Month: May 2014

The Designer Versace

And again it is the Italians who have created a designer fashion label: Mr. Gianni Versace founded his fashion label in 1978. After he died in 1997, took his siblings, Donatella and Santo Versace, the company. The story of Mr. Versace is like a fairy tale. After he had as a young adult in addition to finishing school in the tailors his mother was working and imported in subsequent years, various materials from abroad and sold, he has worked for a few years later as a freelance fashion designer in a brand label, which he and his work is also well known made. In 1978, he made himself independent, and his first Versace boutique was opened in 1979 in Milan. Versace was the first fashion designer who brought a pair of jeans to the catwalk, at the present time, this scarcely imagine, she’s the favorite item of clothing in the business of nations and private. Mr. Versace was particularly interested in the Homoerotisierung the world of men. Mr. Versace made even his large-scale men’s fashion catalogs from photograph nudes who preferred, thus contribution to the really photogenic fashion further into the background. Mr. Versace lived with his partner D’Amico in a villa in Miami. In 1997, at 15.07. Mr. Versace was shot dead in front of his own villa by a serial killer. The death was quite large in the media, as well as the killer was a homosexual. His label has not hurt that all the hype, however, his sister and his brother live on today. Versace heiress of the major labels to 50% is the daughter of his sister, Allegra Versace, just 21 years old. Among the customers and also to the Friends of Versace for example, include Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna and many more like, for example, Princess Diana. Madonna has also participated in an advertisement for Versace. Elton John sang at the funeral of Versace, together with Sting Psalm 25 for this.

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Promotional Flyers To Customers

Distributing flyers is a very popular variation of advertising. A flyer is an information sheet for potential customers to express on the one hand, the existence of a new business can be, but to draw attention to offers of incumbent firms. Flyers will be happy for advertising purposes, but also for invitations and information on events happening (concerts, political events, etc.). Flyers are also popular because they draw in a few words on the essentials and to highlight the most important. Even the image or graphics should appeal to the viewer and cast a spell or draw attention to what was offered. Flyers are also relatively inexpensive to manufacture compared to catalogs and brochures, are therefore also usually printed in large numbers and distributed. Flyers are also great for letterbox. There is no pizzeria that does not have a separate flyer, on which it advertises its offer. Otherwise it would hardly be possible, since the customer then can choose from home, what he would like to orderand what is there to choose from. But other companies use flyers. Whether it’s the electronics store that advertises with flyers for his current special offer, or the tanning salon, which gives its new opening times known. Both for customers and for companies such advertising is incredibly handy. On the one achieved with a post Wurfsendung many households, the other one would have as a company may be much more questions that agree with a flyer himself. Everyone wants to make the attention to himself, therefore, is thus well advised to use as a flyer advertising media.

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Soft Pad Chair

The office chair back Xenium Classic Duo is equipped with a two-seat suspended from the movable tuning elements and thus follows your every movement. So that your lower back and intervertebral discs up to 50% will be relieved, which is certified by the University of Frankfurt, Dresden University of Technology professors and doctors, according reports. The office chair was designed by the designer wrought Ballendat resolve the apparent contradiction between design, architecture, and ergonomics. An office chair just to feel good! Technical specifications of the Xenium Duo Back Classic office chair: Office Chair Back Grahl Xenium Duo * flexibly mounted, two-seat, padded with double bottom side 47 cm high * synchronous mechanism 1:2,9 with ergolast (weight adjustment) * depth spring Sitzneigeeinstellung * * * Sliding seat with padded seat site soil (mesh fabric with leather side floor in leather * adjustable aluminum bracket back in black or polished (to match the star base) * aluminum star baseØ 660 mm in black or polished * 2D Armrest: adjustable height and swivel with Soft Pad edition * 3D Multi-function armrest:-, width-and depth with pivoting soft-pad-mat * Headrest (mesh) fabric, height and depth adjustable * Weight – 140 KG * Easy exchangeable upholstery * Hard and soft casters Now for a little explanation to the technical information office chair Grahl Duo Back Xenium Classic synchronous technology, the very stable synchronous mechanism of 1: mean 2, 9, that the seat in ratio of 1 to the back of 2.9 moves swinging what does a very nice wide-angle. The service is operated by a crank when seated on the right side of the vertical spring is in the single seater again, at no extra something to compress the spine, especially when given too fast single-seater. The sliding seat can be a button behind the back move, so even small people can sit super, and of course forward for the bigger ones. The Sitzneigeeinstellung isadjusted by turning on the back. Viskoschaum for ergonomic office chair XeniumEin highlight is the optional padding of the seat with an energy-absorbing foam for comfortable support. Due to the unique consistency of the material, it has pressure-and it succeeds, the seat load “wide area” over the entire seat to distribute! Pressure points are avoided and promote blood circulation in skin and muscles. Information for Business: The Xenium Duo Back Classic meets the strict minimum requirements of the Dutch NPR in 1813 and bears the TÜV GS mark. The road to the perfect office chair is free to use: Can See The same morning, Mr. Meyer with the Gardemass of 190 centimeters, have a perfect fit “- in the afternoon xenium offers 160 centimeters tall Mrs. Martin, the same symbiosis of ergonomics and design. Do not wait any longer until you hurt your back but you support your back with this back-office chair. You feel comfortable and are feuenagain each morning to your office chair.

