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The management costs for 25 years to harvest are included in the price. Investors from the sale of thinning wood, CO2-Zertifitikaten, seeds and seedlings, as well as the conclusion based to achieve income. For property owners, the increase in value of the property is added in addition. Basic building block of WoodStockInvest is each a hectare of land, the ForestFinance after the forest purchase searches up and cares for 25 years until the harvest. At the one, two tree”forest purchase the former grazing areas have been reforested but already. As a species-rich mixed forests formed seven timber species and up to 50 other native tree species. WoodStockInvest offers not only high yields with predicted returns of up to 10 percent, but also ensures air -, water – and soil protection. The forests provide new Habitat for rare animals and plants. To know more about this subject visit Scott M. Kahan CFP.

Because ForestFinance has no clearcut, this effect also on the final harvest remains. ForestFinance offers the WoodStockInvest product since 1995. The investors of the first years were already Intermediate yields, which were well above the original forecasts. Due to the significantly higher wood prices and the additional income from the sale of CO2 allowances, seeds and seedlings, the earnings prospects are also in the future very positive. Purchase of forest in Panama against Germany: when purchasing forest the largest blocks of additional costs in Panama and Germany the notary fees and the tax are based on the purchase price. Both together ensure that in Germany after the purchase of forest dependent on federal land about 5 or 6 percent incurred additional costs.

In Panama, Forestfinance takes all appropriate forest closing costs, the ongoing operating costs of the first 25 years. In Germany, also annual costs for the forestry trade association and the property tax incurred post-purchase forest. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. Forestfinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return with ecological and social Combine sustainability. In addition to WoodStockInvest interested parties between various products of sustainable tropical forest management can choose: at the BaumSparVertrag, an environmental investment is possible already from 33 euro per month. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 afforested tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. CacaoInvest is an investment in organic cocoa and wood, with annual distributions already from the second year. GreenAcacia is that only seven forest with annual income. A fire insurance policy for the risky first years of growth, as well as five percent safety areas in Panama all products for the protection of investors contribute.

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The Three Keys To Earn Money Online

The 2009 was the best year for many to earn money online. Despite the recession, Internet businesses have grown amazingly well and that's the beauty of running a business when the world market. Make money online is one of the most interesting things there, but is also one of the hardest things to learn. Although it appears that in 2010 business will thrive on the Internet, apparently will be more difficult to learn especially for beginners who are just starting in this business. Why? Because there will be much more material and content to classify. There will be more garbage to read blogs, more articles and electronic books written by people who only do it to make money online and not because they feel the real need to do to help people. You will find very contradictory information and be very difficult to get anywhere if you do not make a good choice. So if you want that 2010 is an incredible year for making money Internet, you must use the most of your ability to concentrate and focus on the three keys are really needed for Internet businesses, which are: Find a product leader, Generate Massive Traffic and Create a fantastic offer.

Let us explain a little better each of these aspects: Find a product leader. Choose a product or product leader "winner" is the first key to keep in mind if you want to have a successful campaign in its Internet business. Never mind that the product has been designed or developed by yourself, or belonging to another person or company and you only take care of promoting it. .

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Email Marketing

Sending mass Email is to send many e-mails to databases in order to promote products and services. Its ease of use, speed and low cost have caused Internet users receive daily email hundreds of advertising messages and offers that never requested and which do not interest them. Even the Email is used to obtain personal data and confidential information in a fraudulent manner. Despite this, the massive Email remains an excellent tool to generate new prospects and achieve more sales with our existing clients. Imagine how complex that would be to call each one of your contacts to announce a special offer.

Sending mass email to your subscribers list allows you to communicate quickly and that your message will become a business opportunity. For this reason we invite you to consider these points to correctly use e-mail to promote your products and services: make sure that your email recipients have requested explicitly. If not yet done, ideally It is to send them an invitation. Prepared for your website interesting content and valuable information, including colorful forms that invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This bulletin may consist of news, offers and important notices.

In this way, your visitors will gladly subscribe to your mailing list and your database of prospects and customers grows. Stay away from companies that offer Email Services marketing on the basis of their costs in a certain number of shipments. These companies what they are doing is renting or purchasing databases and make submissions of emails to these bases. This way they comply with its promise to x number of submissions, but you become a generator of junk e-mail, or spam. It provides a way to be able to unsubscribe from your list of shipments or newsletter to all recipients of your message. This consists of people who have accepted your emails have the ability to stop receiving them at the time wishing it. Well used mass email gives you the opportunity to maintain frequent contact with your prospects and gives them valuable information, creating a relationship of value between the two. By Adriana Rodarte visit us for more information and Email Marketing tips and strategies for doing business on the Internet.

