Month: March 2015

Raychem Cable

OOO "TK" ENERGOFORUM "started with the production of" Tyco Electronics Raychem "in 2008. It was connected with the fact that before the crisis of "Lenenergo" recommended for use in its area of responsibility cable accessories This undisputed world leader in cable accessories. In co-operation of JSC "Lenenergo" and "Tyco Electronics Raychem" was developed specifically for cable fittings Lenenergo. First of all, it was aimed at improving the reliability of cable lines. "Tyco Electronics Raychem" manufactures cable accessories of the highest quality, ensuring complete sealing and excellent insulation properties, having high mechanical strength, resistance to environmental UV radiation and various chemicals. The quality of products "Tyco Electronics Raychem" just perfect.

In 2008, OOO "TK" ENERGOFORUM "put large batch of connectors (600 sets) and end (150 sets) couplings for the electrical work at the Frunze radius of the St. Petersburg metro. Not a single breakdown mounting sleeves have arisen! In this case with couplings Raychem (Raychem) work is very convenient. Benefits of heat shrinkable sleeves Raychem (Raychem): – a unique production technology, using new cross-linked polymers with shape memory plastic. Products have high mechanical and chemical resistance. Immediately after installing the clutch is ready to be put into operation. Couplings have a great shelf life and long-term operation – shrinking. A large range of shrinkage.

The use of hot melt adhesives and special mastic sealants. Can be installed at low temperatures. Excellent sealing. – Construction. Suited to different types and sizes of cables from various manufacturers. Reliability of installation. – Three-layer tube: elastomeric insulation / heat-shrinkable insulation / heat shrinkable screen surface improves the connection and reduces the partial discharges.

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Money Mail Systems

Understand the operation of the system will help you help section of the site system, as well as organized site online customer support where You can ask any question you. Also recommend you get your diploma in this system. And another good, fairly new payment system, which is rapidly gaining momentum Z-PAYMENT – More than 50 payment methods / refill. Unlike the already familiar to us WebMoney, e-purse is only one, in principle, easier to work with this system. This system also provides for the automatic delivery upon payment, which is not can not but rejoice. Register in the system and deal with its work as well, I think, is not difficult, thanks to an organized site online customer support.

In recent years, every influential online resource trying to create their own payment system – Yandex-Money, Money Mail, Liberty Reserve and others. But with the advent of new systems emerge, and new internet scams, cleverly disguised as a real-world projects. Therefore, by registering in these systems, be careful – do not make payments, passing on dubious links do not include had their passwords and confidential data on other sites besides the official websites of these payment systems. If your product demand outside the CIS, or you plan to cooperate with foreign resources, you may need such payment systems as E-gold or PayPal. Last known around the world, so – advise. Registration, which is quite Naturally, in English, big deal, if know the language, otherwise, use an interpreter. With the advent of a huge number of payment systems naturally raised the question of converting one currency to another, with what appeared to cope quite well after them online exchangers.

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Madrid SMEs Services

Organized by AEMME and Madrid technology. Markarte was invited to participate by contributing active member AEMME and as a successful case of the use of new technologies in a small business. The case of Markarte is certainly singular, since being a micro-enterprise has been able to rely on tools, applications, and technology strategies that allow you to not only your needs, but the needs that, in marketing and communication, have companies (from multinationals and large companies to small businesses, micro-businesses, self-employed and liberal professionals). Involvement, adaptability and flexibility to each situation in the market, has allowed them to that, since 2004, they are a benchmark in Spanish micro and SMEs. Its agility in the execution of any action has also allowed be the partner agency of multinationals and large companies that need fast services on numerous occasions. His character of small business, his approach to the customer, his predisposition traditional support and confidence to its customers and its great experience in the sector, are added values of quality in all its services.As proof of this, and his socia-fundadora, Pilar Esteban commented on the day, the movement is shown walking, he offered the possibility that all attendees for 3 consecutive months prove its exclusive and specialized communication of presence of prestige Online service at the price of a single month, guaranteeing the results of online visibility in this reduced period of time. In the course of its participation, Pilar Esteban pointed out that collaboration between SMEs and micro-enterprises is vital to keep us in the market and able to continue offering services for innovation and specialisation with the quality our clients deserve and also get your loyalty.

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