Month: September 2014

Editor Service

Publicist Bernhard Kuntz explains service providers how they press work with the exalted specialist for…’ can acquire and gain new customers. With PR on touting: Press work for lone, service providers and consulting professions as is the title of a new PR Advisor, which is published by BusinessVillage. In the 210-seitigen book, the marketing and PR specialist Bernhard Kuntz explains how service providers such as tax -, IT – and business consultant, but also architects, therapists and lawyers with press work can increase their awareness; “Furthermore, with publications in print and online media as its reputation as a specialist for…” can consolidate. Bernhard Kuntz, who already wrote several books of services marketing, describes in detail also how freelancers and owners of small businesses actively can use articles to win customers and orders. The Advisor with PR on touting”consists of eleven chapters.

In the first three chapters you will learn “Readers, why an active press work for specialists” is becoming increasingly important in an increasingly connected world. Furthermore, what distinguishes the press work in print and online media from such marketing tools such as the sending of Werbebriefen and ads. In Chapter 4, the author service providers then explains how they can develop a PR concept that fits your goals and your budget of time and money. And in the chapters 5-7? In them is mediated the necessary knowledge of journalistic writing and the different types of text in a kind of crash course. So Bernhard Kuntz explains, the holder of the marketing and PR agency PRofilBerater, Darmstadt () is, for example, how to develop new and interesting for the press article topics; Furthermore, how to write press releases, articles and project reports.

Numerous practical examples make sure that what is written for the reader is easy to understand and implement. In Chapter 8 to 10 explains Bernhard Kuntz himself many years Editor of daily newspapers and magazines was the freelancers and small business owners, how they should proceed with the provision of articles and what qualifies to be considered for publishing in online media. He describes in detail how service providers can use articles to the acquisition of customers and orders. And in Chapter 11? There, the author dares views, as the press and communications landscape will change through the triumph of social media. He also warns of several traps in the freelancers and similar service providers such as the tweeting and blogging often fall. PR – Guide by Bernhard Kuntz is characterized by a very simple and graphic language, so that it is easily understandable also for laymen. Also you can feel when reading: the author is even small business owners and service providers. Therefore, he knows the problems that often faces the audience of his book in everyday work.

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Unifying the BI tools through a standardization program has therefore become a mandatory program for companies. 3. the BI concept must be the sales view derived from, rather than a technology focus to characterize: even if the technical dimension in the BI projects is of vital importance, must be avoided, that it dominates in the concepts of realisation of. Landmarks must be rather the business requirements at the distribution level together with their processes. The current practice was however often influenced that not primarily the design of business intelligence processes derived from the sales requirements, but Conversely the BI tools largely the framework for action and the evaluation options defined. 4.

specific industry solutions provide significant added value: as the BI requirements in the various market segments is sometimes starkly different and universal solutions also offer no optimal benefit, solutions should be used for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Not only among its benefits that they are precisely tailored to the needs, but also included is extensive industry best practices and they provide ready-made functionality. Last but not least as a result, their introduction is also significantly faster and less expensive than general solutions. Also individually designed developments offer no alternative, particularly in economic terms and the terms of the introduction. 5. comprehensive and quick processing of all relevant data as a core element of the performance profile: business intelligence must be as a control instrument and analysis – flexible Sales needs to consider. This includes a rapid deployment of data in demand-oriented variety. Therefore, the solution should be from the area of the information integration, building a data warehouse optimized for the structure of sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and personnel management up to depict for the connection of multidimensional analysis and comprehensive reporting solutions all relevant pharmaspezifischen issues and contexts. 6. a success-oriented sales management requires a sophisticated feature profile: because the pharmaceutical segments change dynamically, a modern control system of field staff in the position must be that flexibly align sales structures to be able to attract new customer groups and offer a system-based key account management.

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Business Event Booking

Katharina Fussmann searches and locations Bay free of charge for conferences, seminars and congresses existence founder Katharina Fussmann from Frondenberg Bay the appropriate locations for meetings and seminars by corporations nationwide. The Clou: This mediation provides you the customer free of charge and even nevertheless it deserves. 20 years Catherine foot in the hotel industry is active. She worked nationwide as sales and Marketing Director in leading four – and five-star hotels. Her job: She was the link to the business customers who organised their meetings, seminars or banquets at Hotel. This know-how now taking the 44-year old career woman in her independence as an agency for business event booking (BEB). Through their many years of industry experience Katharina Fussmann can assess which hotel and what meeting room ideal for the particular event is suitable.

The Insider know what technical equipment must be present and where the customers a perfect Catering and impeccable service can expect. The clients book me, so I think an environment in which they can hold their seminars and conferences under the best conditions for your employees or business partners”, foot man describes her task box. Customers pay nothing for the demanding mediation by Catherine Fussmann. It receives a Commission from the hotels and venues. This is her doing. Katharina Fussmann offers nationwide service. Therefore, it uses the Internet to inform potential customers about their service. The selection of the partner hotels also stretches across Germany.

