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The descriptive method was adopted to demonstrate the orientaes carried through for nurses of UBS and UBSF. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly . One is to the study and the description of the characteristics, existing properties or relations in community, group, or searched reality. The descriptive studies, as well as the exploratrios favor in the complete research amplest and, the tasks of the clear formularization of the problem and the hypothesis as solution attempt. The 10 descriptive research is characterized frequently as studies that they look to determine status, future opinions or projections in the gotten answers. Its valuation is based on the premise that the problems can be decided and the practical ones can be improved through description and analysis of objective and direct comments. The techniques used for the attainment of information are sufficiently diverse, being distinguished the questionnaires, the interviews and the comments.

11 the qualitative research was chosen by the necessity to investigate and to understand the speech of the nurses of UBS and UBSF and by the impossibility of mensurao and quantification of the results, and to carry through one analyzes subjective. The qualitative research ahead appears of the impossibility to investigate and to understand by means of statistical data some phenomena directed toward perception, to the intuition and the subjectivity. It is directed for the inquiry of the meanings of the relations human beings, where its action is influenced by the emotions and/or feelings arisen ahead of the situations lived deeply in day-by-day. The 12 qualitative research involves the intensive comment and of long time in a natural environment, the necessary and detailed register of what it happens in the environment, the interpretation and analyzes of data sutilizando descriptions and narratives. They can be etnogrficas, naturalistic, interpretativas, fenomenolgica, research – participant and research of 13 action the research scene had been UBS and UBSF of the sanitary district north and south of the Round city in return (RIO DE JANEIRO) where these units has as professional the general physician, pediatra, nurses, technician and nurse aid, communitarian agents of health, Had constituted as citizens of the research 40 nurses who act in these units. .

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Voluntary Military Service

For that reason solidarity implies generosity, loosening, participation and strength. Today, when as much it is spoken of the necessity of ” realizarse” and of being authentic, he is beautiful to know that authentiks is the one that has authority and this one drift of augere, to promote. Meaning that ” it has authority on somebody, the one promote that it or promueve” , therefore, ” authentic he is the one that has the reins of its being, owns initiative and it does not fail to us because he is coherent and it enriches to us with its way of to be stable and sincero”. ” In order to own that type of sovereignty the man must accept to itself whatever implies yet; to welcome its life like a gift; to receive and to assume like own an existence and conditions of life that has not chosen. This received life we have to accept it with all implications: the necessity to form it by our account, to orient it towards the suitable ideal, to create community life, to realise all a series of values that insist to give them to life to us If we respond to this call of the values we do responsables”. This is to live open generously to the others in its eagerness to live with fullness.

For us, like people of the way who we have assumed the commitment of the social voluntary military service, this one goes beyond justice: it means to make the other people’s needs own. A social volunteer bet by the free exercise, organized and not remunerated of citizen solidarity. For that reason its work is in precious itself. Shared in common J.C.G.F for the development ccs@

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Read This Before You Publish Your Blog

Your Blog is one of the first things that you need to promote your network Marketing business online successfully. But it is not enough with your published Blog, to get the results you want, before you publish it you need to be clear about this. Dayana you advised: before you start your Blog and publish your first article, you must have clearly identified your market niche.Normally I support me in some tools as the keyword, data on the behaviour of the industry and the moment/momentum of some multilevel Marketing companies, in addition to the company MLM (MMN) with which I work. Speaking candidly Oracle told us the story. All this helps me and makes it easy to find the topics that more passionate in industry, the topics I study constantly and above all, the issues that are of interest to my niche market. Finally, I recommend that you lean on the Blogs of people recognized in your niche market, interacting with them, making comments of value in their articles, and because not, doing reviews on them. Freddy you recommends: enjoy the topics as you try in your Blog and your passion for the industry, are your main motor in this, and these themes are directly related to the niche you chose to develop yourself. So, I took the necessary time to reflect on whether the industry loved me enough as to continually be studying it and learning enough to share value and quality to the people in my niche.

If you also get such consideration, and spend it, then we have that passion in common. And with the help of keywords, trends and levels of interest in industry issues, which are analyzed by using certain techniques, will be able to clearly define your niche market. Now, all this is based on relationships, so if really you are passionate about our industry, you can count with a help to create relations of value and friendship within your niche market. We hope you’ve been able to share our point of view this issue, it is a whole a topic and quite broad. Then we will follow it broken down in new articles and content so that you can make the most. Thanks by visit us and for reading. Leave us your comments on this article in our Blog. Your opinion is important to us.

