Month: May 2016

Asymmetry Source

This fantastic dynamism in search of the innovation results in the competition. The innovative process still generates ' ' asymmetry tecnolgica' ' , as it can be seen in FIGURE 1. In the market and the search of the process for innovation and technology, it has a hierarchy: the ones that are to the front and the ones that are behind. She is anti-symmetrical, due to search of the reduction of the hiato with the technological border. A task set library exists to fulfill for reduction of the innovative disparidades, because the technology defines the competition, therefore propitiates greater deepening of the hiato in relation to excessively. The economic inefficiency is the result for less advanced technologically. Bigger costs and minors profits.

' ' Assimetria' ' it results of the different technological qualifications and must be seen in the scope of the competition that keeps the firm in concorrncia.FIGURA 1 – technological Asymmetry Source: Lesson of the professor Antonio Carlos De Campos, day 01/12/2009.A ' ' assimetria' ' if it discloses in relation to the standard of determined sector. Thus, therefore, as it would be the case of the outdated productive process of determined industry, which would be necessary a new productive process, with man power and capital better structuralized, to search to remain itself more close possible to ' ' line laranja' '. Following the neo-schumpeterianos: technological innovation is a process of continuity and persistence. Demand investments of long stated period, interrelation and cooperation of firms and institutions, when, by means of the process of search and routine, if it creates a memory that constitutes knowledge. They are? intangible assets? , that is, the information and knowledge that circulate in the interior of the firms and between them (YOU CAN, 1989; TIGER, 1998). In ' ' innovative process informal' ' if they do not involve specific resources for specific innovations.

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WEB Reader

Porqueh very of what to treat I will speak, especially, of the process of produona edition of these texts, because, appears, thus, a new reader, acreditoque each more conscientious time of the contexts that format the umescritor opinion. It, the reader, it will have chance to investigate, to search to ereconhecer realities before not to the reach of the pages printed, isso a reality. It will be able to verify some treatments given to a temaespecfico or to a subject of its interest and to think the sources and, many times, to verify the bibliographical references, everything to seualcance in one alone click. Limitations always will have as much what it reads as oque writes. Being thus, it must one in such a way as another one to orient itself for when always possible selective umaleitura. To entertain is good, but we will sequeremos to conquer assduos readers and fidelizados, we need emitiridias and data with the had precision and credibility. Dotadode more contextual information, in deep dialogue with the gnerosliterrios, the new reader and the new writer find here indispensable uminstrumento for its formation, as well as a challenge to emlidar with the democratization of the access propitiated for the net noendereamento of its ideas.

All we are, here, very next dacoletividade. Our expectations interests despite they are muitopessoais and they want to provoke reactions of most subjective in other devemrespeitar to that they sail and that they are forming its opinion, the suapersonalidade and its character. I know that my pupils are of eye in queescrevo. I believe to be healthful to register what I think about the spaces where oexerccio of this freedom does not disrespect the values and the principles deuma culture, of the good behavior and of what he makes to generate citizenship. Graas Internet and to the empreendedorismo of the publishers of tools WEB, aquiacorrem famous and anonymous writers.

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Portuguese Language Cultural

The present article presents a fact that much in the flame the attention and that turns on the partner-educational transistion in our country, and of that it forms are treated the atinentes subjects to the great existing cultural diversity, being able to be perceived in classroom, in the direct meeting of deriving pupils of the most isolated regions of Brazil. This work is mentioned specifically to the lingusticas variations that, in a past not so distant, were seen as irregular forms of the verbal expressionismo in relation what we can call Cultured Norm of our Portuguese Language, and that today an adequacy of the related phenomenon with the society contemporary, and this are studied scientifically through the sociolingustica, aiming at, of form to provoke in the human being, operating in the pertaining to school activities, a natural feeling of acceptance and interaction of the way, providing itself, searchs of the interest cultural description and of ours origins. However, the reality is that, the propellant of all this educational joint is centered in the figure of the educator. However, a true phalanx of these noble detainers of knowing is still evidenced disclosing itself irrationally against a phenomenon that many already defend as Values of the Land ; the lingustica variation. The treat fact vehemently inquires an imposed situation in the pertaining to school banks of our country, that delays education and scythe the tunning of the pupil in relation to the world where it lives; I call particular attention in for the Lingustico Preconception and the problems the Education in Brazil. 2. JUSTIFICATION the related work opens a horizon of investigations on the partner-educational questions of our country, as well as the future perspectives in relation the changes of behavior on the part of our educators, in relation to the acceptance of the existing cultural diversity in Brazil that if manifest of different forms, amongst them, for the verbal expression, landmark of the communication between the human beings.

