Month: October 2014

German Bar Association

On February 18, 2009, the Cabinet adopted a draft law on the improvement of investor protection. On February 18, 2009, the Cabinet adopted a draft law on the improvement of investor protection. The draft envisages an extension of the limitation period for damages for securities transactions as well as a more detailed consulting and documentation requirements for investment service providers. He also includes a reorganization of the legal relationships in the debtor notes. Abolition of the short limitation period brought the bankruptcy of investment bank Lehman Brothers for a slew of investors unexpectedly high losses. Risky securities had been sold to them as safe investments. Many of those investors may not enforce court their legitimate claims for damages, because a shorter limitation period of 3 years from conclusion of the contract applies for securities transactions. Is planned now to abolish this special limitation period: claims for damages shall in the future three years after becoming aware of the damage and not after the conclusion of the contract claim can be made.

The maximum limitation period will then regularly be 10 years from the creation of the claim for damages. Documentation requirements for investment service providers to prevent that investment service providers more depending on the height of their commissions, as according to the wishes of its customers, introduces a consulting and documentation requirements. Investment services providers must not only adequately advise their clients, but through this consultation Protocol. Logged to the information and wishes of the customers, as well as the featured product. The recommendation must be justified. The Protocol is issued to the investors and can serve as loading Weis means Court.

A wrong advice is evident that investors according to claims for damages may be entitled. The necessary information or justifications are missing in the log, so the investment services providers must demonstrate that the consultation carried out correctly was. The Ministry estimates the impact of the new rules for the economy 50 million euros of German savings banks Association DSGV, however, sees alone on the savings, at least 100 to 200 million euros per year coming to loads. Consultation protocols are already widely used in practice, so Bjorn Katzorke. The lawyer from the capital market law specialized firm, representing a wide range of financial service providers, thinks: That the legislator now creates a binding standard on content and scope of the protocols is to be welcomed. Modernization of the bondholders Act the Government draft contains also a now overdue rewrite of the bondholders Act the previous law was essentially constructed in 1899 and is no longer up to date. To customize the bonds law to the needs of international markets, the revision makes it clear that terms and conditions of debt verschreibungen international standard clauses may contain. The Department followed the recommendations of the German Bar Association and has no mandatory rules. This would harm the competitiveness of German law. Besides other adjustments, the Bill shows a response to the financial market crisis in the renewal of the bond law: A principle of transparency to ensure that the promised benefits are instantly recognizable. Often investors have been overwhelmed by the conception of complex securities. The law not the consent of the Federal Council and is to be decided by the Parliament in this parliamentary term, it means from the Ministry of Justice.

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In finding an optimal form of investment are a lot of requirements in the space which is the investor of the desired product. The most common requests are as low risk, while a high rate of return, a flexible availability about his money, as well as possible, no costs for the investment. Want to get fulfilled all these requirements, you should deal with the day money, because the day money account combines just these four benefits. Return the overnight interest rates are relatively high in comparison to other systems, as for example the traditional passbook savings, and thus fulfil the desire after a good return. Risk other than in securities and in particular in the stock trading there is no risk at money of the day. There could be no more than a small change in interest rates when the Federal Reserve increased key interest rates or decreases. Availability of the big advantage compared to, for example, the deposit is absolutely free and especially daily availability on its entire investment balances. In addition, there is no The minimum investment sum, allowing the savers from the first penny can benefit from the good conditions.

Cost remains the last desire of low cost, also being met because the day money is usually free of charge and there is really no factor which might affect the good yield in any way. The day money offers so many advantages, without that one can find a single drawback. Competition among the many different providers ensures that banks try with different conditions and special offers to win new clients for themselves. Through a day money you can choose again exactly the product comparison under the money market accounts, which really promises the best return and satisfaction.

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Craftsmen Region

Real as part of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart at their booth represented Neckar-ALB at the Expo trade fair report from the Expo real 2009, was Munich, from October 5 to 7. The Mayor and business promoter of region Neckar-ALB, represented as a partner of the site Agency, vigorously stirred the drum at the fair and presented commercial and real estate. At the fair, spoke the issuer directly to investors and informed them about benefits of the site. These include the proximity to the airport and trade fair, highway access, cheap land, highly skilled workforce and the renowned research sites on the ground. Crowds on Mulberry bags the Stuttgart region had expanded their stand despite the crisis and also managed that here were investors, real estate agents and business promoter line: by one distributed dumplings to the visitors. At the booth of Neckar-ALB, were satisfied with the course of the fair all participants and emphasized the many very good conversations. The speech was of 45 qualified contacts. The first created fair brochure with the commercial and industrial real estate listings from the Neckar-ALB region met with great approval among fair visitors.