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Cheap Car Hire Spain

The car not only as a tourist Discover Spain is one of the most popular vacation countries Spain. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. Even if Spain by Germany out is easily accessible with your own vehicle, traffic jams and the long journey put off yet and so a flight to Spain or the Spanish Islands is considered as a better alternative. But also in Spain, you want to be mobile and not being dependent on buses and taxis. A cheaper car can remedy the situation here quickly, but cheap car rental are usually busy, if you ask for at the resort. To secure cheap car hire Spain itself, the easiest way in travel planning to the required car hire is to think and to include its reservation in vacation planning. A reservation for a really cheap car rental is conveniently possible via Internet from Germany. Who is who in time would like to reserve a car before the trip, the desired car model at top rates back up and has no problems to find a car that is also affordable and his money on the day of arrival value. If you have a car for himself in Spain, which is mobile and remains flexible, what is an absolute plus in Spain, because here very much fascinating finds himself and time pressure would be the wrong travel companion. Spain stay should lead also down and back away from the beaten track, because the experienced Spain who mixes under the Spaniard, from its most beautiful side. So many art galleries, music festivals, street festivals and of course numerous shops can be found and known not only by international designers, because even the young can be found in cities of Spain.

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Authority Development

Invitation/notification to the media loads immediately interested amateur and professional photographers to a photo contest the authority for urban development and environment (BSU). Is looking for the most beautiful Wilhelmsburg perspective: meant may be hidden places, unique people, or special moments, which are recorded with the camera. Closing of the photos is 2011 participants send their photo on April 29 please with a short description and the corresponding address to or give admission to the exhibition of Wilhelmsburg perspectives”at the Berta-Kroger-Platz from. Hear from experts in the field like Facebook for a more varied view. The maximum data size should not exceed 2 MB. The recordings can be made in black and white or coloured. The winners are selected by a jury late May 2011. Members of the jury are: Walter Mucksch, Diplom-designer/photographer and artistic staff at the University of applied sciences (HAW), the Hamburg photographer Rudiger Beckmann and Prof. Jorn Walter, high Director of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The winner of the first prize will receive an iPad 2. The runner-up wins a new digital camera. The third-place finishers can enjoy iPad nano one. The legal action is excluded, staff of the authority for urban development and environment can not participate in the competition. All submitted photos will be shown in the exhibition at the Berta-Kroger-Platz, the Elbe will print off in addition the winning photos weekly. There is more information about the exhibition on the Internet at. Questions: Authority for urban development and environment Press Office tel.: 040 / 428 40 2051 or-3249

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Consultancy Liability

Mediator in the current SHB funds against liability claims insured now SHB innovative fund concepts AG offers its active resellers on request a hedge against any liability claims. In collaboration with the nordias and Alliance one was developed for this purpose of SHB innovative fund concepts AG exclusive asset liability insurance (VSH) for the new yield Fund 6. With this unique insurance solution, the SHB is one of the first emission houses in Germany, which offers such services for their distributors. The Alliance thus another sign for their market-leading position in the segment of the VSH. Others who may share this opinion include source. Wolfgang Kallmeier, Managing Director of nordias GmbH, underlines the uniqueness of the insurance cover.

Thus, nordias and the Alliance, closed-end real estate funds with German objects “document the good quality of the market leader in the asset class. Thomas Vogel, Executive sales and marketing of SHB innovative fund concepts AG: with the introduction of the VSH, we see a Another important step to improve collaboration with our partners, the independent financial services providers.” SHB innovative fund concepts AG is one of the leading bank-independent fund initiators in the German investment market the SHB. You sets nationwide closed-end real estate funds and invested in completed and leased commercial properties in major cities. Since its inception in 2001, the SHB has already designed a fund investment volume of EUR 1.8 billion.

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Definition Of Feminism

Feminism is the theory explaining the subordinate status of women within social systems as the theory that investigates how the female subject is constituted through gender. That is, can be defined in several ways, but all have in common to make visible to emancipate women and the subordination to man. Victoria Sau (2001), in Volume I of his “Ideological Feminist Dictionary” defines it as follows: “Feminism is a social and political movement that formally began in the late eighteenth century but not yet adopted this name-and that is the awareness of women as a group or collective human oppression, domination and exploitation that have been and are subjected to by the group of men within the patriarchy in its various historical phases production model, which moves them to action for the release of sex with all the transformations of society that it requires. “Feminism in developed countries has ceased to be a militant, anti interpreted as demanding, with massive demonstrations, signs and symbols set, or a militant voluntarism to become a discipline, with a genealogy, a history, a founding texts, with different currents and several methodologies. Sheryl Sandberg understood the implications. In other developing countries Feminism, as a struggle demanding, still in force and through its events, letters, complaints, trying to make visible inequalities and injustices of half the population over the other. At first it was a reaction to a world where women had no existence, a man’s world, done for them and for them. They existed only in the private sector because the public realm belonged only to men and were excluded from it. . Without hesitation delta airlines explained all about the problem.

