business travellers will benefit from the unique comfort in the heart of the city. The hotel Portal reported on the characteristics of German city hotels. Wellness hotel is located in the city ( ../City-Hotel) uppercase. The rooms have a tasteful and modern furnishings in it can be good to relax after an exciting day.

In addition, all important communication ports are available for hotel guests. The individual advice of trained employees is one of the special service about the recommendable excursion destinations in the city. Cozy seating in the reception rooms invite you to linger and the relaxed newspaper. After a stressful day, the mind is who after a workout, hotels in the fitness area of the city also comes at his own expense. In the hotel’s cafes and restaurants can indulge culinary holiday makers. In any case, a rich and balanced breakfast buffet is one of the standard. Finally, modern meeting rooms complete the offer for business travelers. Families can benefit from the hotel’s Babysitting service and a wide variety of entertainment for the little ones. Learn more about themed: themed contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Briefly Described Instore

In-store TV: The new way to spread information! Digital signage is absolutely on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs and vendors decide to give up posters and signs and turn to the digital signage. Digital signage used on stations for quite some time. Think of the arrival and departure times. Digital signage works quickly and reliably. The up and hang out or renew can be omitted in this sense now effectively. Digital signage saves general time and relieves the personnel, for example, in hotels. We live in a world that is replete with advertising and information.

Hardly we are moving out of the House, poster pillars marked buses wait on us or with advertising. This diversity has led in the meantime so far that we pay hardly any attention the information carriers. Now there’s a new way but, you can win new customers, for example. Des is the name puzzle solution: in-store TV. Through an in-store TV you can keep both customers and employees.

So can information be passed quickly and efficiently. Digital signage is a new way of communicating. The always renewable content are sent over a network connection to the in-store TV (plasma or LCD). It is very progressive, that the individual contents are manageable in real time. All selected locations can be supplied at the same time with the new information. Surveys clearly that up to 90% of the in-store users are positive to talk TV. Apart from the possibility of rapid information waiting people (at train stations or in the hospital) are diverted through digital signage and entertain. Also in buses itself, this system is used already, to provide some variety to the passengers. So for example the latest messages can be read while driving. Good in-house products can be presented via an in-store TV. Also music videos get well for most customers. You can work according to business advertising strategically by digital signage. The music must fit but also to the products.

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Internet Ads

From time to time, almost every person there is a need to find someone. This may be a customer for your business or simply a person who would have bought you the old skis – it does not matter, you just have a need for someone. And then question arises as to where to go and what to do? Solutions can be different: free newspapers a la 'Hand in Hand', which nobody reads, posting ads on poles or in the subway cars, where your ads get lost among the leaflets on Registration and Med. Books. From all these tricks with little confusing and a lot of paper, on which you spend the money and nobody naydete.V these moments it is time to remember that we live in an era of technological progress and turn to the Internet. Submission of ads on free classified ads may not make you spend money, here you will find exactly the one who are looking for: whether a client or vendor, regardless of whether you spend money on expensive website or using only free mail. If a person decides to find a service or product, the announcement of which you gave him it will all be the same without a difference, he will see the text in search engine results, and just go down to fully read the your ad. And be sure to become your customer (well, or just buy the same you have these stupid old ski).

So, what's the basic usability of free message boards? First, the lack of paper, and problems with typography, as mentioned above. Secondly, the availability of both human ads are added, and for someone who is looking for the service or product. Global Web removes the issues of mass and reproduction of copyright free ads your leaflet will not break the wind, no rain dilute the ink. Online Ads to normal so it is more convenient and give it easier – by clicking the 'Add announcement', filled out a form – and ready. Besides, if you enter on the declaration of the address of your website, email or the number of icq, your client will be much easier to connect with you a convenient way to him. Also, view the ads in a specific category on the site much more convenient than, soaked in the rain, trying to find the right ad to the lamppost.

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VoIP Provider Top-link Relies On Security In IP Telephony

More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines in recent years it came again and again to charges of fraud relating to IP telephony. The VoIP provider top link took this as an opportunity, together with the Darmstadt University of technology for detection and defense against charges fraud in the area of IP telephony to develop security software. By the voice traffic is analyzed, abuse cases can be detected in real time. This allows the software to pre-emptively protect against fraud and to make significantly more secure IP telephony. With the support of the Center for advanced security research Darmstadt (CASED) and the Federal Ministry for research and development in Berlin (BMFE) has worked intensively to find a solution. The prototype the VoIP top link already successfully deploys provider and can prevent this fraud charges its own customers. IP telephony should be popular overall is a rising popularity of VoIP solutions to register. More and more companies opt for IP-based telephone lines, the numerous Bring advantages over traditional telephony.

