Month: July 2014

Rent Apartments

Market Rent Apartments in Kiev, in principle, for a long time already on his feet and, at the moment, he is quite successful and steadily developing, accepting, finally, for real, civilized. And this is natural. After there are more offers from reputable companies such as CenterKiev apartments, providing service to its guests daily rent, with a portfolio of a huge selection of apartments. And this fact means that the time increased demands and improved, decent service. This was not always the case.

There were times when the demand far exceeded the possible proposals. It was a time of chaos in everything – in politics, economics, business, everywhere. Here Then there are variants of the proposals in all sectors of business-like at times, more likely, in ravings of a madman, than what really could be called a proposal. This is even more difficult to perceive in flanked by an immature our reality, spoiled by Western standards and services, the human brain, first came to our country during those years. This, of course, was an unpredictable time – our nation's independence, we were rush of tourists and businessmen, and at the same time, the Kiev hotel is being repaired, and those that act, provided further that – "pre-revolutionary" service with a hard and uncomfortable bed, cold rooms and lack of hot water. Understanding this reality in the market and has rapidly on all sides filled a niche called "Kiev apartments for rent." The proposals were the most that neither is different from the rooms in a communal apartment and to share a room in one-bedroom apartment.

Laugh or cry. But what should have been done, because to stop in those days the tourist, businessman, and even more so, it was really nowhere. No internet, no advertising in foreign publications have not yet taken root in the land Our in those hours. Therefore, all guests from near and far abroad, with open arms and "burning" the proposals met minibiznesmeny minibiznesvumany and train stations, as well as the full panoply of options Daily rent had taxi drivers, ready to "not expensive" and quickly take and settle in "excellent" flat … Yes, it was time adventurers and complete lack of taste and service. Thank God that they have sunk into oblivion. Finally, Hotel was in line with world standards and provide good service in rooms which, warm and beautiful, and expensive. Moreover, expensive, and the types and costs, as a rule. But still cool and the fact that now come in capital has a choice – other than expensive hotels there is an alternative to a decent standard – apartments for rent. Moreover, it is more convenient in this case is that companies, rent an apartment there are proposals at various levels. It could be economy class apartments, and apartments for business travelers, and a status accommodation with the author's design, and romantic suites for meetings. And in fact, and in another, and in the third and the fourth case it will be cost far less than the hotel. So the choice is always a client, and he, choice, really huge, and, above all, quality. It is so great that now any person who speaks in any language, may select an appropriate apartment in any convenient place for him, and be sure that it be served by providing the best possible service. This is our time, a time of increased demands and decent service.

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Fund Industry Association BVI

The interest of investors in the investment in raw materials has increased dramatically in recent years. The interest of investors in the investment in raw materials has increased dramatically in recent years. Commodity funds, equity holdings by mines and mining companies and commodity certificates well 25 billion euro were invested compared to around 9 billion euros at the end of 2007 and EUR 12 billion end 2008 end of February based on aggregated data from Fund and certificate associations in Europe. In Germany alone were the 2.2 billion euros more to as deducted from the products were well in commodities of investing Fund and shares according to the Fund Industry Association BVI in 2009, there were again 300 million euros in January. In pure commodity funds almost 6 billion euros were end of January. Raw materials plants take in terms of investment and investment volume is still a small area of the capital market a; among the inflows of the past year, the product class but already occupies a leading position.

Hansjorg Suter, Board of Directors of empresa Minera (mining) AG, emphasises also: We also have benefited from the positive trends. The financial and economic crisis left many investors and asset structure interested in rethinking. Away from conservative banking products, little or almost no yield drop and one asset accumulation or expanding almost impossible to make future-oriented papers, also in the future guarantee a stable increase in value and best earnings prospects based on. Our preferred shares are selling better than ever, because in times of crisis and investors crave perspectives and security. Security, which no longer can be by a bank. The examples of the past months have shown Yes it.” The Empresa Minera (mining) AG opened the investors the opportunity to participate directly in the success of Swiss AG working with focus in Bolivia. Excellent earnings prospects and an already already fixed pre-trade profit increase could significantly increase buying interest. The preferred shares are equipped according to Swiss law, at the moment more “as only a useful addition in capacity building and development”, finally, as Hansjorg Suter.