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Powerselling Hero

If you've ever heard the expression "the devil is in the details," you probably can guess how it relates to today's lesson. Most of the work you do as an eBay seller will be easy and repetitive, but it's the little details that make or break your business. In today's lesson, I will talk about the most important detail "" – and why it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to if you want to be successful selling on Ebay. At some point in your career as an eBay seller, you probably stumbled upon two types of vendors you perplexed: the first type was the sale of goods at prices absolutely stupid – so low that it could be a benefit, in contrast The second type was the sale of items at incredibly high prices. . . and somehow receiving tenders.

The second type of seller knows that the devil of the details – the details of the auction title and description. Knowing this seemingly insignificant piece of information implementation and makes all the difference in the world. It can literally mean the difference between 25 and 250 visits to the auction. The amount of traffic it receives on Ebay depends on keywords and keywords that used to form the title and the keywords and key phrases that pepper you through your description. While there are several ways to browse Ebay, almost every visitor used "titles" or "titles and descriptions" to search for auctions. If you are looking for "green iPod mini" and the title or description includes "green iPod mini," the result of your search are displayed. When most sellers create auctions, focus on item description or conversion of visitors with a powerful copy sales, however, which do not – almost without exception – is to add traffic pulling keywords to your titles and keywords in their descriptions pepper.

In fact, some sellers of this neglect such a large extent on misspelled keywords important in the title and description. This is the first type of vendor that we have spoken. As a result, fail to attract buyers – with the possible exception of those who walk the misspelled auctions to buy items that are underbed unintentionally "hidden." . . . so do not play when you create the auction title and description! Now you know better. This is the most important determinant of the quantity and quality of traffic you receive as a seller on eBay. Use, and immediately attract more buyers interested, ignore it, and voluntarily offered to interested buyers for the seller, which is already selling the same products twice the price. – Written by , author of "How to Profit on eBay in Seven Days without spending a penny." For a limited time you can get a pre-publication copy of his book in a quarter of the price after publication!

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Paul Hartmann Group

In addition, Paul Hartmann France decided in the future (BI) Transwide to insert from the business intelligence solution. This solution provides analyses, statistics and charts at set time intervals, which are needed for the optimisation of transport management and the cost-optimized handling of urgent shipments. Fabrice mast confirmed: the TMS Transwide solutions are increasingly used in the Paul Hartmann Gruppe. More than one hundred of our employees work daily now. The SaS mode TMS by Transwide is modular and expandable and accompanies us in all stages of the development and optimization of our transport chain.” Transwide solution as a basis for transport control when Paul Hartmann Transwide is today solid and integral part of the upstream supply chain at Paul Hartmann France and provides for the improved management and planning of 100% of the daily receipts from production plants, suppliers and Dealers. The 2010 selected Transwide solution combines three modules: twCall-off the transport orders via the Internet delivers.

twSlot is designed for the time-window management via Internet portal. And about the twSlot partner site unlisted forwarders and suppliers can arrange appointments for Paul Hartmann sites. The results speak for themselves: the TMS by Transwide optimized not only immediately all administrative tasks, because media breaks are eliminated, but also provides a meaningful overview of the actual flows of goods a day when Paul Hartmann France. So the daily receipts of over 30 trailers and cargo of over 80 trucks can be optimally managed. The Transwide solution works thanks to the bi-directional integration in the information system of the Paul Hartmann Group also in perfect symbiosis with the SAP ERP system of the company. About SAP, approximately 20 to 30 are depending on the volume of delivery required for a given day the day before Transport requests created automatically transmitted the corresponding carriers over the Internet (twCall-off); E-Mail notifications are unnecessary. The carriers then schedule their delivery via the Internet portal using the module twSlot depending on the available or requested times (morning, afternoon, or exact time) or the delivery specifications (particular buildings or certain ramp).

