Month: June 2014

Crisis Worldwide

Lectures, training, strategical planning and consultoria generality; (31) 3082-7271, Site:, email:; One of the more productive professional phases in my life exactly occurred during plain Collor at the time where I confiscate it happened it of the saving, restriction of credit, high of interests, escape of capitals, fall of the stock market, horripilantes constataes of the incompetence of the Brazilian industry (it remembers the wagons that we directed) I remember the behavior of the administrators, of the panic spread in the population, of the irresponsibility of the formadores of opinion, of the videntes of the economic disaster The Country entered in convulsion, the depressed population (many had taken off the proper life) if prepared to live, the worse inert one, astonishhed, admirable new cattle Aproveitei many chances, I found many shortcuts, I around discovered hidden treasures of the tracks because simply I opposed to only look at with respect to where the ox-drivers pointed; It knows as to surpass the crisis?

Seems beaten, common? It seems yes, but it is the reply can believe. To buy cheap the other people’s opinion can cost very expensive. Today per the morning some journalists heard while she took my coffee, also listened to the interview of an economist, a specialist in stock market> of values and one consecrated economic journalist, and it knows of a thing? If I had engolido everything that heard would be better to be in house, the bed waiting the death to arrive, and, exactly leaving, if my energy and force had taken all those sounds for my day certainly would lose almost all to conquer one day of victories, yes, because I do not leave in the street to lose, never; I leave to each day to be a winner and he does not import what he happens, every day I I go up in the pdio and I commemorate victories, importing me if the base of them they are not the errors that I committed and the learning that this generated or the rightnesss, fruits of this learning, that had taken me the conquests; To behave as a scared cat is its option, but, to assume the control of its destination is also its option.. .

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Logos Methods Value

Application of logos on a variety of gifts have long been used as one of the best ways of advertising. Logos are applied to a huge number of objects with different purpose. Many companies have applied to their product logos, own symbols with the simple aim of advertising their brand. This advertisement is one of the best because it requires significant cost and effort. Logos are applied to various materials, such as skin (Diaries of logo), metal (pens with the logo, various electronics), plastics, ceramics (mugs, ashtrays), glass, wood, just in different ways. There are four main ways of applying logos are often practiced with purpose of advertising. Screen printing – method of application used on materials such as plastics, ceramics, metal. Application is made with paint, so this method is the most popular and in demand.

Apply to all sorts of items, mugs, plastic Christmas balls, a variety of electronics. Tampo is a miniature silkscreen, usually applied to the handle. Decal – a method of drawing on pottery, glass, porcelain (Mugs with logo) by high-temperature firing. The method is very durable and immune to external factors. Laser engraving – a method of drawing on a variety of products with a laser. The main advantage of this technique is that a laser can be applied logo on any surface (wood, metal, plastic, glass, leather and much more). Embossing – This method allows us to give a surface relief of the (Leather goods, balls with logo). The application is done using a special form, a metal plate for decoration. The use of promotional gifts are quite diverse. Applied at different exhibitions presentations within the company, expensive gifts are used as gifts to various clients. The most popular souvenirs are the most common items such as mugs, pens, on 's Eve is not Equal plastic balls and a New Year calendar.

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Successful Combination

By merging of the middle class with private investors, the participation offer aimed at future-oriented investors who indirectly participate in invest, a partnership of German law, as trustor of the emissions capital of the Incas. The capital assets managing company participates directly successful medium-sized companies in Germany and in other European countries in the form of typical silent participations and partiarischer loans. With this fund concept, allows the company to raise equity capital medium-sized companies and contributes to the improvement of equity and strengthening of credit. At the same time, the proposition allows participation in high-growth companies and markets, a trust company is responsible for its care that manages the capital of investors private investors. The Inca invest Geschaftsfuhrungs GmbH acts as main distributors and Fund Manager, it manages the distribution of the shares of the Inca invest mezzanine GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition, the society for the detailed selection of the target company is responsible. The investment in the relevant companies via a multi-stage selection and testing process. While various investment opportunities before selects regularly through multiple layers of the filter until the final decision. In the framework of the preliminary assessment, criteria such as industry, region, stage of development, competition and market opportunities typically used to assess. Then be consulted various institutions including special analyses and commissioned to ensure objectivity and independence in terms of assessing quality. The potential target companies undergo a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, which the current business operations, the positioning of the company and its products, current balance sheet ratios, and much more extensively tested to uncover possible risks, be associated with participation could.

This rating process, including preparation, analysis and evaluation phase and detailed discussions as a whole extends over several weeks and is completed with a detailed rating report, containing an internationally recognized rating classification. The overall rating results are incorporated in the Investment Committee to the draft. This examines the investment proposals submitted by the management of the Fund and shall decide, taking into account established criteria. After completion of the investment phase, the ongoing management of aim investments begins. The Inca invest Geschaftsfuhrungs GmbH carries out a continuous monitoring and observation of the target company during the term of the investments and provides current and detailed information about the economic development of the holding in the context of reporting to investors. Investors participate in a. relative to that over the entire term of the result of the Inca invest mezzanine GmbH & co. KG with a quarterly payment of 6% p. Capital contribution. The accession of investors is carried out by submitting a drawing offer based on the subscription form, which is available invest ( on the homepage of the Incas to the download.

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Real Estate

Monument guns look real estate usually not only beautiful, they also help to save taxes. Who sets to a heritage property, which takes a special responsibility. But in the context of the depreciation of the real estate, it can be quite reasonable to opt for a listed real estate. Who does not seek the ideal home. Many people own the houses in which they themselves but not to stay, you can use it only as an investment in respect to their own pensions, or as a permanent source of income. Who has found the ideal home, but not available for purchase it is, then it is just rented.

This is a compromise. You may change not so much here in circumstances like in a House, but this one has always the same partner for any disruption or problem in the House his landlord. If the heater is defective, that hand creating a dilapidated water pipes that roof leaks here must none themselves or engage a craftsman at his own expense. If you call the landlord, or the House management and the matter is done. For this you pay also a rent. And if it really is the most beautiful place you can imagine, then taking in purchase, that it is not the property. Then just awhile who is primarily interested in property, must search for the appropriate object.

The other meanwhile basking on the rented terrace and large garden around the House and think only of the own real estate, when here logs a renter or an owner Assembly is. Committed ownership. There is much truth in this saying, knows that everyone who deals with real estate. Certainly, they are one of the few still tax beneficiary assets, but the more you have of it you feel more responsible for the building and the condition of the sanitary installations. “Ever better here all in shot” is, you can earn more rent for the apartment or the House. And who with houses only between pure financial investments, rather than the Aspects that require personal activities, takes better early care of a suitable property management.

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