A high-quality slide show of the region was shown running and attracted many attention. Neckar-ALB: Versatile interesting in the Neckar-ALB region worldwide market and technology leader have their headquarters from sectors such as mechanical engineering or the textile industry. The region has qualified also as a location for the automotive industry due to the proximity to major vehicle manufacturers. But this not enough: Start-ups emerge from regional universities again in the high-tech sector. For Neckar-ALB also as a location for companies in the biotechnology, medical technology and the information and communication technology is interesting with its economic centres. Figures, data, facts the districts Reutlingen and Tubingen Zollernalb make an economically strong region on 2 500 square kilometers. Around 700 000 people living in 67 towns and cities.

More than 45 000 companies and Craftsmen have their home close to the airport and the new exhibition centre. The region is therefore the European metropolitan region of Stuttgart. More than 29 000 students are enrolled at the universities of Tubingen, Reutlingen, Albstadt and Rottenburg. Over 40 research institutions, including four Max Planck institutes, are available for a wide range of scientific. With short, qualified personnel and a young compared population the region offered Neckar-ALB as a business location for new technologies. The future starts here”and we ever started future” are therefore more than just slogans for regional location marketing. More news from the region Neckar-ALB is there on the Internet site of the Agency of site: press contact: location of Tubingen Reutlingen Zollernbahn Abbey agency contact person: Andrea Diewald, M.A., project manager location marketing Hindenburg Street 54, 72762 Reutlingen, Tel. 49 – 7121/201-180, fax. 49 – 7121/201-4180

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Verbraucher Blog

Free real estate calculation Portal starts the blog investment real estate! Tegernsee, in November 2009: now can be blogged around the property on the real estate Fachblog. This blog will be looked after members the real estate navigation portal for free calculations around the Anlageimmobilie.Die imnav tips and information about investment properties on the market. Tax forms until the notion of current objects, here all blogged is sales events, sales training, or updates to the legislation. The exchange of knowledge is considered investment real estate still mysteries in the industry. Whether it is an architectural monument, refurbishment, stock apartment or a care property in connection with tax advantages, the exchange of information among professionals is important, because only so it can be prevented that a mistake is repeats. Who is the real estate Fachblog thought? First and foremost is the new Kominikationsmedium of the on the investment real estate adviser in the Federal territory.

Certainly should also interested readers, that deal with the theme of “Investment property”, or “Save tax on rent” feel addressed and informed. If brokers, financial institutions, join the real estate seller, Bank consultants, tax advisors or builders in this blog and report on your experiences and tips, this may be useful only for the readers of expert real estate. What is on the real estate Fachblog? In first line, all centered around the rented real estate. Topics will deliver treated the two pages of information, the provider and the Verbraucher.Mitglieder in this blog will receive information about new legislation, objects, sales training and events and are thus always informed about the current state of affairs.As a blog by exchanging living information, also include suggestions and criticism of the members or readers. The exchange of professional information will be always in sight! Practical experience, such as a report for a seminary or a report on a visit to an object are just as much in the blog how entertaining it was found on the net. This blog because every reader at any time has the opportunity to express its opinion on the contributions of the members, can be a help for other readers uach to respond to certain comments. Interesting posts can be linked to a bookmarking service like Mister Wong and integrated. Use the blog as a reader and write your comments for a maximum interactivity of the real estate of expert. You can now Exchange blogging and information relating to the investment property under press contact: RAS GmbH pension stone Anna Lena chard Ludwig Erhard Platz 4 83703 GMUND am Tegernsee phone: 08022 66 16 26 eMail:

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The Investment

The formula for this is: E.g. real estate: investment cost / rentable area in m = investment costs per m annual rent / rentable area in m annual rent = m per m – per m / investment costs per m year return = annual rent per m total investment costs per rentable area in m m total investment costs per m annual rent / rentable area in m = m2 = annual rent per m – year rent per m sq / total investment costs per m m = year yield per m sq the Delta of the year yields per m sq form efficiency factor! Ships down calculated loading capacity tdw! The course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the equity ratio (in %)? The equity ratio indicates how much of the total investment by the equity investor funded. The formula for this is: Kommanditkapital of a fund including premium – total investment volume including premium at systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the debt ratio (in %)? The debt ratio indicates how much of the total investment is financed through the recorded debt. The formula for this is: debt of a Fund – total investment volume in systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the soft cost factor based on the total investment (equity) (in %) including (excluding) premium? The soft cost factor indicates how much of the Fund expenses on the basis of the overall investment volume directly in the object of the investment flow. The formula for this is: sum of all soft costs – total investment (equity) in the soft costs are all costs of the investment statement except the chewing price, liquidity reserve (and the share premium.) The course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus.

