Month: February 2015


January 25, 2010 .- 44% of the students of Master-D practices conducted in 2008 thanks to this training group won a contract related to the content of his course at the conclusion of practice. Master-D has collaboration agreements with 3,400 companies for work experience and promote the employability of students who complete more of its professional and technical courses. In 2009, 1532 students of Master-D performed by the above practices collaboration agreements, a figure 12% higher than 2008. To achieve this percentage Master-D has a counseling service for job placement that includes several tools to support students in achieving employment. One is the Workshop Active Job Search, TABE, which was awarded by the educational platform Educaweb on 13 November. Students who participate in this training workshop, eminently practical, learn how to access the labor market through three main channels: take a better understanding of themselves, develop a good curriculum and conducting mock job interviews with coaches for further analysis. From January to December 2009, 3,933 students participated in Master-D one of these workshops assets. To qualify for an internship in companies thanks to agreements signed by Master-D, students have to make one of these TABE 2009 1.532 students in training group performed internships, 12% more than last year .

Some of the companies with which Master-D has signed a collaboration agreement are: Ferrovial, Grupo Cortefiel, Viajes Iberia, Melia Group and PC City. Students of Master-D are the most sought after practice of child education courses, window dressing and renewable energy. Job Opportunities Another Master-D tools to achieve greater integration work is the provision of an employment exchange for their students. This bag contains course-related deals taught by the training center. In addition, Master-D remains active web in which information of various activities related to the labor market, offers tips for job hunting, to writing a CV and a covering letter, to act correctly in an interview work, etc.

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Business Academy

A new professional perspective in the care – offers the project training center senior citizens service Express (TSSE) of Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy. For a Tuesday morning, it is surprisingly quiet on the station 64 in the Friedrich-Ebert-hospital in Neumunster. At the moment is”just business, explains Klaus-Dieter Hinrichsen. Time for him, just to breathe and to drink a cup of coffee. But believe me, this is not always the case”, he noticed between two SIPs. Competently and calmly Hinrichsen reports of his work, although he is only employed for a few months in the psychiatric ward.

“It shows the modern new building, in which they soon will move, and says proudly: already more than just a job for me is to work here.” Hinrichsen is come to care about detours. The native Kiel works as a clerk in a plumbing supplies, until it 2005 out of work is. Deliberately he decides then to change the industry: I had never previously dealing with care. But I wanted to in He explains this area start again, because I knew here, workers are needed,”. To acquire the necessary knowledge, he attended a nursing assistant course and doing an internship in a health care facility.

Two years can he work there in a mini job, goes for a walk with the patients on the Lake, reads them from the newspaper and not you with them human plays Parcheesi”. In Germany, some 2.3 million people are reliant, one in three of them lives in an appropriate institution. There they should not simply sleep, eat and are cared for medically, but deal also makes sense, have normal lives. There are therefore additional resources for the support available, of which so-called support forces can be adjusted 87B SGB XI according to since 2008. They accompany the care in everyday life, have time for longer conversations and give them security and orientation.

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Shamanism and healing from Mexico the best education of the shaman and Healer is his own ordeal. In the light – society it’s good to hear that show us how to be first again in the old ways of our Earth own suffering, then the others can resolve. Pascal has learned from many elders in Mexico, where he was appointed to the cosmic medicine man. He himself has opted for a life in fullness, humor and love, and thus marked by diseases, neurosis, depression and lasting replaced his previous life section suicidal thoughts. In this retreat, each Subscriber/donor is much time have to liberate his current soul path and to UN – cover, as well as a hoherfrequentiges cosmic consciousness to install every day to live his inner healer and shaman. P K’ Greub, Swiss and Mexican citizens, has studied economics at the University of Basel and played at various German theatres and stages. Manifested on 31 December 1999 a Dream, when he met the Mayan priest Don Lauro in Mexico that will change his life forever. In the year 2000 he returns to Mexico with 3 suitcases, 33 years old, to learn, to be dedicated to it inside and in the age-old wisdom.

He is the last Member”of the Grupo de creacion. “His multidisciplinary method of creative transformation for individuals and businesses, and his Transpersonal project Maya School of cosmic consciousness”, in 13 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia taught, among other things at the Autonomous University of Chapingo. Pascal has developed a proprietary method, according to which anyone, without prior knowledge, can discover his inner healers and shamans and develop. Only an open heart and willingness to serve is required. This practical workshop covers the best exercises of the Maya School of cosmic consciousness and allows you, alone or with a partner to try out the learned each Subscriber/donor.

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Auto Drive

During pregnancy, refuse to drive cars – not an option, and public transport will bring a lot of grief, anxiety and stress. So ladies, pregnancy is not a reason to deny myself the pleasure to ride in favorite car, feel comfortable in this one of the most important moments in life when you feel near to his heart, beating heart of another young child. But it is worth mentioning a few key points they help usual business – driving to tie "friendly relations" with a new condition for you – pregnancy. If you do not know how to drive a car before pregnancy – do not jump behind the wheel and start learning to drive. If you think about nine months did not decide, and your peace of mind and calm your baby will remain. The fact that men and women find themselves the first time behind the wheel, feel the condition of a nervous breakdown, or do not feel, but it is present.