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This institutionalized education, very present still today in the pertaining to school reality, reflects the model of the Toyotista system that, according to Santom (1998, p.17): ' ' One originated in the particular necessity of Japan to produce small amounts of many models of products; later, the same it evolved to become itself into a true one production system. Had to this origin, this system is extremely competitive in diversificao' '. We understand this model of system on the basis of the estimated one of the piramidal model, including the model of medieval society here, where the intellectual and social position allowed the division of the power. The professor, for example, inside of this pyramid, places itself as a bureaucratic controller and to discipline. Each time in our society is almost impossible to think about nuances interdisciplinares in this model of school that comes more gaining land contemporary and that it does not make, seno, to reproduce more in sped up way what the professionalizing education operated in the seio of the humanity in first the two hundred and fifty years of the history of our country. We know, however, that the interdisciplinaridade has emerged in investigativos studies and that, for some theoreticians, it has its reason of being in the search of new theories as new stages of the development of science. With the complexity of the age contemporary, the breached delimitations of knowing are being each time more if to lead in account to not only know them scientific that they are modified and if they reconstruct to each time, but also those that represent the common sense: the beliefs, the myths, the customs, amongst as much others and that, many times, are properties of studies of interested scientists more in this subject. In this work, we are not wanting to adentrar the labyrinths of the category of the theory of the complexity of our society, we are looking for to use of nuances interdisciplinares pointing the idea of that the intertextualidade in the education of Literature can be a resource possible to bet in a new citizen, a new type of person, contemporary of its time, more solidary and more democratic to face what this complex society each time more presents in them: challenges.

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Conception Day

Introduction Playful and Infancy is subjects sufficiently argued and that they generate some conflicts of idea and opinion, mainly the what concerns the infantile education, therefore, the two will be argued in the environment of the infantile education, to ahead understand the reading of the professors of the proposal. Being thus, the objectives of this work will be beyond investigating as this being seen in the infantile education the valuation of infancy and that importance has the playful one in this context, also of referring analysis to the agreement of the ludicidade the front to the professors. One perceives that it is basic that if it looks information and that if it can search on this subject, therefore to each day if they present different concepts and information as well as opinions, exactly that for many parents and educators this does not modify in nothing its work. In accordance with Kramer: She is necessary that the professionals of infantile education have access to the knowledge produced in the area of the infantile education and the culture in generality, to rethink its practical, if to reconstruct while citizens and to act while citizens of the knowledge production. so that they can, more than what ' ' implantar' ' resumes or ' ' aplicar' ' proposals to the reality of the day-care center/daily pay-school where they act, effectively to participate of its conception, construction and consolidation. (apud ARROYO, 1994 p.19). As if he can perceive is necessary that the professors are in constant search for the construction and also consolidation of a proposal of coherent work with the reality of its pupils, as well as taking care of the necessities of each one. 2 – INFANTILE EDUCATION: THE VALUATION AND IMPORTANCE PLAYFUL OF INFANCY. 2.1 – Conception of Infancy: Currently, what it is infancy? Where they are the children? One perceives that the children of today, are to each day moving, are not more as of some years behind, that they did not know of the subjects treated for the adults, could not go to any place, and when they could leave, they were folloied by adults and in only infantile programs and of day.

