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Companies Give Much Of Their IT Budgets For New Release From

Study of the C & P AG: In the core applications follow the recommendations of the software suppliers, two out of five companies often want to Munich/Graz change due to shrinking budgets no longer each recommended version, March 19, 2009 – German companies regularly spend a large part of their IT budgets for releases for their software systems. Especially in the core applications, follow their software suppliers to the half and perform the recommended migrations. On these findings, a survey of the international system House C & P comes AG. In the previous migration desire something should change but given declining investment resources at least for a part of the more than 300 respondents medium-sized and large companies in the future. According to the study every eighth company has sales for all software systems over 50 million euro the release change provided by the software houses.

Another 41 percent of the companies but also quite strongly geared to comply with the IT vendors, limited however to the Core applications. Unlike the numerically much smaller 46 percent residual of the company: You decide not according to a fixed pattern but are relatively flexible, if there is a for the relevant migration occasion sufficient technical or other needs are. But significant consequences for IT budgets has the apparently most common intention, technologically always as far forward to rank, at least in some areas of the software. So, the migration projects of the past three years, 44 percent of the surveyed companies have devoured an average between 26 and 50 percent of IT budgets, or even more. Typically the expenditure for the new release are and one-quarter of IT budgets from 10 percent. Only in exceptional cases less was spent last. However, there are considerations, the permanent change to newer software versions in the future to take a step back after the findings of the C & P study at least in a part of the company.

“41 percent plan in any case” or expected “a more restrictive How, because the budget options for such investments provide less room than in the past. Mostly however, they want to make no great change in their migration strategies. For C & P Board of Directors Kurt Glabischnig this reluctance of most companies is not traceable. You would have to have more inexpensive strategies in his eyes which do not stop even before the subject of the new release. He admits many migration projects are primarily technologically motivated, but their effects for the business benefits are marginal or not detected”. IT managers should a critical examination do so each, what benefits contribution beyond the technical aspects can be generated. The waiver of the one or the other new release is by no means synonymous with the arrest of an innovation”, says Glabischnig. Rather, the opposite is the case: the released funds and resources can be used for efficiency-enhancing investments and carry this “to a higher value in”, his advice is. About C & P AG: The C & P AG in Munich and Graz (Austria) offers highly qualified employees of consulting and development services for the IT and organisation sector by financial and other industries. The portfolio of services ranges from the conception of the IT landscape (or parts thereof) on the monitoring of operational processes of change to the productive use of standard or custom software.

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Grand Prix

At the same time, the public is sensitized to perceive the accomplishments not only consciously, but to pronounce a nomination as a visible sign of appreciation. The so-called win-win situations arise. Performance is seen and appreciated, enjoy the most people and often to even greater involvement feel motivated. A healthy and successful SME is the result. Additional information is available at Oracle. And so is also the motto of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation: healthy middle class strong economy more jobs.

This year 3.366 outstanding medium-sized companies were nominated for the Grand Prix and thus 182 or 5.7% more than in the previous year. This is the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies, one of the largest and meistbeachtetsten competitions of its kind in Germany. Up to April 15, 2009, the nominated companies now have the opportunity in the competition to participate. Around 30 volunteers service centers support them. For the Franconia area, but also for adjacent regions of Saxony and Thuringia can contact the companies such as the IMBEMA-consult GmbH from Burgkunstadt. Here Mr.

Robert Knitt available under phone number 09572 / 6099477 available. (Not to be confused with Scott Mead!). All of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies can be interested at the service centres, or directly to the Foundation of course itself. For more information, also see. The company evaluated holistically according to 5 criteria. Overall development of the company creation and safeguarding of work and training places innovation and modernization engagement in the region service and proximity to the customer and marketing another peculiarity of competition is that no costs for the participants in the competition. This is only possible because is about 200 personalities, volunteer with enthusiasm and passion for the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the middle class. Participants in the competition and also all other companies can benefit from the experience of IMBEMA-consult,. because the competition documents and contents cover in many areas with a focus on the IMBEMA consult.

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Frieder Gierer Stoger

Are outdoor also indoors? In each seminar is a complete outdoor training scenario. What can I do as a coach to still take advantage of the potential of this form of training for my clients? How can the classic indoor integrate seminar ichOutdoor elements? Many outdoor games and exercises are translated”and build it into the classic operation of the seminar. Who wants to use such items as a coach, would be wise, first as participants themselves experience to make, how it the problem of exercise, how interact with me my comrades, I take what transfer into everyday professional? On this basis he can decide informed how he uses what exercise in the training situation. Support offers Here our new seminar outdoor exercises for indoors. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. It is aimed at trainers, consultants and educators who want to make their events with action-oriented exercises and games from the outdoor training area more attractive. Source has firm opinions on the matter.