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Euro Investment

With the ‘ investment advice PLUS’ starts comdirect bank Commission independent investment advisory services for all customers. “Investmentsparen.NET informs: since a few days it is possible for customers of the Quickborner direct brokers comdirect bank, within the framework of the newly launched investment advice PLUS” give an individual and continuous advice on securities investments. Differently than the purely Commission-based banking consultancy and investment advice of many banks customers for these services have to pay but at least monthly, only 0.05 percent of the deposit sum per month, 24.90 euro in fees. For customers will be credited as about kickbacks or front-end sales commissions, which accrue to the Bank by third parties. A simple example shows that this pricing structure is already expecting from relatively common Depot sizes. We assume a 12,500 euros per year in the form of a managed portfolio volume of 25,000 euros and two transactions of Fund purchases, subscription fee would in addition to perhaps 5 percent result in applicable order and deposit fees issue premiums from 1,250 euros. “The fees model within the framework of the investment advice PLUS” 24.90 euro per month, so 298.80 Euro per year, comdirect bank arise exactly same transactions fees. Even if Fund with a sales charge reduced to 2.50 percent would be acquired, the difference would still immense, namely 625 euro to 298,89 euro.

Investors get so but not only funds and other securities cheaper, but on top of that provided an investment advice addressed to the personal objectives. The money-back guarantee of comdirect bank rounds PLUS the offer of investment advice”from. Money back means that the customer dissatisfaction has the option to terminate the investment advisory agreement in the first three months after conclusion of the contract. Consulting fees paid will be refunded in this case, a recommended transaction reversal is not possible of course. Daniel Franke

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Bautrager Spiegel Consulting GmbH

Aschaffenburg boasts stable prices for real estate, brokerage and Bautrager Spiegel Consulting GmbH offers the fillet pieces in this real estate market investors currently search for residential and commercial properties in Aschaffenburg, Germany. College town, at the well-being feeling index according to the largest survey by McKinsey among the top 10 cities and the optimum integration into the European infrastructure with Frankfurt International Airport (40 km), the highway and ICE connections ensure stable economic conditions and an intact market for real estate. This happy residents and attracts more investors. The steady increase of new ash monkey burgers confirms the attractiveness of the city. The lower Franconian metropolis is taking a lot to create optimal conditions for companies, with approximately 70,000 inhabitants which again ensures new jobs. But also the well-being of citizens is paramount, despite damp funds is invested here in culture and development of new residential areas.

Investors can on the good opportunities for development of the city due to the proximity of the Rhein-Main-airport as a logistical springboard trust. The most sought after and tour area for residential real estate are the Godelsberg, the inner city location and objects with a main view. The mirror group and mirror construction has recognized this trend was the first real estate company in the region and provides a sound, professional advice, taking into account all relevant factors here. In addition the mirror portfolio offers prime real estate, the investors shall submit matching offers to the individual wishes and is preferred from the planning up to the turn-key construction. All listings can be found under: contact Spiegel Consulting GmbH Cranach 52 63739 Aschaffenburg Tel.

06021/9 10 51 fax 06021/9 10 52 eMail: info(at) about mirror group with many years of experience in the massive house building into condominiums and investment schemes, offers the mirror group guarantee for perfect planning and reliable implementation Their dream. Security, which is so important in building ensure thorough consultation and extensive personal service from the outset. Quality building materials and the special careful construction through our long-standing trade partners give you the certainty to get an excellent and stable quality for your money. Also, we are the right partner when you want to sell your property. Discretion, tact, and a world-class customer base of buyers guarantee the best marketing and price obtaining on the market. With the same care we take care also your personal search order. A network of contacts across built up over the years allows us to be able to offer you your dream property short to medium term. Convince yourself! We, the mirror group enjoy high reputation. This means for you as a client: competence, solidity and construction management that you can rely on!

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Solar Investment

France excites with respectable single dining value yields key point is the improvement of the energy performance of buildings with 192 billion. As a second objective, the development of renewable energies follows with 115 billion. Objective is to expand the solar power capacity of 1,100 megawatts until 2012 and then to 5,400 MW by 2020. The amount of the feed-in tariff is in France not according to the size of the plant, but after the building integration, the location and very relevant, the date of commissioning of the system. So energy from building-integrated solar power systems, at the beginning of the feed will be paid in 2009 and 2010, with up to 60 cents per kilowatt hour. For investors from Germany, the height of a dining value yields is a relevant criterion.