Who places value on impairment and resistance, don’t come around simply to the preferred share stake of empresa Minera (mining) AG’, so WorldCommodityNews in its latest spring report 01/10 company portrait: the Empresa Minera (mining) AG is a Swiss mining company with an international focus. The company’s core business consists in the development and the acquisition of lucrative mineral deposits worldwide and promoting related resources. Private investors will be offered the opportunity to participate directly in the profit and the earnings prospects of the company and to benefit from the valuable and lucrative commodity market. The company is run by Swiss law and is subject to the strict conditions for the protection of investors by the competent Swiss authorities. Contact: Empresa Minera (mining) AG, baarerstrasse 79 CH 6300 Zug Internet: email enquiries: Public relations: phone (+ 41) 41 710 32 19 fax (+ 41) 41 710 32 61

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Federal Office

Berlin energy consultants specializes in advising homeowners constantly rising energy prices and climate damage caused by CO2 emissions can be more and more builders and property owners are looking for more economical, climate – and environmentally friendly ways to heat your homes. Therefore pay attention more and more property owners when the renovation on a certain amount of renewable energy. But caution that without qualified energy consulting should not house renovated or rebuilt. Not seldom much money will prove issued for allegedly environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating systems such as heat pumps and solar systems, in hindsight the expensive wrong investment so the energy advisor Jorg Thomas. Therefore his newly founded company TiB engineering services, consultancy and sales Ltd.

has focused on the Group of rehabilitation willing house owners. The stated goal of the company is to advise the homeowner not only comprehensive but to propose just such solutions, the in a few years amortize. It’s not that as much as possible to save, but finding an optimum balance between costs and benefits maximum savings at lowest cost. Some homeowners believe it is sufficient to reduce heating costs, to an old oil or gas heating for a heat pump – Exchange. “But in a moderate heat-insulated House an old heating system through an air / water heat pump to replace, is waste of money and even environment” so the energy consultants and Dipl.-ing., Jorg Thomas. Because what is saved in this case to oil or gas costs, must be issued for power.

As for the generation of electricity but almost three times as much fossil energy is required, also the CO2 emissions is correspondingly high. Only a comprehensive redevelopment with detailed inventory and care by a qualified energy advisor guarantee long-lasting reduction in the heating costs and CO2 emissions. According to Jorg Thomas it is almost possible at an oil price of almost EUR 0.70 / litre, the cost to pay for a reasonable remediation from the saved heating costs alone. The renovation as well as the energy advice be encouraged. So a subsidy may apply for the prior on-site energy advice by 50% of the consulting fee, up to a maximum of 300 EUR, the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA). For remediation exist several programs with the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau.

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Schloemer Sanierungs

Internet platform is revolutionizing the real estate sales tax helps save Dario Suter, as an early investor and head of marketing and sales once an important role in the construction of studiVZ involved, entering Fellowhome in the course of a capital increase in the real estate platform. Thus, he follows the example of Nokia gate5 founder Michael Rosenblat, Christoph Maire, founder and former partner of Tom Tailor, who also rely on the success of Fellowhome. Fellowhome is an Internet company based in Berlin that makes real estate sales through a more efficient marketing chain more transparent and cheaper. Inspiration is the Berlin real estate developer Udo Schloemer. As a developer I’ve wanted an easier and clearer marketing of my real estate. For each property had I rescan channels me and at the same time, hardly any control over, had my flats in the distribution were shown”, to Sahak. The result is the creation of Fellowhome. The Internet platform allows through virtual home tours and this not only for existing homes but also in planning objects realistic and detailed 3D visualizations.

Monument-protected and thus tax-deferred real estate is specialization of Fellowhome. Real estate are becoming increasingly important as a financial investment”, says Schloemer Sanierungs-and monument real estate is the only remaining tax shelter in Germany.” The platform combines Immobilineangebote of builders nationwide and makes equal for all users you, whether buyers or real estate broker without constraints available. The numerous stopovers of the classical structure sales dropped for the prospective buyers, the prospective buyer is his own broker, selects from the pool, visited first digital and can inform yourself about the apartments. Fellowhome with its broker network accompanied customers during the subsequent purchase process as required in varying degrees of intensity at the top on the list advice is Tax benefits through depreciation of the monument. Broker but can with existing customers without real estate access themselves on behalf of their customers as well in the portfolio of Fellowhome and access as a consultant on the services provided by Fellowhome.