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Amtex Oil & Gas: Oil Extraction Have Profitable Trade In

Admitted, the headline of this article is provocative and everyone will think of considering: of course, what else? Dallas, 15.07.2013. Because what can be gained not profitable, is inevitably not enforce, or to pull such high prices that many consumers may be overwhelmed. What is it about? The U.S. Department of energy (EIA) has recently raised their estimates of the world’s recoverable oil reserves by at least 11 percent. As a reason, it is called in particular, that the world’s oil shale resources are taken into account for the first time. Expressed in figures she estimated EIA that slumber still 345 billion barrels (each 156 liters) in the Earth. That would be enough according to optimistic estimates to meet the world demand for oil for ten years but on the State of today’s consumption. But this miraculous increase is actually only on paper, apart from at least notable productions in the United States.

Because the largest deposits, so should, for example, in Russian Earth 75 billion barrels lie, must to a large extent only still be found by tapping the speech should not even be at this point. There would be an advantage however: would all shale deposits from the Earth is caught, the sphere of influence of currently exporting petroleum countries (OPEC) could sink, because only at point 5 is an OPEC country with 26 billion barrels with Libya. But so far are topics of this kind of pie in the sky. And some countries fundamentally reject the need for extracting shale oil fracking for environmental reasons. This operation sand and water the slate must be broken using chemistry, first, to reach the valuable raw materials. That this not particularly environmentally friendly sounds, can you imagine with a little imagination. And promoting not just cheap also. According to estimates, the cost in the United States are currently at 50 to 80 dollars per barrel.

Perhaps this is also a reason why the OPEC States maintained the high production volumes and by doing so push on the price. Ever more namely whose influence on the world market, the better they can take influence on the ultimate consumer price. The air for possible actions is manageable at a price of approximately US$ 100 per barrel of Brent. Why you should throw his eyes always on conventional productions. There are a variety of manufacturing sources that are in private hands in the United States. These opportunities also for private investors, even if it involves technical optimizations or the expansion of existing horizontal wells in the vertical. Is a company that accompanies this business for many years, the energy company Amtex oil & gas (Amtex oil & gas). Be purchased on the basis of sound advice selected petroleum or natural gas sources in the United States. Amtex oil & gas offers investments for private investors do this, that directly benefit from the sale of oil or natural gas. For more information,

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SRH Hochschule Hamm Is Looking Forward To 200 New Students For The Winter Semester

With fun to success despite bright sunshine the info day was very well attended the SRH Hamm last Saturday. The Advisory, lecturers, as well as current students informed and answered the questions of a number of interested parties and their parents. Were offered presentations on the core courses Wi.-ing. logistics, WI.-ing. energy economy and business administration. An alumni of the University spoke about his positive experiences after studying at the private University.

Also, a tour offered by the modern premises in the Heinrich-von-Kleist Forum. Managing Director Steffen Bruckner with the success of the information day is very satisfied. He summed up the feedback of the visitors was great”. The personal talks with the present lecturers and members of the Student Council was particularly well received among visitors. Even if you is always looking forward to more prospects, the College anticipates approximately 200 new students to the new winter semester, Bruckner reported. The college teaches currently 500 presence and TV, but also dual students. In addition to the flexible degree programs SRH College is constantly expanding. So are a master in business administration, English language courses, as well as the dual degree in planning.

In the same context, Bruckner assures a continued high academic level at the University. These include the readjustment of professors as well as the good organization of the University Administration. We are very satisfied at the moment, so Bruckner.” The students of the SRH Hamm apparently also. “Presence student Henrik Brieke highlights the good contact to the teachers: this is really great”. And you don’t go on the small private college as, for example at the great universities, in the crowd. I have not even seen that a professor has no time for me”tells for example logistics student Marko Wolf. The round to care is not only guaranteed externally Kai Baranowski confirms the presence but also the Extramural students. Who is so impressed for studies in the fields of energy, logistics and business administration up to 16. August the opportunity early on a great place to save. The Advisory phone 02381 are happy to provide information about scholarships and financing 92 91-121. The next information event held Forum on July 30 at 6: 00 in the Heinrich von Kleist in Hamm-Mitte. Andre Hamel

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Synology DiskStation Manager 4.3 Beta Released