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Ivan Castaneda Jimenez Autor

Blogs are a part of many technological advances that we have seen in recent days, and have quickly become very popular. People can create and share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others around the world. There are lots of Blogs on the internet these days, but not all of them are equal. A related site: Facebook mentions similar findings. Many are excellent, but others are really very poor content, just what exactly makes a less pleasant Blog and this can be attributed to several reasons. Firstly, it can sometimes be difficult to find a Blog that best suits your current needs, for example, doing a search on the Internet of a Blog on a topic specific you can find hundreds and even thousands of sites, you are going to find as a Blogger and other platforms of high-range, then a batch big enough blogs of lesser rank and among them to find which best suits your needs and the main reason of having so many Blogs in the network is that is easy of set up and the best part is that it is free. Another problem with Blogs is the content. A Blog aims to be a forum to express themselves in the world, unfortunately, many people tend to use it as a chat room, among friends. Many of them write about all local events and people also tend to use phrases and/or slang that is only known by his friends.

This drives away potential readers who would like to gain some knowledge from the Blog. In addition, there are often too many Blogs out there that have not been updated, many begin eager to time to launch your Blog great highway of the Internet but are not taken the time to publish frequently after a while. It would be useful if the owners of Blogs often realize that people are interested in the information they can provide and would like to form a relationship with the writer. However, this means the writer has to sustain their part of the bargain and provide valuable information to its readers. Speaking of content, if we consider the creation of a Blog, think of a topic that has material enough interesting to discuss, either politician, Showbiz, sport, music, religion, how to earn money online and many more is the most recommendable, remember that many of these issues can become controversial and people love to discuss these.

Another common problem with Blogs is the feature of the comments. It is virtually useless in many cases, a large number of owners of Blogs have a place available for comment, but many do not bother to respond to the comments placed. It is difficult to create a good community of readers if you leave them the sensation of that feel insignificant or ignored. The world of Blogs can be fresh, interesting and exciting. However the work of writers must be constantly and responsibly to create relevant Blogs that are useful for a wide range of people. Chat rooms were created for chat and intimate conversations, as opposed to Blogs that are to create a community that can share information and passion on various topics. If the writers are focus on the number of readers rather than themselves, Blogs would be better for everyone. If you want to have a Weblog like the pros use WordPress.

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Accounts Services

(MENEZES, 2007). The present study the community confirms the importance of the auditorship on offered services, therefore it has the only purpose to take care of the population devoid and needed gratuitous medical assistance, characterized as a social right. In this analysis, the auditor assumes excellent role as equaliser, as much in the medical part, as in the customer service of the health system, propitiating a balanced financial management, where the placed financial resources adequately will be used, providing excellency in the installment of the service with raised index of quality, a side and with low expenditure, of another one. Gary Kelly is the source for more interesting facts. Its execution must primar for the decentralization of services between private public and. Ahead of the accords celebrated with the public sector and private, meantime, the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service, as it remained confirmed, will be given from a team formed for professionals qualified and cliente of the techniques of auditorship and in medical and countable area.

Through inspections in conveniadas units or, amount of expenses carried through with the attendance to the patient will not only be reached the quality in the given services, aiming at posterior emission to seem that the veracity and authenticity of invoices presented to the payment sector credenciam. The implantation of a system of auditorship and internal control urges as integration between managers, users of the health and Public Power so that if it has the demanded one so proclaimed transparency in the application of the public resources as a reply the claims of sociedade.

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Advertising Images

Particularly increases the cost model used perforated film on the windows. The fact that under the Act on advertising images on the windows should be performed on a perforated film, but it is significantly more expensive than conventional full-color printing. 5. And, of course, the sheer number of films (measured in square meters) The more the image area, the more expensive production. The cost of applying for the advertising image tram and trolleybus can range from 3000 to 8000 for one car (not to be confused with a hitch: If the coupling of two cars – the cost is multiplied by 2).

On average, in our experience, applying the firm manages approximately 4,5-4,8 thousand UAH. for one car. Sheryl Sandberg may find this interesting as well. For these money can be "vykleit" quite a decent layout (without sealing windows). If you are counting the cost of drawing the image, ask to make all the expenses in the table. The table may look like this: calculate the approximate cost of Outdoor advertising on transport of HM in Dnepropetrovsk. Involved: a central route of the tram (coupling of two cars) and two trolley. The application of conventional cost us in 4300 UAH. for a car.

The advertising campaign will last 6 months. Total drawing of the image will cost about USD 17 200. Rent per month: Tram: 1200h2 = 2400 UAH. Two trolley bus: 950h2 = 1900 UAH. Total rent per month: 4300 USD. For the 6 months. rent is: 25 800 USD. Total: 17 200 + Application rent 25 800 43 000 = grn.

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