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Managing Director

German farmers to invest more in the future significantly – in particular in renewable energy since 2007 two biogas plants by WELtec commissioned Disna, the locations of new village and Wusteney, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in the agrarian society. In May 2010, the third biogas plant construction had begun; Commissioning was in July. The fourth WELtec plant is already contracted, and the approval procedure. We saw the bio-gas plants operating at that time as an opportunity as well as arable and forage production, pig production as well as milk and fattening beef production, to tap into a lucrative business and thus also jobs”explains Torsten Zahn, the Managing Director of the agrarian society. “This is true even today, and therefore the energy production will be expanded: biogas is our profitabelster area at the moment and we were no good entrepreneurs, if this branch would not grow”, justified the investments dental.

The new biogas plants integrated in a young cattle plant at the site of Disna are almost identical with the existing: 500 kilowatts of power, a cubic foot of 192 large template container and two fermenters each with 2000 cubic meters. A 4500 cubic metres-large gas-tight end, however, is new. “Then as now convinced us the overall concept of the WELtec BioPower: reduction of necessary technology, which is high quality and functional fitted: a functional block of the pumps, a stable and easy-to-use control and two ignition Jet engines”, Torsten Zahn says. During the start-up phase the responsible of the agrarian society felt well supported. With the biologists by WELtec we voted together the rising feeding (maize silage, pig and cow manure) and the heating up of the plant during the start-up phase.” In addition, WELtec convinced stainless steel with the material used: generously sized stainless steel fermenters, solid-fuel dispenser with stainless steel the entire feed entry as well as a template container made of stainless steel clad, to largely automate the feeding. With a continuous expansion of combined heat and power plants should be even more profitable. In new village, the Melkhaus was already connected last winter to the waste heat from the CHP. There, about ten percent of the accumulating heat are used. In Wusteney currently still no heat is dissipated, the sow stall is to be integrated in the near future but. The third plant conduction that is placed and should with heat in the coming winter in the Office and workshop tract.

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Professor Gerald Mann

Security instead of return type the current bad news and speculation on the development of the euro certainly cause for concern. Currently, these topics seem many people. The news portal reported which facilities the Germans seem safest for their savings. Many Germans try to invest their money in most secure values. Stocks, real estate and gold are currently high demand. The worries about money are not entirely unfounded. This view, is at least Professor Gerald Mann, an economist at the College of Economics and management in Munich.

Primarily investments in gold are considered currently apparently safe. So far, about 26 percent of the population own physical gold investment. Converted the German households have thus about 7,500 tons of gold. The gold systems are in this country very high compared to other European countries. And the trend seems undiminished, because at least 40 percent can imagine about, possibly in the next three years to buy gold. The increase in the Gold investment among other things indicates that the people’s desire for safe investment has risen, because indeed, the returns on these investments are relatively small. It is again increasingly invested money in real estate. It is however uncertain, as the value of money will develop in the next few years.

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Investment Behaviour

Investors rethink investment decisions investors check thoroughly apparently thoroughly, in which facilities they want to invest their money. This suggests at least a recent online survey. The Exchange Portal presents the survey with their results. Most investors seem to analyze the market situation, before they make their investment decisions, where they often make the weekend. This suggests at least the result of a survey of the stock exchange portal to Overall, around 1,440 users took part in the survey. “While they should take the issue when most of the time your investment decisions?” answer. “” Respondents were between the responses on the weekend”, at the beginning of the week” or in the middle of the week “select.

23 percent of the respondents indicated that they make their investment decisions at the beginning of the week. At the weekend, 38 percent of the respondents investment decisions cases, 39 percent take their decisions in the middle of the week. This result can be circumstances the conclusion, that many investors initially observe the first events of the week or wait even until the weekend at the location to analyze, to weigh options alone and then the correct investment strategy select.

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Global Partner Award

Asset value forest: yield strong, inflation stable and crisis-proof. When the value changes and the impact on the environment, there are however significant differences in various kinds of investment. Forest investments are becoming increasingly popular. There were only a few a few investment types of forest, some years ago a variety of different forms, such as forest stocks and forest shares Fund, forest fund and forest direct investments exist in the meantime. This diversity is understandable given the benefits of forest investments: so the American forest investment index increased NCREIF Timberland index from 1987 to 2009 average about 14 percent annually. Another advantage: the value fluctuations were minimal compared to stock indices and in 22 years, there was only one loss year. Forest investments have become increasingly popular as a personal investment and inflation protection.