However, it should be not the only one. Money investments pose a number of risks, which want to be deliberate abroad. Because in addition to the long”investment period of usually 20 years regional characteristics play a role should not be underestimated. It is self-evident that the success of the investment in highly depends on the contractors, its competence and the realization. BCN business connecting network has a competent partner at his side in this area. This has not only the engineering experience, but provides access to reputable service providers through its network. More information about the subject of renewable energy investments see under: press contact: bcn – business connecting network Mr. Ralf Hettinger diesel road 2 61381 Czemins village mobile: + 49 (0) 157 – 74 20 79 59 Tel. + 49 (0) 60 07 – 28 92

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Murana Andreas

What to look for when choosing a detective agency. What to look for when choosing a private detective agency or economic detective agency. Reputable security companies work with service contracts in which all costs the notes are listed. Watch out for hidden costs such as mileage allowance or extra costs for photo material. Can show references.

More and more people use the service a private detective agency or economic detective agency to enforce your interests. Just through the media the possibilities and ways of working of a detective agency discusses often. Whether the way a detective agency search in matters or in the Division, a consultation never hurts. The reputable companies, mostly the consultation is a free service. A private detective agency should have different personnel, that the respective tasks has grown. The spectrum extends this namely cases of adultery and to the economic Pion age. Which country has set off the debtor, is faithful to my partner, the debtor ex partner really unemployed, is my coworker really sick? Questions about questions which can be answered! The detective agency Murana is one of the companies that meets your customer orders worldwide.

This is to proceed with the latest technology and latest discovery methods. This armed personal protection also covers the area. But it is striking that many people have a certain shyness before, to make the contact to a detective agency. Just a detective agency, without great cost for evidence and intelligence, are often the only means of finding the truth. What do reputable investigation now? After examination of the legitimate interest (E.g. for alimony, custody) of the clients, a service contract is now closed. Important information be shared together in a personal conversation. In all cases, the principle applies, a detective Gets the result of the investigation and evidence more information faster. This includes photos, are often Documents and personal data of great importance. All information entered, a solution is being developed as the case fast and cost effective can be edited. During the execution of the order, you should be constantly informed about the course. Upon completion of the investigation, you get handed out photo / video material and a detailed report. Employed private investigators should you and that when needed as a witness before the Court are made available free of charge. Fees for investigations in Germany are currently between 25 and 65 euros incl. tax per hours / as. Typically a fixed price is agreed for missions abroad or long term contracts. There is in many cases the possibility after the “polluter pays” principle of cost “at the” polluter pays “to sue detective agency costs. To do this, already some judgments of principle exist by courts in all Germany. Her lawyer is often informed. So leave nothing to chance, but the professionals. Compare the quotes. Not always the best must be careful however, low-cost provider. Adhere to a healthy average. Detektei Murana Andreas kind

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US Nobel Laureate

Akura capital management AG Akura II capital management AG play Markowitz strategy Wurzburg, in January 2010: an up-to-date investment strategy to Harry M. Markowitz is and will remain essential to the unanimous opinion of the most investment professionals despite financial crisis for investors. Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management AG, focus on the US economists Markowitz portfolio theory since its inception. With the Akura Sachwert plan the Akura capital management AG’s practise a versatile diversification policy, the funds, real estate and alternative investments in crude oil and precious metals integrated. Now leads the global financial and economic crisis to a revision of classic investment principles? On this issue, a heated debate has broken out not only in the United States, but also in our latitudes.

Especially small investors are wondering what the weak economy means for their private estates. Experienced investment professionals and renowned stock market magazine, recently including the British investment Week, however strongly warned to fundamental principles of modern investment policy in question. There is consensus among professional investors as primarily the Akura capital management AG, to adhere to the principle formulated by Markowitz diversification. The US Nobel Laureate recognized as one of the first economists to a risk-minimizing Depot patterning using dispersion over various forms of investment opportunities and coined the portfolio theory thus far significantly. Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management AG set since its inception consistently on the investment principles by Markowitz. So, both companies practise an allocation of capital across a broad spectrum of asset classes, to offer investors attractive returns with maximum security. The Akura Sachwert plan of Akura capital management AG’s provides equity funds include investments in international leading, which could generate average returns of 8 percent to 13 percent in the past few years. Parallel the Akura capital management AG invests directly in return standard equities, the so-called blue chips\”.

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