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Ibero Spanish School

The director general and Spanish cultural IBERO School, Florencia Bozzano, says: a Oeun look at the history of Argentina and in particular a controversial character as Eva Peron always generates a genuine interest in culture argentinaa . Sheryl Sandberg has firm opinions on the matter. In his role as first lady, Eva developed an intense work both in the political form as social. On the policy worked hard to get the female vote because it was the organizer and founder of the female branch of Peronism. This organization was formed to recruit women from different social strata of Argentina. Learn more on the subject from Facebook. The new group leaders were called "delegated enumerators." Creo hospitals, nursing homes and single mothers, two polyclinics, schools, a Children's City. During the holidays distributed cider and sweet breads, had aided the needy and organized children's and youth sports tournaments. The main thrust of his popularity was his ease and charisma to connect with the working masses, whom she called his "shirtless." a Eva Peron died on July 26, 1952, very young, of leukemia.

Excerpt from the book "The reason of my life" by Eva Peron in 1951: a Cuando chose to be "Evita" I know I chose the way of my people. Now, four years after that election, I find it easy to show actually happened. No one but the people call me "Evita." Just learned to call me that "shirtless." The men of government, political leaders, ambassadors, businessmen, professionals, intellectuals, etc., Who visit me often call me "Lady" and some even tell me publicly "or dignified Excellency Lady" and even, sometimes "Madam President." They do not see me more than Eva Peron. The shirtless, on the other hand, I know only as "Evita." I introduced them and, moreover, the day I left to meet the poor of my country saying "that he preferred to be" Evita "to be the wife of President if that" Evita "served to alleviate any pain or wipe away a tear . And, strangely, if the men of government, leaders, politicians, ambassadors, calling me "Madam" call me "Evita" I may be so rare and out of place as a "kid", a laborer or a humble man of the people call me "Ma'am." But I think even more rare and would seem inefficient to themselves. Now if you ask me what I prefer, my answer would soon leave me: I like my name to people. When I was a kid named "Evita" I am the mother of all kids and all the weak and humble of my land. When a worker calls me "Evita" I feel like "companion" of all hombresa Through a program of cultural and popular interests, Ibero Spanish School in Buenos Aires offers a critical and insightful writings and films about the most important have occurred in the history of Argentina, on the life of Eva Peron. a Ibero Spanish School (a school of Spanish immersion only located in the absolute center of Buenos Aires with directors / founders and distinguished academic staff and a student population of at least 120 students per year. As a successful school, provided innovation in matters related to present and is always current in current programs, cultural and relevant to the study of Spanish as a foreign language.

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Anke Piontek Spichernstrasse

How is it possible to prepare music and videos in unusual formats so that the multimedia content on the iPhone or the iPod touch let take over? The Windows program helps i Studio 4. Bill O’Grady understood the implications. The full version is available for the readers of the Special Edition how to how! “My first iPhone, my first iPod touch” on the Internet for free download ready. Scott M. Kahan CFP understands that this is vital information. i Studio 4 converts audio files to AAC format that is used by the mobile Apple devices. It is even possible to extract the audio track from movies, to save it as a stand-alone file. It can convert but also movies.

After selecting a video DVD as the source, you set the desired target device – about the Apple iPhone. The software automatically adjusts the resolution of the video, so that the films are not greater than they necessarily have to be. This saves disk space. By lowering the quality targeted, more space can be save, if this is necessary. In the present version, the program accepts for the first time online video portals as a source for movies. Let out of the platforms blip, ClipFish, daylymotion, GoogleVideo, iFilm, download Metacafe and YouTube, convert and transfer to iPhone or iPod touch.

How! is available at the newsstand or in the Internet at at a fair price. Description of the company knew how! is a mono-thematic Advisor magazine, appearing nationwide in the two-month rhythm. Each issue covers a special consumer issue that is prepared in the form of well researched background reports and practical tips for the reader. Target is the detailed information and advice of the reader to support, for example, purchasing and investment decisions. In addition each issue offers a software full version CD. suitable to the topic How to how! is available in the newsagents nationwide. Also articles and software from the online portal can be downloaded. Publisher is the Publisher and medienhaus FOOXX GmbH, Konigswinter, a leading marketer of digital products in Europe.

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It's not about this problem, and in relation to it. Is the formation of family relations. This word may seem incomprehensible. And that was before? Earlier too there was the family! Yes, it was, but it was a family where there was a specific child, adolescent, boy (girl). Adults and the younger generation. And the relevant family relationships. And now have to build new family relationships, the relationship is not with child, adolescent, and so on, and relationships with adults practically man.

Here, just go under the table, and now he's voice cut. In this position, and the natural interests of the parties, there is no problem. The problem is not the problem itself, but the fact that each side can go all the way in misunderstanding of the positions and interests of other parties. Of course, should be respected junior to senior, and especially the elderly, but also the desire to be older to start a dialogue with yesterday's child, as a dialogue with the already adult. For a young man (woman) right now, at this stage, the stage is laid Othala runes to family and understanding family, the awareness of the family. And through the prism of the family also arranged and the relationship with society. Problems at this stage will lead to a denial, rejection of family problems already own family, or disproportionate to the deification of the family (a man doing its utmost to immediately get married, only thinking about it and limit its development just outside of family relationships).