Finally, no high investments in hardware are necessary, also remains a high degree of flexibility. Due to the increasing demand, the industry has responded with highly differentiated offerings. So offered now also several flat-rate models, ensuring maximum security of the budget and find so much encouragement. While the flat rates can be adapted to the requirements of the company. If a company, for example, almost entirely within Germany on the phone, a flat in the German fixed network is sufficient. Companies that Act but throughout Europe and therefore often call abroad, useful is a flat rate to European landlines. Some providers allow also a flat in the German mobile network, which can also be for some business customers interest. Also the area of SIP trunking now enjoys an increased demand.

Basically means including the technology with the IP-based telephone systems over a single account can manage many numbers. In the original SIP method, it was so that each device requires an account for each phone number. With SIP trunking, you can manage multiple extension numbers but with a single account. SIP trunking is now often used due to this key advantage. For business customers who require multiple extension numbers, SIP trunking is of great interest.

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The Market

Information systems in marketing have an orientation toward the future of people, equipment and procedures, whose purpose is the storing and processing a set of information able to help in the correct decisions of the marketing, according to their respective marketing program management. The importance of information systems lies in enabling a methodical guidance and adequate coordination of available resources, more rapid identification of problems and quantitative assessment of the results. Since then, as it is natural, they have certain problems of application that are fundamentally linked to the psychological nature of marketing executives. The a marketing executive success will depend heavily on factors such as: ability to respond to external factors of a marketing system, which is in a permanent process of change and the correct use of controllable resources by the company to adequately adapt to the external environment. We must not forget that the implementation of a marketing information system is a tool of great utility, a marketing executive of a major company in a highly competitive market, where each time is more taken into account, which frequent that is increasingly more frequent to perceive that shorter are product life cycleswhich makes you may need to make fundamental marketing decisions in brief, guaranteed of a good information system time periods that provide data that helps give way to assertive plans of implementation and success; adding to all this that consumers increase their demands in relation to the quality of products and levels of information they receive about the same, which obliges to be constantly aware of itself the product or service being offered complies or not with the expectations of the market. The fact, that the volume of information available is growing so explosively that it is necessary to handle it and process it in an automated manner to obtain the appropriate benefits thereof. Marketing activities become more and more complex because of its physical size due to the increasing internationalisation of markets, by the need to know more deeply the needs and wishes of the consumer, and need to know which products and customers are profitable and which are not.

Definitely, the proper use by marketing, information systems management, provides a number of tangible benefits in the company’s operations such as; Reduction of operating costs. Immediate availability of the information. Instant exchange of results. Speed of decision-making. Constant updating of the database.

Greater efficiency. More and better services to customers. Increase in the efficiency of the sales force. Retain the dominance of the market by the leader. Retain casual or occasional customers. Increase in time the potential of each customer value conclusions companies must identify themselves increasingly with the relevance, importance and scope that is derived from market information systems and not forget, that a system of information emanates from the company towards the Middle environment (market) consisting of data themselves and in the promotion of the product and the company.

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International Edition

PromoMadrid and AEMME join forces to support micro-enterprise after a year from the celebration of the I Edition of the day of internationalization on microenterprise, organized by AEMME, there have been several encounters that consolidate this project and augur a promising future and great professional success to all those who have actively participated in this process. The conclusion of this second edition took place last Thursday June 28 in the Auditorium PromoMadrid, sito Street serum Quinones, 34. During the almost 6 hours of this Edition II, organized with the support of sponsors comoArola, customs and appropriations and Banco de Sabadell, two entities specialists in this field, was a great success of assistance. This event has also been endorsed by numerous entities, besides AEMME which, with their assistance, supported this project, accompanying micro-enterprises in their needs and promviendo internationalization as one of the most viable options to move forward in these difficult times of the market economic Spanish as well as to see beyond our borders the great added value of our entrepreneurs. Partners and participants in the Conference were: – Chamber of Commerce and industry of Madrid (D. Jacobo Perez-Soba, head of Area programs support internationalisation) – Blue Star Commodities (D. Pedro Lalanda, Director and Responsible AEMME international). -PromoMadrid (Ms. low Chus, Chief of export initiation Area) and MadridExporta (D. More info: Ronald O’Hanley . Fernando Pastor, Advisor to foreign trade). -Unilux Geomar (D. alvaro Huerte, Manager). -Arola, customs and appropriations (D. Arola Alejandro Garcia, President). -Cominton. Communication and internationalization (Dona Carmen Urbano, Director). -The Office Practice Group (Mr. Christopher Wright, Director). -White and Valverde consulting engineers (D. Bienvenido Valverde, Director General and Manager AEMME financing). Read additional details here: Steven P Rosenthal. -Banco de Sabadell (Dona (Fatima Rodriguez San Martin, Director of foreign trade and D. Fernando Munoz Ortiz, Director of foreign trade). -Avalmadrid (Dona Julia Sainz Magana, Department of institutional relations and business development. Participation in this event, by data and views received, has been a success, to the satisfaction of all PROMOMADRID, sponsors, partners, speakers, attendees and AEMME-.

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