The full potential of your private cloud Dusseldorf, Germany July 9, 2013 – unleashed Synology released today 4.3 the beta of DiskStation Manager (DSM). The functional diversity from DSM 4.3 with user: An efficient, flexible and uniform storage platform A powerhouse for maximizing business productivity A smart private cloud to simplify synchronization and exchange of data A multimedia experience that is tailored to the user Practical and intuitive mobile apps “we are pleased to present DSM 4.3. DSM 4.3 paves the way for the establishment of a smarter infrastructure companies and offers a multimedia experience that is tailored to the needs of home users,”said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. In the age of big data, a more robust and reliable storage is the basis for the continued competitiveness of each company. DSM 4.3 now supports Windows offloaded data transfer (ODX), to the resource consumption of the host server to the Synology NAS to relocate and reduce the network traffic between client and server, as well as the CPU utilization.

In addition to improve large data transfer speeds in virtual and physical environments. With Synology’s unique clone technology, DSM 4.3 can achieve up to 10 times faster performance and save up to 99.9% of disk space. The SSD TRIM technology increases efficiency when writing new data and prolongs the life of SSDs. Synology high availability (SHA) provides a new administrative assistants for hardware and cluster management and supports link aggregation and VLAN. DSM 4.3 increase the operational efficiency of IT administrators and users.

For an improved exchange of data are now HFS +, NSFv4, Windows DFS links, and symbolic links supported. For an optimal use of bandwidth, IT administrators can create schedules to the bandwidth limitation and to schedule the limitation of the file transfer users, groups or applications. About also, Synology offers the ability to log with LDAP accounts from the directory server integrated in the DiskStation to Google apps as the first provider.

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East Church

Thus, the place of the true ones vocacionados is taken. This generates innumerable conflicts, confusions and delays in the development of the workmanship Mr. 5) Egoism. The malignant sensation that the entire world must turn around its person, including the church. 6) Pride. Some see the others as inferior beings and if they see as inheriting of all the administration natural of businesses Mr. 7) Petulance. This problem is generated probably by the accumulation of wealth and culture.

Ditrefes could be a rich member of the church of Gaio, or one of the many scholars of the East at that time. The arrogant one sees the money the power and the culture, as conquests. It feels ' ' pena' ' of that high accomplishments had not obtained to reach its. 8) Feeling of Inferiority. It will be this possible one? Yes. The fear of being unloaded for an inferior position, motivated for what he himself believes its proper respect, generates a contrary reaction takes that it to knock down all opposition, to place itself in ascension and has detached. It is not of if admiring that many rickety baixinhos and/or if had become great generals, great leaders and until emperors and presidents.

9) satanic Instrumentalidade. We conclude these thoughts saying that the church Mr. Jesus Christ does not have to support these false cristos and false prophets (TM 24,24), nor these false brothers (2 11,26 Co and Gl 2,4), nor the false doctors (2 Foot 2,1), therefore they will only bring problems for the people of God. The church has that well to be instructed in order to identify and to annul this problem in its seio. The brothers in accordance with have that to be instructed the Spirit that was in the church of Antioquia. There they were serving the Mr., men who were prophet and doctors, but they had been patiently waiting until, one day, said the Espirito Santo: ' ' You separate me it Barnab and the Saulo for the workmanship the one I have that them chamado' ' At 13,1, 2. Thus the dangerous syndrome of the primate will only be eliminated of the seio of the people of God.

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Choosing A Mobile Operator Mobile

If you decide to buy a mobile phone, before you face the task of selecting an operator and tariff plan, under which you will pay for services provided by the operator. For those who are only interested in money services, the task of selecting the operator is reduced to the comparison operators on a set of criteria that we discuss below. For those for whom the most important tasks is to minimize costs for mobile communications, the choice of operator and service plan must begin with an explanation of the alleged distribution of potential subscribers by operators, since calls within a single network is significantly cheaper than calls to another operator. So what are the criteria for the selection of the operator. We consider them in order of importance. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of

Usually represented by the operator in the form of maps showing coverage areas. These maps often lead and perspectives covering data operator. This indicator is crucial for people involving frequent travel across the country. Communication quality. Quality of communication in GSM-operators is practically the same, quality problems usually occur when network congestion.

In digital communication networks either there or not, unlike analog. Tariffs. In principle, competition among operators leads to equalization of tariffs for different operators. Defined in the dumping tariffs can offer operators as "Compensation" for less than the competition, or lack of coverage of some services available to a competitor. Analyzing the tariffs should be considered as "individual" and "corporate" rates, since the latter can drastically reduces the cost of mobile communications.

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