Month: September 2014

Competition In The Media

Currently, more and more people begin to use Internet resources to get fresh and accurate novostey.Novosti the Internet are becoming more popular and more mobile. News network in the first place more easily accessible to all Internet users than the news on tv. At any time you can find some interesting information, not waiting for the next newscast. Just refresh rate news on the Internet is much higher than tv, find the most recent news of the day the Internet is much easier than to wait until this news will get aired on tv. But still the news on the Internet inferior news on tv in a very important point – the absence of an emotional background.

Plain text will never give the atmosphere of any event as a rally, strike, feelings of people who are there – on the other side of the screen. There will be an emotional background to the statements of politicians. That is not happening forming an opinion about the event on the basis of any subjective characteristics of the participants in these events. Read said that Vladimir and see how he did it, it's like they say in Odessa "Two large difference. However, the information in which the emotional content is minimal, such as sections of the economy or finances, it is more logical to explore the Internet.

Today, many news portals that exist on expanses of the Internet go to the provision of news through both text and photos but video subjects. Predicting the future development of the media can assume that very soon there will be video coverage of the new Internet – journalists. The Internet as a means for transmitting information are almost limitless and the merger of such giants of the media as television media information and media on the Internet is almost inevitable.

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How To Rent Apartments

Rent an apartment for rent in any city can be all sorts of ways. Usually people try to find a suitable option for yourself, because it is the cheapest way to rent a house for rent in Kiev. People go to the nearest kiosk with the press and buy newspapers with ads. Then they spend their time out to ring up a large number of proposals and then out to reach and explore the house "with my own eyes." You can also search the announcement of surrender apartments for days, with the help of World Wide Web. Pretty easy to make a request in the network, the request, for example, would look like this: "Rent for a day in Kiev," or "flat day Kiev." Having one of these options, you will receive many links to all sorts of options for delivery of housing for rent for a day. Among these options, you will surely find interesting option you. Search for apartments myself, this is not the only option to save money, but also a fairly large the risk of being deceived assume the following situation: you come to business partners and you need to rent an apartment for them for several days. You sought out a convenient option for the property, left a deposit.

And, when you already plan to settle in the apartment of his business partner, a person who gives shelter, changing plans, and he'll refuse, citing any reason. Agree, not a very pleasant situation, and tell him you nowhere, you had not entered into any agreement with him than oral. To avoid falling into such a situation, it is best to pre-sign a lease agreement with real estate agency. And if the agency does not pick up you need to Housing in time, you can count on the return of their funds and to the penalty. Of course, this search option will cost housing to rent more expensive, but it is more reliable. Rent for a day in Kiev, you can find many ads on the internet with such a header. Here, in a network, you can read how to respond to users and real estate agencies to choose the most serious of them. By doing this you will minimize the chance to stay and without an apartment, and no money.

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Eduardo Blanco

You have to know form through self-learning. If we talk about learning, and as always, we see that it says about Wikipedia: learning is one of the most important mental functions in humans, animals and artificial systems. It is a fundamental concept in teaching that consists in the acquisition of knowledge from certain perceived information. From those who know you will acquire knowledge, you will receive your guides and concepts made by those who have come to success and that you transmit is of great worth and utility, but you yourself have to learn to force investigate, ask and try. When I refer to the self-study I’m talking when one same selects information that allows you to acquire new knowledge and new ideas, opt for some variants and obtain satisfactory results and testing and practicing, and that no, sometimes winning and sometimes losing.

So you’re getting knowledge, you’re generating your own certainties and set your standards of work. Finally, if your intention is to perform on the internet with your own business, project or undertaking, take advantage of every intervention that you do on the net, you not only enter by routine to check and reply to emails or pass the time in a new game. For a true entrepreneur network time is gold and not wasted, rather is the information that can, classify it, discard what is useless and treasure what is important and valid. When you enter to the Internet, remember that you can enter for several reasons, but for you, pair the entrepreneur, first and foremost, you enter to learn. The dedication to work, tenacity in the fight and constancy in the effort to always open the doors of glory for men. Anselmo Fracasso. Lots of luck!

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Seventh Fund Energy

\”Consistent further development of the optimum use of the entire energy value chain starting Fund series has already done the Stuttgart-based energy company energy capital invest, which specializes in the production of oil and natural gas from shale deposits in the United States and trade in mineral extraction rights, his seventh participation currently starts the US oil and gas Fund VII KG\”. The volume of Fund to place amounts to at least 19 and EUR 40 million. A participation is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. Investments are made in the exploration of two production units in the Eagle Ford shale. The area located in Texas, with an estimated 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas is probably the largest gas and oil aid on the North American continent and has an excellent network of pipelines and refineries. In addition to the trade of mineral extraction rights, the one to raise end funds mainly for the exploration of oil and natural gas from the two production units should McMullen 1 and 2 are used. With the US oil and gas Fund VII KG offers the energy capital invest for the first time unique security package.