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Portuguese Language

Fruit of a culture alphabetical, erudite and igualitria and pressupostamente racionalista, from there emerges the ascetismo of the academic spirit that is incompatible with the requests demaggicas of what we know as mass culture. If it cannot deny that the industrial-urban revolution brought benefits for the humanity. A process of changes related to the education had beginning, despite the objective Reals of the changes and investments in the areas of the education were camouflaged. The industry and the commerce needed more qualified man power, the publications were masked and fed, with propaganda and emphasis in the consumption dream, a igualitria culture that never existed. MELLO, when concluding its study in ‘ ‘ Cidadania and Competitividade’ ‘ (pp.46-54), sample that the politics of quantitative expansion and the extension of the obligator escolaridade had extended the access to the school on the basis of democratic principles, but were not undertaken effort to answer to the questions of quality of education in our country. The consequences continue being pssimo performance of the pupils and the job of the alibi according to which the failure of the pupils was related to the financial situation of its families, who for not having frequented the school do not value it. It also points as consequence of the quantitative growth disqualifying the swell of basic education with the highest index of repetncia of pupils who already must have concluded or to be concluding basic education and initiate average education. The education, as it affirms the cited author well, if not to win the barrier of the chronic evil that affects our systems of education (and there enclosed is the educational objectives, the autonomy, the creativity, the capacity to make choices) can finish if becoming a taste trick much doubtful.

MELLO emphasizes despite the access to basic education in Brazil meets universalizado and that the swell of this phase of education is referring to the high number of repeaters, what also justifies the desistances. How much to average education, it affirms that the cause of the fall of participation in the average level and consequently in the graduation is low the productivity of basic education, where the statisticians point numbers well inferiors to the desired minimum. Concluding, the great problem to be faced for the improvement of the education in our country meets in the qualification of the professional of the education and in the lack of performance of the power national and regional politician as inductive of politics and compensator of inaqualities. Everything this it still weakens today the actions of planning in a giant system that sheltered from sped up form the extremely heterogeneous mass. As we saw, the educational process in Brazil centers its advance in industrialization and in the urbanization. Its great problems seem to initiate themselves with the alfabetizao of desestruturada mass and badly planned, a time that the conditions of the professionals of the education and its qualification for such were minimum.

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Didactic Resources

Through the didactic resources that the school and the educators offer it is possible to perceive that citizen the school and the educator are if forming to live in society. Didactic resources in the Process of Learning and SUBTEMA: Concept, Function, Possibilities and Limitations of use of the Didactic Resources are a text that presents these inherent questions to the process education learning. (PINK et al., 2007) it says: The contact of the child with the scientific world, exactly that adapted its language, can be justified in terms of the necessity of approach of the child with the situations lived deeply for it, whose curious and investigativa nature allows it to explore the phenomena natural, as well as the devices and decurrent products of the technological world. To discourse on the didactic resources in the process education learning.

To present the concept, the functionality, the possibilities, the limitations and potentialities of the use of the didactic resources in the classroom. Concept of didactic resources: Are objects used in favor of a qualitative learning. The classification of an instrument any in didactic resource depends on the creativity of the educator in using this or that object to help the pupil to understand definitive subject in study. Functions of the didactic resources: To assist educandos/educators in situations that demonstrate to sounds, images and facts for the scope of the conscience so that the ideas if become clear, and take the pupil to understand what she is being this being studied, favoring it comment of the reality through the visualization and manuscript of instruments that offer information and data that allow one better assimilation of the contents. Possibilities of use of the didactic resources: These pertinent components to the process of learning they make possible to educating to learn more, and in little time on any subject of any area of the knowledge using physical, concrete, concrete materials.

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Snack Export Company

Now the company Snack Export successfully working with tm COFI-COFI, is actively being sought, and negotiations on several other fronts. For us, it is obvious that we are interesting as a distributor of brands, serving in the Ukrainian market, and we have our own strengths. First, the snack Snack Export Company operates in no less than 95% of all outlets that are present on Ukrainian territory, and secondly – covers absolutely all segments of retail outlets (wholesale, retail, vip segment and the segment HoReCa – for the last segment, we are special sales agents). We are able to cover both throughout the territory of Ukraine, and on all the channels. In addition, working with our companies, we offer the possibility of market entry of foreign economic activity (markets of Russia, , Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.). If product is interesting for us, and if the manufacturer is willing to consider the possibility of investing in the promotion of this product, we will work with them not only in Ukraine but also in other countries. Very important condition cooperation with other companies in terms of distribution, is mandatory branding manufacturer.