Better will be for you and baby to give up visits to driving schools, driving courses. Also, this applies to expectant mothers, whose driving experience is still small, or they have not established a sense of confidence while driving. As practice and experiments – in women during pregnancy slightly inhibited the reaction to external stimuli and situations occurring around you. A pregnant woman is more and more immersed in himself, in his inner world, listening to New physiological and emotional sensations. If you do decide to sit down during pregnancy to drive a car, it focuses most on the road, keep an eye on the situation, do not lose vigilance and control. I I think that you should not tell that for the first four or even more months, the pregnancy may be accompanied by malaise, nausea. In the later months of pregnancy may be the phenomenon of hypotension, anemia, high blood pressure, which are expressed in the form of weakness, Sex and fainting, hot flushes. If you feel something like that, or weakness, or dizziness, in any case do not drive cars.

Think on what can – then the period is to refuse to drive cars. If you do not leave the driving car, and your baby grows and develops, and thus often require you to supply that accompanied you a sense of dramatic hunger. Because do not forget to take the car to eat something that will satisfy your appetite and good for the child. Also, in a way you may want to get out of the car, walk, stretch their legs or the child himself will vigorously conduct. Leave to the side and come to its senses and then you can continue. The closer to the birth the greater the tummy, and therefore will be harder when boarding and alighting from the car. Because you should not rush to all the carefully to monitor respiration, must park in a quiet place where you can slowly, slowly out of the car. We hope that riding in a car behind the wheel will bring you a positive experience and bright emotions.

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Managing Director

Versandhaus expands offering with shoes in plus sizes Dorverden-Frankfurt (August 24, 2010): the specialist for shoes in plus size is represented with its range of products now on the Internet presence of Here, the powerful plentySystems partner interface ensures a proper listing of products.’s portfolio includes almost 10,000 pairs of shoes for ladies in the sizes 42 to 47, as well as men in the sizes 46 to 55. The cooperation with is an ideal extension of the existing offer for “We are pleased to have a partner shop at, who perfectly rounds off our offer in this area as experienced plus size specialist for large ladies and men’s shoes with”, explains Franz Wurz Berger, senior product manager of Despite its own successful Web page, Managing Director of Kay Zimmer stresses the added value of the young cooperation significantly: “markets are changing, and it is no longer sufficient to operate a separate page. Customer focus and look like right and left.

The online-shop of is for us as a strong partner with intense experiences in the mail order business. an excellent platform to the presence of our great shoes” Two houses with numerous data and highest security standards to combine smoothly: That was the challenge from the interface Pro plentySystems in Kassel, a software development company, specializing in multi-channel distribution. “We made available a further high-quality marketplace with lots of potential users of our eCommerce solution with”, so Jan Griesel, Managing Director of plentySystems. About It schuhplus – the footwear company company GmbH is a leading European, multimedia eCommerce company with POS integration, specialized shoes in plus sizes on the time synchronous, centrally controlled multichannel distribution in the product segment. As a licensed Trading partner of national as well as international brands stretches over the entire cover of cause-related shoe fashions the portfolio.

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Role Model

I have big lust with young to work motivated media creators and am sure to learn from them”, forward the lifeblood journalist. Also, she moderated the Panel on the subject of quality journalism”on the first day of the event, where she will debate clappers and Josef Otto Freudenreich on the future of the media together with Barbara Dane, Volker Herres, Peter. Mrs Ruge is a very competent and dedicated journalist and therefore a role model for the children of the media. Her extensive experience and her likable charisma are extremely enrich our student-organized Conference. We are therefore very happy that we could win it as patroness”forward Martin Glass, producer of the media forum Mittweida. Also the journalist himself is of the three-day Congress “convincing and looks happy in October: the head is round, so that our thinking can change the direction and the media forum Mittweida is a perfect platform to experience that.” “She is also enthusiastic by the organization team: the media young ‘ from Mittweida is with the Organization of this Congress on the professional track the highest form of learning is learning by doing.” Nina Ruge at RIAS TV in Berlin started her media career. Her breakthrough role in the television business was as the first presenter of the “ZDF today journal”.

Numerous other productions commissioned by ZDF followed, among other things, the Bundespost newsmagazine “tonight” and the Boulevard magazine “People today”. For the latter she appeared since 1997 around 2,500 times in front of the camera. Today, Ruge regularly hosted “Unter4Augen” in the Bavarian television and the WissenschaftsForum Petersberg”on Phoenix. Also the journalist is committed, through their professional activity for diverse social projects. It is inter alia for UNICEF, for the children’s charity, for the network by and for women with disabilities in Bavaria”as well as for the Felix Burda Foundation volunteers. Nina Ruge wishes the organization team of the 14th to be Media Forum Mittweida especially with heart in the matter. Then everything will be fine!” INA Heinrich.

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