Sands and partners offer a two and a half-day seminar specifically on this topic. For more information see: courses/course_view.cfm/course_id:157 Company Description: Sands & partner Poinger str. 44 D-85570 market Swabia Tel. + 49 8121 41420 is contact Frieder Gierer Stoger & partners in the areas of consulting, training, organizational and personnel development on the market for 20 years. Sands & partners is a partnership with 16 exclusive SeniorberaterInnen.

It provides consulting, training, moderation, coaching, mediation, education and trainings sands & partner serves its clients with over 1400 consultant / trainer days on various topics each year. Customers are international corporations, mid-sized organizations and start-ups. Sands & Partners operates in: D, A, CH, I, E, NL, GB, CZ, SL, China. The project languages are German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Training: Business-NLP, business facilitation, systemic management and coach education training: recruitment, Wachstumsorientiertes change management, coaching, leadership, intercultural communication and training, business communication, conflict management and negotiation, business mediation, business moderation, project management, self management, team and team development, sales and sales promotion, train-the-trainer process support, OE, business facilitation, business mediation, coaching and supervision Sonja Schlappinger, Sands & partners

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Israeli Family Winery Vitkin

Israeli boutique wineries want to conquer the European market Leipzig/Tel Aviv, March 18, 2009: the small family winery from the moshav Kfar Vitkin, an agricultural village community in the Central coastal area of Israel, period of only seven years, became one of the best-known boutique wineries in the country and now wants to conquer the European market. It began in 2002, when three young Israelis decided to give a new direction her life and her professional career on the land of their ancestors. The successful in the stone and marble industry businessman Doron Belogolovsky, his wife, Sharona Paz Belogolovsky architect and whose brother Assaf Paz. Had a sound training in the wine industry after studying oenology in Bordeaux and the subsequent work as a winemaker in California, France and Australia as the only studied microbiologist and food technologist, his two comrades qualified with much dedication and enthusiasm as typical career changers. Three, they founded on the until the mid-1990s by her grandparents farm managed their own vineyard in the moshav Kfar Vitkin. In contrast to the better-known Kibuzz, a Moshav is an agricultural settlement community, which members while cooperatively organized work, but are owners of their own reason and soil. The architect Sharona converted the old stables of the farmhouse to a winery, in which her husband and her brother kelterten the first wines. “Success with a special philosophy: ABCM any thing but Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot”.

Anything but Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot. So can be found in the vineyards of Vitkin vines as the progenitor of the Israeli wine, Carignan, on the side of the traditional Petite Syrah or a relative newcomers like the Viognier. There are but also known as Pinot Noir varietals, supplemented by Cabernet franc, Gewurztraminer and Johannisberg Riesling. The experimental handling of these different grape varieties, the man to ever new blends is on the one characteristic of the winery Vitkin processed. The wines of the series Israel journey are typical”, in which for example a Cuvee of 60% Viognier, 30% French Colombard and 10% Gewurztraminer finds himself. In the second series Vitkin”putting Riesling, Pinot Noir and Carignan, Petite Sirah, however, on the pure expansion of grapes of the grapes in Johannisberg. Sweet wines produced modeled after the German Spatlese or of the port are a speciality of the winery.

With the continuing tendency to experiment and constantly improved quality of wines the three newcomers from Vitkin have managed their winery within a short time in the first series of the wineries in the country. What bears witness to the award as best boutique winery in Israel in 2007. In the current year 2008 it has produced 40,000 bottles for the first time. After the first wines successfully were exported to Canada, it now wants to intensify trade with European countries. At the international wine fair ProWein 2009 in Dusseldorf is possible on the Israeli Community stand in Hall 6 (stand G60) with Sharona Paz Belogolovsky personally to come and taste the Vitkin wines.