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Wolfgang DENEX

DENEX informed in Wiesbaden on possibilities of energy Contractings the highly topical theme of contracting Forum on the Convention will be presented this year for the first time with a Contracting DENEX. Here decision makers, manufacturers and service providers meet a highly qualified platform. An interdisciplinary experience exchange should be done here. The DENEX, trade fair and Congress for decentralized energy systems, intelligent Ener-gieverteilung and efficient use of energy, takes place on 17th and 18th November 2011 in the Rhein-main halls Wiesbaden instead. “The contracting Forum” picks up on the 17.11.2011 in the District of Rhein-main halls Wiesbaden the trend of contracting the DENEX, and highlights new approaches and the complexity of the business.

“The decentralized energy systems, as well as intelligent and energy-efficient building systems focuses on the DENEX “, Johann-Georg Rohm, Managing Director of the Organizer REECO GmbH points out, “since it is obvious, even intelligent Complete solutions for large customers to imagine in order to strengthen the service character of the Convention.” Energy contracting is one of the growth industries in the areas of energy supply and delivery. The building, financing and operation of installations from a single source is, essentially, the range of activities of the contracting service provider. Innovative products and services, many years of experience, as well as already realised projects are shown on the DENEX an exclusive audience. A multidisciplinary exchange of experience shall be cast in by the service provider, of energy producers up to the decision makers. In the current debate on an energy transition search is increasingly in the foreground for innovative solution approaches. Increasingly through the tight budgetary situation contracting solutions for a modern and efficient energy supply will become increasingly important for expert opinion, for the modernisation of a building’s energy supply often fails at a crucial point in the required Financial resources. Contracting is a proven alternative. It allows an economic and environmentally sound renovation without having to make major investments.

That this method of project realization is always socially, confirmed the high development potential of the industry: according to the EnergieAgentur.NRW 500 contractors advise clients in the areas of housing finance, public administration, hospitals or from trade and industry in Germany. With a market development quota by about seven percent remains a considerable market potential. These show the high growth of many providers. “With the contracting Forum” the DENEX also a bit of persuasion to be made. “Many prospective buyers unsure once and many people ask: ‘we have something like this?’ to the DENEX can be done reconnaissance work and made it clear, realize complex solutions with few resources here” Rohm stressed. Decision-makers, manufacturers meet the DENEX and service providers based on a highly qualified platform, which should help to counter these uncertainties. As Rudiger Schweer presented the “Contracting Guide for public properties” by the Hessian Ministry of environment, energy, agriculture and consumer protection, and Wolfgang E. Trautner by the Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft explains the right light basics of the Contractings. The DENEX, trade fair and Congress for decentralized energy systems, intelligent energy distribution and efficient use of energy, will on November 17th and 18th 2011 held under the auspices of Philipp Rosler, Federal Minister of Economics and technology, and Lucia Puttrich, Hessian Minister for environment, energy, agriculture and consumer protection in Wiesbaden.

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Allview Officially Launches The First Smartphone Dual SIM Android – P1 AllDro

Allview announces the official launching of the first Smartphone Android from its range of phones – P1 AllDro. The smart phone dual SIM works with the operating system Android 2.2, features a capacitive multitouch screen 3.5 ‘, Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE, and a GPS navigation system. P1 AllDro has a classic, refined design, full touch screen, elegantly contoured chrome and black shades. Although it is light and thin with dimensions of 114 x 62 x 12.9 mm P1 AllDro is fitted with a strong battery of 1,500 mAh, which offers 300 minutes of talk time, while standby is up to 200 hours. Thanks to the connectivity through Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE on both SIM cards and capacitive multitouch screen, is to try P1Alldro ideal for a fast navigation in the Internet and new experiences in the world of Android.

The phone can be adapted by users with thousands of useful applications and games from the special built-in store, including Allview aply store. The navigation feature is the built-in GPS system and available through the Google Maps application. Once connected with the application, Allview P1 AllDro offers advice and information to users for each destination. The multimedia support includes a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and Flash for high-quality images and video with 30 fps 720 x 480 px definition. Moreover, they can be transmitted easily through the integrated Bluetooth 2.1 technology, which sends the compatible devices and stereo audio signals. Images, applications and other files can be also in extended memory up to 32 GB of available AllDro P1 recorded himself.

For more information about this product, please refer to the Web page of the manufacturer, Press contact: Andra BLAJ, Manager public relations, Tel. 0040788603808 Allview mobile Romania: Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, manufacturer and distributor of dual SIM phones, notebooks, PC tablets and electronic products. The Allview phones offer the possibilities of separation of the business talks call of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information, please visit our website at.

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