This is however primarily for direct forest investments and many forest fund and not for forest shares. Financial test: Wood grows to the own asset class also the independent consumer magazine Finanztest of Stiftung Warentest employees engaged direct forest investments and stressed: “Wood grows slowly to an own asset class.” The Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance was it evaluates financial test as follows: “the entry in the land register, the coverage on pool surfaces, and the German Panamanian investment protection agreement is beneficial for investors if individual surfaces fail, the fire insurance. (…) To plant a forest, considered to be investment, the also discards an ethical return”, so the magazine. “No wonder that icons of the green business put on forest. ForestFinance Harry Aboagye, the confidence of many friends of the correct Geldanlagens enjoying holding as a former Managing Director of the Association and board the Securvita behind.” ForestFinance was the only FSC certified under the forest investments financial test tested. The company is also the world’s first German, which the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services” Division received.

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Alternative Investment

Luximo holding brings Wurzburg March 2011 with ‘Mephisto 1’ new ‘Sin ‘funds on the market. Wurzburger Emissionshaus luximo Holding AG will start with an exceptional investment idea in the year 2011. Because the Prosperia Mephisto 1 GmbH & co. KG, briefly Mephisto, very consciously focuses on the seven deadly sins: greed, gluttony, lust, envy, pride, sloth and wrath. The idea of the seven deadly sins was formulated in the 4th century monk Evagrius Ponticus for the first time and now finds himself in the Mephisto Fund of luximo holding in a number of sectors with appropriate investment options. The pride, for example, symbolizes the luxury industry. The investment portfolio of the luximo holding Fund provides direct or indirect holdings in companies in tend to be sinful”sectors are active. The Mephisto Fund of luximo holding is a private equity fund with a fund size of 20 million.

Private investors can join from 5,000 euros a time investment plus five per cent premium. The placement has the luximo holding planned for this year. The term of the new Fund is scheduled for around six years. The partner luximo holding investment GmbH only participates in winning the Prosperia Mephisto 1, when investors have a computational base interest rate of 7 per cent on the investment amount invested by them. Of their share, the luximo holding investment GmbH donates percent 10 for charitable purposes, for example for approved projects that engage against the abuse of children. The luximo holding supported choosing the investments of CONQUEST investment advisory AG, which specializes in the development of investment strategies based on the principles of behavioral finance. “” One over a period of ten years backward simulation of luximo holding this showed that sinful “-oriented industries significantly better cut than, for example, the so-called sustainability sectors”.

The previous response to this topic and our Fund shows that we have made a sensitive point for. From rejection to enthusiasm is everything included. We, however, believe that it reflects highest ethical obligation, when portfolio managers pick what’s best for their customers and there now even sinful business fared best in recent years,”commented on Slobodan Cvetkovic, CEO of luximo holding, the start of the Mephisto Fund. About the luximo holding, the underwriter of luximo holding is specialised in development and emission of investment concepts in the area of closed-end Fund. The focus at the luximo holding of direct investments in private equity, infrastructure and multi asset. This, the management of the luximo holding can build on their own experiences, as well as a network of mostly institutional partners. While the luximo holding in the implementation of the offered investments maintains a high standard of quality. To maintain this standard, a team of professionals continuously analyzes the economic opportunities offered by the markets, derives from this high-yielding investments and developed investments that meet the expectations of private investors.

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How Software Helps PC Owners

In recent years, software has become very popular pastime. But all this tendency to seek to ensure that the software is almost the main requirement for Owners of personal computers. Consider a simple example. Man after a hard day's sitting at the computer. He wants to send a card via the Internet. What he needed? Of course, graphical editors for photo processing. He wants to do something fun and introduces something like download software for photo editing. Most likely, he will be able to find a photoshop or something else.

And if the software was not? It would then be unable to send any photos. That's just in this lies the whole force theme download sites free. They help us in many ways. Let us consider a second example: the office, busy day. The employee will process 1,000 letters and send the price list to customers. Without software, it made it a month or two. But with a software it can do it for two minutes.

That's how long it would take to attach to a special e-mail client the price list in Word or Excel and click on Enter. Everything. Done. This is how software makes life easier for users. Have PC – well, a good quality and the software on it – is, in fact, necessary. That is why we should also think about the power of your computer, they must be increased if the power of your computer is not even enough for that to work in a relaxed provide not less than 73 processes running (running processes, you may find the task manager). Also do not forget that the most important software – antivirus and prrochie programs that are designed to provide protection for your PC. This, above all, a stationary set of antivirus and anti-spyware programs. Together, they are ready to provide comprehensive protection for your PC.

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