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Ebong Quintact

Print shop relaunches who knows not the problem to find a good printer that can deliver optimal quality at fair prices. The special feature of is that editing and printing data check is still manually performed and produced the products in Germany, in the Federal State of Brandenburg. Thus, not only the best quality is guaranteed, but there are staff available who know the wishes and needs of our customers and have learned to their daily trade. Small errors can be corrected immediately without intervention of the customer, or the customer will be informed. Advantage for the client: it will produce no misprints. Also companies, professionals, self-employed and individuals are addressed here in addition to agencies, graphic designers and service providers in the graphics and printing industry. Prerequisite for a printed product is currently a printable file, such as the widely-used PDF, but soon the customers have the opportunity from a variety of prepared designs your wish card Select to enter the there-to-print data in an online form to keep the desired print in hands soon. And if the customer has individual needs, are also designs and designs developed the customer and presented.

For professional graphic designers available at the Agency. As an additional service, a range of information about printing techniques, colour systems, as well as tips and tricks – are in the portal page so that every customer can easily find all the necessary information. For a perfect printed product.

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Museum Customer

Realignment of the art and image Portal Hamburg – after the realignment of the art and image Portal of the company world of Oilpainting GbR in 2004 on the attractive corporate customer segment, the Hamburg-based company now with an own portal for dealers and resellers is waiting. Registered dealer or reseller can buy posters and picture frames at favourable conditions via the corporate customer portal painting replicas, art prints on canvas, as well as other services such as advertising order or advanced payment options. On request, registered dealers and resellers be recorded also in the dealer locator and advertised through the portal as a reference source. Due to our long-standing business relationships with various distributors and resellers in the country and abroad, we could very well identify the requirements of this demanding clientele and build it into the technical solutions of our corporate customer portal. We can now all our corporate customers attractive Offer prices, as well as many other benefits. For example, there will be no minimum quantities for dealers and resellers through our website.

Furthermore, we believe that we can realize synergies with our other company customer areas E.g. Sheryl Sandberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. the furnishing of hotels and catering businesses or the sale of image rights”, says the Managing Director Boris Schmidtke (38) target groups for the area dealer or reseller are particularly small galleries and frame shops in addition to Museum shops. The Hamburg-based company aims to win the demanding company clientele with a range of over 20,000 motifs as a replica of the painting, art print or poster on the one hand, as well as with attractive companies customer discounts on the other hand, and to bind. Under the domain the company world of Oilpainting GbR since 2001 painting replicas, art prints, posters and picture frames offers. Since 2004, the company has in addition as a competent partner for dealers and resellers, as well as in the furnishing of Hotel and catering businesses, Office and business premises and senior residences established with art and images.

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Also domains such as. info, .NET, .org and the still relatively new .eu domains experts say a promising future ahead. Is expected that the .eu has domain the potential over the next four years, the worldwide with over 70 million registered .com domains, the rank to dispute. At European level, there is still considerable growth potential. One of the most important questions is what makes them so valuable domains. The main cause is probably the search behavior of the Internet surfers who type your search terms directly into the Protocol. The thus generated “direct navigation traffic”, so the flow of visitors, who controls a domain by directly entering the Protocol without going through search engines or links to decide is sought after.

Generic domains with commercial character enhance the effect. You generate a virtually free traffic for the domain holder and attract potential visitors on their website. More information is housed here: Ed Bastian. Conclusion: Such domains are targeted and effective advertising medium, and are very valuable. Companies have realized how important high-quality domain names, in connection with their Online presence are. But are many high-quality generic .com domains already taken and firmly held by companies or Domainer. The demand for “direct navigation taffic” over so-called “type in” domains is increasing.

Smart domainers can become the popularity of domain extensions like. .info, .org or .eu contribute and thus new “type in” create domains. Profitable business model with domains starts to boom in Europe. Add to your understanding with Gary Kelly . Taking into account the rapid increase of global Internet access and the increasingly “going online” companies, domain trade will write more spectacular headlines. It will be an exciting year of 2008. Already the selling of for $100 gave the go-ahead. euDomainer print supplies Pascual GmbH

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Managing Director

With Sebastian the nod as new Director of content & cooperations and Cora Schulz as a product manager responds first mobile video community on the rising demand and strengthening its team. The 30-year old Sebastian nod international professional experience in mobile can look back on more than ten years TV and content area. As head of content at the music platform he led the development of the video Department and was responsible for the production of interviews of many music stars. Previously he had built the video community MoVidi as program director of the first mobile TV transmitter mobie TV. In addition he directed for the company contcast two made-for-Mobile DVB-H transmitter a.

