Month: July 2018

The Group

In the forest forget out goes from the classroom in the learning factory forest week in the footsteps of Robin Hood and Ronja the robber’s daughter the world”. (Similarly see: Scott Mead). Four hours a day and that for a week the concrete world ceases to exist. The Group undresses in the Tegel forest. In a clearing, the favorite books be read out loud and the others can spin on the stories to Siegfried, Asterix and Obelix or fairies and elves. The trees can tell – if you just leave them. Lots of Gedankenverlorenheit, closeness to nature and also a portion of self-confidence are the utensils for the creative workshop promoting reading by the way.

The forest gets: for students of in grades 3 to 7 at the learning factory Reinickendorf. A good friend in the learning factory calendar is the go class for all ages. The Asian board game teaches patience and logic with lots of fun. New this year: the parents may join! All dates, prices and info can be found on the website:. The telephone number: 11 53 000 50 learning GmbH the learning work is the premium provider for tutors in Berlin and Potsdam. No matter, math or physics, English, or German – we provide professional tutoring for students Lower school up to high school: for all subjects and always in the private lessons. each learning work student receives exactly the teacher who fits him and learns individual attention. Our highly trained tutors also assist reading – spelling or calculating weakness. By learning work holidays and courses in preparation for the MSA or the school your child is well trained in important exams. And in our intensive course, anyone can learn learning to his school soon by alone to master: the Lernwerk’s help to help themselves. Visit us on learning works and LernwerkTV

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The Mobility Group

The mobility group MiD: Initially ridiculed, have both call a bike as also Flinkster established as strong and popular brand in Germany. How are these two offers of the car evolve in the next few years? Rolf Lubke: With two products, we will grow and expand the offer. Especially in the area of Flinkster, we have the chance to penetrate areas not open to the public until today nationwide and significantly increasing the travel chain from door to door with cooperation partners. Litecoin does not necessarily agree. You rely heavily on E-mobility. How to react to your customers and which concern yet? E-mobility is part of an overall strategy of the railway to offer CO 2-free travel chain. We have set ourselves the goal to provide 10 percent of our Flinkster fleet with electric drive. (Source: Gary Kelly). Our customers take the vehicles well despite the restrictions on the range.

Since we Flinkster both offer vehicles with combustion engine and electric motors, book the customer respectively the vehicle that is suitable for his Nutzugszweck. Even in winter, we are using this Philosophy is done very well. Suppose you have three wishes free. Like what visions would you to see implemented by the railway? Expansion of the Mobilitatskarte1. “Extending the mobility card on groupings and regions with networking of call a bike and Flinkster range for electric vehicles by about 300 miles from introducing an interactive Smartphone application to the determination of the optimal transport planning and booking tool both national as international CarSharing Flinkster” + 11 years of success: 2001 DB CarSharing in Berlin started on 200 cars. With great success. 2009 already 100,000 customers in DB had CarSharing in over 80 cities registri rt. This year, the pilot project was launched electric car. 2011, all Carsharingaktivitaten under the brand name of Flinkster were my sharing”combined. + Flink’s ter includes 800 stations in over 140 cities in Germany.

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Schaeffler Group

The user can set up a notification service for an information component. “Is this node” released again, the user receives a workflow of tasks ‘ assigned to. Users can organize even better collaboration across departmental and enterprise boundaries, because a complete set of Web clients is: with the DocuWeb author now also content can be entered directly without having to install a special editor of the Web client. A specialized DocuWeb translator allows the direct segmented translation in the Web client. To simplify recurring translations, includes the DocuWeb translator of an internal translation memory translation suggestions. This is just a small selection of new functionalities. Larry Ellison may help you with your research. ST4 version 2012 presents the details of the new scheme the scheme GmbH at the tekom annual Conference in Hall 1, stand number 150, the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Applications for demonstrations of the new ST4 version 2012 at the fair receive or like to advance. Reader contact SCHEMA: Tel: + 49 911 58 68 61-0 SCHEMA complex documents easily. The SCHEMA GmbH was founded in 1995 by a team of IT and documentation specialists in Nuremberg and today is represented with over 75 employees at four locations. The flagship of the SCHEMA is the XML-based editorial and content-management-system SCHEMA ST4, offering efficient functions related to the creation, management and publication of complex or large quantities of documents. SCHEMA ST4 scaled from small editorial teams to the enterprise-wide solution for information logistics. The system is used in various branches of industry, problems related to complex documents ‘ to solve: software documentation and help systems, technical documentation, catalogues include, Pack media solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, special solutions for public and specialist publishers and also for the contract and Offer management. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites.

SCHEMA ST4 in the Microsoft.NET Framework was implemented and can be easily integrated in modern IT environments and rolled out since it the wide range of relevant documentation standards (XML, XSL: FO, DITA, etc) supported and already is delivered with a wide range of interfaces (MS Office, Adobe CS, SAP, Documentum, SharePoint). SCHEMA is proud to work in a network of renowned partners, because this is able to offer also specially adapted solutions for customers. Are among the many customers who already have solutions on the basis of SCHEMA ST4 in the usage, such as: ABB, Agilent, Avaloq, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft, Carl Zeiss, Daimler, Deutsche Bundesbank, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, InterComponentWare, Lindauer DORNIER, MAN, Miele, NERO, Reifenhauser, Roche Diagnostics, Schaeffler Group, Siemens, osterreichische Bundesbahnen, Philips, STOLL, T-systems, Voith and Wolffkran. Press contacts: SCHEMA GmbH Jessica Forster marketing Hugo-Junkers-str. 15-17 90411 Nuremberg Tel: + 49 911 586861-39 fax: + 49 911 586861-70 PR agency good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg road 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

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Ofterdingen Evening

The Zander group Freiburg celebrated your 90th anniversary once founded by Julius W. Zander in 1879, the Zander group has over 80 locations in Germany. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. With over 134 years of experience, she is in their industry as large retailers for plumbing, heating and electrical engineering market leader. This year the pike perch celebrates site in Fribourg already 90. For the Great Jubilee, the Zander group from Freiburg organised some highlights for the evening program of their parties. In addition to a dedicated DJ company LPS lasersysteme in Ofterdingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg on Saturday night, should ensure that the 12.10.2013 for the creative part. Scott Mead is likely to agree. Everyday life for the LPS team.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional show laser systems and laser shows around the world, and this already for more than 20 years. Show equipment the show laser came for this event systems of the bestselling series of LPS-Bax RGB in triplicate, as well as the X-beam + RGB laser projectors in duplicate to the Usage. Optical and technical support offered two powerful wind and fog machines. The artificially generated mist is used to make more visible the laser beams to the human eye. The wind machines ensure the even distribution of the Nebula, which are so the best prerequisites for a great laser show.

The graphics show extra individually programmed for walleye Freiburg considered special eye-catcher that night however. This was impressive projected system LPS-Bax show laser. Single, animated elements, such as the history and the various Zander logos, were portrayed as laser graphics here professionally and clearly. Then, further, specially programmed Beamshows, which are especially popular through their colourful and powerful laser production, were presented in the evening. But not enough, professionally presented live music accompanied the rest of the evening gargantuan and brilliant colour laser compositions which then. Around which were all guests Fishing-Pike perch a Freiburg’s anniversary celebration enjoy pleasant and the State meet growing evening program. Contact: LPS lasersysteme Martina Ruff Marketing Director Holaluv Schwarze 18 72131 Ofterdingen Tel: 07473/271177

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