So, mineral extraction rights in the two units with an acquisition value of more than three million euros were introduced already indirectly by the initiator at the beginning of the placement in the Fund and therefore mean increased security for investors. The notarial registration of rights with the competent registry is already done. Thus all income from exploration, as well as the right of exploitation from the sale of this mineral extraction rights are to the US oil and gas Fund VII KG. We understand that participation as a thing worth secured investment\”Fund initiator Kay Rieck explains. Because only when investors received their full planned maximum – profit share from 36 percent during the period of approximately 2.5 years, the additional income to the energy company energy capital invest.

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Dirk Schmelzer Joins

Plenum investments AG enters in the insurance-linked securities (ILS) business with new employment of Portfolio Manager Dirk Schmelzer, the plenum investments AG complements their product line specializing in alternative investments to the investment segment of the insurance-linked securities (ILS). With Dirk Schmelzer, the plenum investments AG won a designated Fund Manager in the cat-bond sector. The 37-year-old has an extensive knowledge and experience in the management of ILS structures. The success of the cat-Bond Fund managed by him bolster his personal performance record in an impressive way. Most recently, Dirk Schmelzer was the Falcon private Bank AG, Zurich, AIG Privat Bank AG, Zurich ex for many years worked. During this period, Schmelzer of lead Portfolio Manager in the field of cat bonds worked and managed approximately 200 million Swiss francs. Before that Dirk Schmelzer worked research and analyst alternative investments for the VZ VermogensZentrum AG as Deputy Head of the Fund. Dirk Schmelzer has the conclusion as Economic engineering of the Technical University of Braunschweig and holds the title of Chartered alternative investment analyst, CAIA, as well as the hedge-Advisor (EBS/BAI). “Our position as to pursue specialized investment House, the identification of new fields of investment and the engagement of selected investment professionals of central importance is. With Dirk Schmelzer we have won a well known and successful cat-bond experts, which complements our portfolio of specialties in an ideal way, as Raimond Schuster, CEO of the plenum investments AG.

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Mannheim Harbour

‘Young issuer market experienced management’ describes the recognized Fund analyst Karsten Ewert the background of eco-energy of Environment Fund 1. And right behind the Fund concept is not only a proven and innovative project, which in the future an essential part of our waste problems could be remedied. With characters, Dipl.-ing. Norbert Dinter and Oskar of von Schickh, as Acting Director of the Bremen-based Ventafonds, experienced partners have also joined in their areas. So headed Dinter several large-scale projects, including well-known manufacturers in the German automotive industry and Oskar Edler von Schickh has more than 20 years experience in the financial services market and has issued three further investments.

With the eco-energy of Environment Fund 1, four plants for the conversion of plastic waste in product oil financed in Mannheim Harbour, which output quality and composition corresponds to the standard heating oil. This is a capital of 26.8 Millions of dollars are raised. A reference system already exists in the Switzerland and runs for approximately four years. The results of the continuous operation were confirmed according to prospectus also through analysis of the DEKRA\”, Ewert. As a partner, Dinter chose for the implementation of this recycling plant and Schickh is the plant manufacturer NILL-TECH, a company specialized since 1992 in the area of wastewater and recycling. The manufacture of the product oil will be based on the proprietary SYNTROL technology. \”\” With this initial situation, Fund analyst keeps Ewert that that the site is well chosen \”and a letter of intent was signed with all relevant partners\”.

For Ewert appear as a whole quite favorable\”therefore the prospects of the Fund despite the risk of project development. The bottom line he forgives an A-for the Fund and (very good) a particularly good for a relatively young emission assessment. The quality is also clear when one considers the economic opportunities. Sun highlights Ewert, that not only the land option was backed up, but there is a fixed price and warranty of the manufacturer for the creation of plants.

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Center Software

Exactly the solution that the customer needs format-4 offers customized CNC solutions for individual requirements and follows as the business principle: the customer exactly the machine to offer, that he just needed. The simulation of customer operations in a format 4-Technology Center enables an optimal needs analysis for precise machine concepts. From the compact Korpusfertigungs-CNC c express 920 over the space-saving nesting CNC profit H08 until down to the 5-axis CNC profit H50 format-4 has always the best solution for efficient furniture, window and door manufacturing. Numerous equipment packages, Konsolensteuerungs variations and sizes to complement the large range. The customer is best prepared for all challenges the perfect woodworking with a perfectly coordinated complete package from perfect advice, individual machine configuration and specially developed software as well as delivery, installation and service. The premium brand of the fields group meets the highest expectations since 2001 professional craft, commercial and industrial users. True to to offer everything from one hand the guiding principle, the fields group developed CNC machines in combination with the appropriate software for Professional woodworking of class.