As editor, he wrote also for the online edition of the life style magazine GQ for the resort of fashion and style. In addition to this expertise, the native Herford also has an excellent network in the international entertainment industry. Cora Schulz was previously at Immobilienscout24 worked and where the development and optimization of the section moving. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go. The 30-year-old studied International business administration with a focus on E-Commerce and marketing. Product management she will further develop with the mobile portal and the site at ViiF. Daniel Hopfner, co-founder and Managing Director of ViiF, looking forward to the cooperation with the new employees: both are professional and personal complement to the existing team. The number of new users per week are added, growing at 40 percent. With the now existing team we are able to respond to the new requirements and look forward to expand our programme.” With exciting and varied videos ViiFer small breaks use equally on the way to entertain and inform.

Goal is that every user can be the personal favorite program on his mobile phone together. ViiF: ViiF ( offers 22557 call of video playing the users the ability to record video clips, mobile, to comment, to forward and on Internet portals and blogs to adjust. You need to load any software on the phone. The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. Still, he can look at clips from his friends on the phone and forward his videos to friends. In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music. Karin Gaitor

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Innovative Consulting Concept For SMEs In Berlin And Brandenburg

( – consultancy for small medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses? This is not necessary at all, it doesn’t yet and at all it is too expensive.” These prejudices meet the founders of the initiative 3″again and again. That even in smaller companies is an immense need for advice and often broke is potential for optimisation, is obvious: no matter how many products or services in a company, provided without business know-how without purposeful marketing, a long-term positioning in the market is only possible without resolving interface conflicts. Far too often lack expertise is replaced by manpower: long, stressful hours. The team travels on wear and tear. “And if times germinate the idea of professional advice in business management, he is often immediately discarded: the threshold is too high and the costs be spared” sums up Michael Grau, one of the initiators of 3″. As Managing Director of the Institute for process optimization and information technologies (IPO-IT), Michael Grau on one knows the need for advice in the company, but also a consultancy fee calculations.

“As a student in a student consultancy worked, Mr grey did not come on the idea in his company student interns for the small cases” to deal with, but open the benefits of a student consultancy to combine with those of a professional consultancy. With the proposal to launch a joint initiative in the life, when Jurgen Karnatz, a student advisor, he ran open doors. It is not only the price, a student consultant brings the student consultants are highly motivated, introduce cutting-edge scientific expertise and solution strategies. Their work is creative and solution-oriented”, emphasizes Jurgen Karnatz. Together with the renowned consulting IPO IT should succeed now, more as 3 first “share on the market to bring: receive a tailored advice for the best price-performance ratio through the mix of services from experienced and student advisors.” The IPO consultant maintain their close contacts to universities and the student advisor collects valuable experience on the side of the Guide and in the practice of the company. Through a multidisciplinary team of consultants, particularly actionable, individual services in the areas of organization management, marketing and sales, business planning, accounting and control, logistics can as well as cutting-edge research, analysis and surveys are implemented. More exciting information is available on the Web pages of the initiative: your contact: Michael Grau CEO IPO IT Tel.: 030-3907907-43 E-mail: 3 v o r c/o Institute for process optimization and information technologies GmbH Boxhagener Strasse 119 10245 Berlin Tel: 030-3907907-0 fax: 030-3907907-11 Web: –

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Decorative Furnishing Paintings

The world of Oilpainting GbR announces new product innovations of your business customer-focused strategy. HAMBURG – after the realignment of the art and image Portal in 2004 on the attractive corporate customer segment, the Hamburger now with further innovative products for the furnishing sector waiting. In addition to various modular services such as individual motif development according to customer wishes, or incorporation of corporate identity Hamburg want to bring paintings and art prints as a room divider in the form of screens, frames or hanging and portable room divider on tracks on the (corporate) customers concepts into unique paintings, art prints. Room dividers are an ideal means to distinguish different functional areas within a room and opportunities beyond many interesting layout also. Our clients can the motif, the technique as painting or art print, choose format, as well as the construction. Especially in large spaces like foyers and lobbies can Room divider with decorative and functional design set accents. Another essential advantage of room divider is that the impression of the full size of the room is maintained,”says the Managing Director Boris Schmidtke (38). Target groups for the furnishing sector are next to hotel and catering businesses, especially senior residences as well as offices and business premises. The Hamburg-based company aims to win the demanding corporate clients with tailor-made products on the one hand and a needs-based support through external expertise partner on the other hand, and to bind. Under the domain the company world of Oilpainting GbR since 2001 painting replicas, art prints, posters, picture frames and picture rights for private customers and for dealers and resellers provides. Since 2004 the company has established in addition itself as a competent partner in the area of furnishing of hotel and catering businesses, Office and business premises and senior residences with art and images.

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