Yet she sees herself also on their doorstep”for potential cooperation partners such as the Katharinenhof Unna to. Is the first step to independence. In half a year my idea should have learned, run”has Katharina Fussmann your goal clearly in mind.

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Suvenirka Advertising

In recent years, market advertising and promotional business gifts began to develop in Russia is quite active. However, some time ago, the attitude toward souvenirs as a business was not so serious. In our country believe that the market of advertising business gifts – the segment is not suitable for solving any solid matters. Preconditions for the development of the market of promotional gifts came with the filing of the United States. After all, there are branded is one of the key levers of advertising contacts. In the U.S. market for promotional gifts have long been formed.

He is clearly designed and structured. The Russian entrepreneurs and business leaders also came the understanding that the most profitable advertising impact – is complex. Thus, do not use the advantages that offer business gifts – is simply not fully realize all the opportunities specifically one company. Now the vast majority of businesses in his work began to pay close attention to your external image. Many companies have even formed its own budget, taking into account the cost of advertising souvenirs.

Advertising souvenir products are used as when communicating with partners and potential clients, and at special events. Which is the best places to present business gifts or suvenirku? It is more logical to do it for presentations, exhibitions and corporate promotions, business meetings, etc. Such activities impose certain features on business gifts. In addition, the organizers must be aware of: for a target audience are souvenirs. Often, organizations use a drawing, lettering or pattern of things for everyday use.

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Russian Industrial Holdings

The study is based data on the level of wages in the period from November 2006 to February 2007 to collect information used in electronic and print media, our own database of "UNITY" and information provided by the largest holdings. As research shows, the trend of increasing levels of remuneration related to the acute shortage of qualified personnel. And this is typical not only for top staff and middle management but also for basic linear experts. On average, the material component of the compensation package increases twice a year. During the study period, average growth in wages was 30%. According to experts "UNITY", today wages in Russian companies is growing faster than in the West. The highest salary offer commodity, export-oriented companies, and investment banking. "Russian companies show a high level of management – the general director of the personnel center "UNITY" Vladislav Lobanov.

– If the expert meets the requirements of the company, leadership is ready to go on significant increase in the level of compensation. " According to V. Lobanov, felt positive business changes in the direction of understanding the human factor. "In the past frequently encountered discrepancy offered by companies wages and expectations of applicants, but now the leaders are ready to revise their views, not to lose good people, "- said Mr. Lobanov. In a situation of serious shortage of qualified personnel indexing wages should be systematic, so that companies can take the necessary steps to retain and motivate employees, says V. Lobanov. To this end, experts Personnel Center "UNITY" plan monthly analyze changes in the level of wages not only in Moscow, but also for the 14 regions of Russia.

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Sporting Apparel In Everyday Life

Coniferous forest, frost, giving a freshness and energy, a bright winter sun. I would like to run, roll, fly! Towards winter, and children's sense of the infinite, overflowing your happiness! I would like all at once, and a lot! Slip on sledge with a huge snow-covered mountains, always turning over at the end of the shutter to fall into the soft white – prebely snow skiing a run to breathe plenty of cool conifer, play snowballs and snow capture strength of the enemy … And then, tired but happy to drink scalding hot sweet tea and reminisce about the joys of the day. But, that weekend turned out to be really successful and have not led us to the doctors, it is necessary to comply simple rules of winter gear. First, if you are planning an active vacation, do not try to dress too warm! A lot of sweaters, jackets and pants will help you only sweat, and then supercooled. Our goal – Save the useful heat, and worked out body moisture to bring to the outer layer of clothing to keep it in contact with the body.

How do I do? Very easy! We use the thermal underwear! Many consider the specific thermal underwear clothing for skiers, but in a different way. This kind of sportswear is simply indispensable for normal winter walks and recreational ice skating and skiing! Agree, much easier to put on a light, almost weightless shorts and special termorubashku (in common "termuhu") rather than get into a lot of thick sweaters and tights, which actively move would not be very comfortable. Due to special manufacturing techniques, underwear will help your body stay dry, warm, and find with complete freedom of movement! Of course, not always accompany us during the winter frost and light nice full calm. But think about it, and developers sportswear. They are supplied with some models of thermal underwear with special inserts of denser fabric that will further protect the most vulnerable to the cold places of our body. Such models are called "Vindstoppery" – in translation from English – "stop the wind." It could be a shirt, shorts, tights, and even tops. All kinds of thermal underwear dress on her naked body that they must cling tightly (but not at the same time constrain freedom of movement).

So we have to underwear: us dry, not cold and comfortable! Now try to further insulate that, even in very cold day, we were able to enjoy nature. Second, very soft, light and cozy fleece sweatshirt, and possibly the same pants. Flies readily absorbs moisture from the outer layer of your thermal underwear and display it on its outer surface, will give extra warmth and ease of movement. However, in windy or wet weather protection option! Third: dress pants and a jacket made of soft windproof fabric! Now we are impervious to wind, snow, mud and cold! And the clothes on our minimum number. It is not thick and easy! Now active winter walk will give only the health and happiness! Retrieved from experience! Stay in shape! Tasha Interest

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