Machine and software from a single source for the optimization of productivity and efficiency must harmonize perfectly machine and software, many interfaces by various vendors often complicate this interaction. With the all-out of-hand solutions by format-4 programming becomes child’s play: with the intuitive programs WoofFlash, Flash3D and FlashFrame manages the planning, programming and implementation of furniture, Windows or doors in the blink of an eye. The tried and tested for many years and developed in the home fields software solutions offer rapid programming and high automation options, a variety of Nestinganwendungen, as well as bar-code links for networked workshops for easy and efficient programming. Neuc-express 920 no more half measures corner joints and Rows of holes in body parts are always a challenge to traditional drills.

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Marketing GmbH

EMS specialist premieres on the SMT hybrid packaging 2012 in Nuremberg its exhibition premiere Wolnzach / Rohrbach (mh) – total for Waltron electronic device construction D. Walter GmbH: on the SMT hybrid packaging from 8 to 10 may 2012 in Nurnberg the specialist for the production of industrial electronics for the first time ever on a large international exhibition presents itself. And not only that: also a marketing campaign in a completely new corporate design will provide for a strong presence of the company. Created and realized she was advertising & Marketing GmbH, in whose hands Waltron has now placed the entire marketing of the ADVERMA. There have located two sought and found. As a company that enjoys an excellent reputation in the electronics industry, Waltron wished for a marketing partner who bring relevant experience and can use all channels of communication.

A profile that is tailored exactly to the ADVERMA resident of the greater Munich area advertising & Marketing GmbH ( You has become in the last Years to one of the leading advertising agencies in Bavaria in the field of technology develops and adjusts as new customer as Waltron goes perfectly in the concept. Both companies have in their new collaboration yet another crucial interface: the strict quality philosophy. Waltron covers the complete range of electronic manufacturing services from a single source. At the company headquarters in the upper Bavarian market Wolnzach, equipped the EMS service provider boards and manufactures high-quality industrial electronics (assemblies and devices) with State of the art technology and 125 highly qualified employees in the sales order. The numerous Waltron customers by the engineering firm to the large corporation come predominantly from the sectors of information and telecommunications technology (ICT), energy, measurement and control technology, medical technology, air – aerospace, control technology and automotive. 2009 completely new production building and rooms on an area of about 2500 square meters could be obtained.

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Christoph Kamber CEO

Swiss call center operator opts ELSBETH communication center and comprehensive package of license purchases you operates the largest call center in the Western Switzerland: the phone marketing business AG. The company has just commissioned a comprehensive package of ELSBETH. It includes: the ELSBETH outbound suite for 160 agents – jobs, as well as the ELSBETH Premium suite is a combined inbound and Outboundlosung for another 20 seats. The ELSBETH communication center by itCampus will be used at the sites of Fribourg and Lausanne. At its headquarters in Fribourg, the first inbound jobs were already equipped with the ELSBETH technology. Phone marketing business AG is maintained locally by the country of the itCampus group of itCampus Switzerland AG. Since September 2008, Christoph Kamber is the Swiss itCampus subsidiary, which has its headquarters in Sursee.

Keyword: ELSBETH communication Center (ECC) the new ECC is an open, highly integrated communication system that covers the entire needs of modern telecommunications. Based on a modular architecture adapts precisely on the communication-intensive enterprise demands it. It consists of soft – and hardware components and allows all communication-enabled business processes. Through its multichannel approach it from the simple extensions telephone system to the complex communication system for all companies especially suitable for call and contact center both the inbound and the outbound sector. About itCampus group the itCampus software and Systemhaus GmbH is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. in 1999, the company today, with subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia represented is founded in Halle and Leipzig. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Is best known for ELSBETH itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name.

You used in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

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Secure Business Despite The Financial Crisis

The most important are the reliable partner of Gelsenkirchen, November 2008 the rescue packages for banks and automotive industries are laced, taken the first financial support. But the sense of fear and uncertainty remains. Many people who are planning a start-up are insecure. But independence is possible, even in economically uncertain times. Would-be entrepreneurs should but are looking for the right partner and learn very comprehensively. For us, it is important that the would-be entrepreneurs is good has prepared on the financing talks and its planning by third parties has let. Who has dealt with commercial questions, is better prepared for the step towards independence,”as Frank Weisel by Deutsche Bank, responsible for the area franchise finance.

Franchising may be the right solution here. The industry is growing. A study of Deutsche Bank research predicts a turnover of 70 billion for this sector for 2015. Franchising is one of to the successful sectors of the economy. “Very good growth opportunities are expected for the education sector: education has a value, which by more and more people recognized will.” as Frank Weisel next.

Deutsche Bank is a partner of the student aid and has supported numerous entrepreneurs already on their way towards independence. The student assistance, with over 1,100 locations in Germany and Austria, is the largest franchisor in the field of education. Despite the financial crisis, the concept of student aid is safe. Education is becoming increasingly important, so this segment of the market will continue to grow. Also, the future entrepreneurs must not alone shoulder the risk. They are supported by the system headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. Regular training courses, help with educational questions or support for marketing activities and press work includes as well as helping with the introduction of the quality management system. The students help works according to the international quality management system ISO 9001. Already over 350 franchisees have used the chance and are successful entrepreneurs.

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