If we take the company and its brand name for distribution, we are not interested in selling the usual product, we are interested in selling the brand. Selling your own snack products, as we raised the goods would like to see no less strong brands, because we are interested in long-term cooperation with our partners. This is a unique and rather stringent requirement Snack Export to a company with which we work – to promote your product (this includes atl and btl and trade-events), because without the movement can not win significant market share.

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Champ Holdings Ltd

Despite not economically easier, many companies start their business in Hong Kong. Despite not economically easier, many companies start their business in Hong Kong. This development is reflected in strong demand after fully equipped office space in the city, among the Executive Centre”. The company operates six Office centres in Hong Kong and another 50 in 19 other cities in the Asia Pacific region. 2012 Alone, 102 entrepreneurs established their Start-Ups in the offices of the party. Paul Salnikow, Chairman and CEO of the Executive Centre,”explains that the high cost of rent for Prime office properties drive demand. Especially for Start-Ups and medium-sized enterprises, the surfaces are an excellent solution to gain a foothold in Hong Kong. Alone, the number of customers from the banking and financial sector in June 2013 rose to 51 percent, in 2010, there were 29.5 percent.

As the big banks reduced their budgets and the number of employees in the last year, Many bankers and financial experts were indeed forced to leave, but not the financial sector as such their jobs. With their expertise and the customer portfolio as the basis, many founded their own companies. Our high-quality office space in a prime location allowed them. a simple return to the business” One of the there resident entrepreneurs is Francis Liang. 2010, he founded his investment company big Champ Holdings Ltd.

in the offices of the Executive Centre. Difficult conditions are often the driving force for entrepreneurial efforts. Low interest rates and cheap resources are more important than any downturn in the current economic climate. We take advantage of the current situation, to increase our potential as a result, that we strengthen our base in Hong Kong,”explains Francis Liang. Chapman Leung, Director of JumpStart of business centre”, agrees with the assessment by Paul Salnikow. Nearly 90 percent of its office space are occupied: companies from cost or “Had to relocate rationalization reasons, as well as medium-sized Start-Ups make the majority of our customers.” The majority of the tenants come from the financial and human resources consultancy sector followed by the trade.

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Then the hair grew a little, with beautiful waves, deep curls or limply scalps, for women, according to the taste. For men a very innovative thing happens: after having suffered two world wars in which military style imposed the shape of cut hair at the average American (soldier style), found that in the 60’s and 70’s, with the emergence of the Beatles and the hippies, they manage to break free from the rigid cuts and cease to grow his hair until you get before unthinkable lengths in them. And above all the Academies are born hairdresser. Now, in the 21st century, already not discusses fashion but to trend, i.e., that he intends to suggest rather than impose. And that people have the freedom to choose the colour, texture, length which most pleases, either man as a woman. Personal image is an added value and on the rise.

Our external image should reflect the qualities we want to project or sell to others. The first 20 or 30 seconds of sociability to the moment of knowing a person set an image that influences all rear view we have on it. This first trace can corroborate or not, but usually placed much faith in it, and in the majority of cases is very difficult to change. A current woman knows how to work his personal image and professional is indispensable in today’s world. Every woman must project an attractive comprehensive image. Let’s not forget that you have an image internal personal success and self-fulfillment, going us influence to attract the same from the outside. A hairdressing Salon not only must comb, the stylist in addition, must be able to combine the projection of an image that gives unique character with the patina of personal values of the client.

A good haircut, is synonymous with freedom. Today every woman can find a haircut that mold like a glove to his features, his style and way of life. Go ahead and cut avoid hair long and glued to the face, because they lengthen the factions and accentuate the bags under the eyes, even more so if you have a Slim oval. The usual thing is to opt for soft, stepped cuts and with movement, in some cases an asymmetric haircut will accentuate or will be able to maintain that balance required, depending on the type of face. But more usually find that touch of softness, sweetness and youth factions.

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