Month: February 2020

MicroMeetonline Conferences

“Press release ProDyne – Ratingen Dusseldorf modern communication technology simply usable make time and anywhere a must to communicate” in our ever changing business world. “If customer visits, meetings with the entire sales force, fine-tuning work processes, there are a variety of ways in which virtual collaboration dates on the spot” can replace equivalent. This microMeet impresses with its simple and user-friendly operation. The general functioning of all microMeet products is easy and losungsbezogen. This solution is basically without a software installation and can be used universally even with slow Internet connections and corporate networks. No matter where or when, to be microMeet a variety of meetings, presentations, etc. realize, providing a more efficient, team-oriented work. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource.

Modular structure offers various solution approaches whether conferences, online meetings, online training, remote support, Customer care, remote maintenance, live presentations, microMeet is in each Division can be used. With microMeet conference, an online meeting can be started at any time, around the world and anywhere. Whether global player, medium-sized or small enterprises, microMeet conference will increase the efficiency of cooperation and reducing time and travel costs. microMeet admin allows access on a remote host at any time. So maintenance can be done comfortably and reliably, computer downtime can be reduced significantly. microMeet desktop suitable for interactive sales and the flow of business processes.

The salesperson presents online new products or discuss deals, contracts, designs or other business details with the customer. You can not simply discuss on the phone microMeet – cross-industry online solutions contracts, technical designs or other synopses must be each at a meeting. Conclusion: Perform successful negotiations, meetings and conferences to can, must have all documents in mind all those involved in the decision-making process, which is provided by microMeet. You can also make flexible by documents on the screen for all visibly altered or consulted experts in addition online conferences. The architect presented a change to the building its builders, explaining his offer in detail seller, advises a large group over a draft treaty or provides training content, the list of cross-industry application can be any continued. an easy-to-use and low-cost, Web-based communications tool is microMeet with its new transmission technology of the highest quality to speed microMeet – an online tool for all cases to communicate with customers, partners, employees and suppliers. The user-specific benefits at a glance: real time meetings regardless of location online issues discuss, fast Decisions to be able to make high-quality voice, video and screen sharing project and team work be accelerated significantly shorten travel times, save costs and protect the environment PCs, notebooks and servers worldwide remote administrate with online meetings sales cycles significantly shorten. Efficiently qualified customer leads through online presentations more time for more intensive customer care and acquisition of new customers increasing customer satisfaction due to faster problem resolution

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IPhone Developer Conference

News of PYADES technologies GmbH presented PYADES technologies GmbH, based in the Rhineland-Palatinate Alzey on 1st and 2nd December at the iPhone developer conference in Cologne Hotel water tower (Kaygasse 2, 50676 Cologne) the iPhone application iBusiness. The two-day Conference is aimed in addition to application developers in particular to business decision makers, who want to integrate iPhones with special software in their daily business. On both days, the Conference participants about the new iPhone application can inform iBusiness. With their help, cards can be photographed and stored with all read-out data as a contact. The data can be then sent and exchanged with other users. The contact directory is overall less cluttered by iBusiness, because can be color marked entries or groups formed. In addition is the ability to link the stored contacts with XING, LinkedIn or Facebook.

The company is on the iPhone developer conference by Mr Dennis WA Kamau represents. He is Diplom-Informatiker for computational Visualistics and deals with computer graphics and image processing. He developed software for image recognition and comparison for PYADES technologies GmbH. Dennis WA Kamal manages projects in the area of similarity search by images, facial and optical character recognition. In addition to iBusiness PYADES technologies GmbH on the iPhone developer presents iPotatoMan and iPumpkinMan also the applications conference. Both games were developed entirely in-house and are available in the app store free of charge as a download.

The CEO of PYADES technologies GmbH, Florian Becker, is convinced that his company’s participation at the iPhone developer conference offers visitors an interesting insight into new developments in Cologne. I find it interesting what technical capabilities the iPhone now does. In the business segment, it is currently very dominant and no longer become indispensable. Further in the future, we will expand our commitment to this segment. The Congress is an opportunity for us experience to collect and exchange with users and developers.” More information about PYADES technologies GmbH as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/pyades contact for questions regarding this press release: Anke Leiber PYADES technologies GmbH monastery str. 3 D-55232 Alzey phone: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 00 fax: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 01 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about PYADES technologies GmbH the PYADES technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 as a software development and consulting company. 25 employees from the areas are in the headquarters in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate) Design, translation and technology employed. Currently, about 25 freelancers are also active for PYADES. The PYADES technologies GmbH is an all-rounder and offers its own products in the field of image processing and management in addition to future facing, customized, platform-independent software. Including, for example, the SIMAPIC technology, which revolutionized the handling of image data bank is located.

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Worldwide Developers Conference

T-Mobile Netherlands accidentally Factsheet published while the new iPhone 3GS Worldwide Developers Conference was presented last Monday on the. About the technical specifications, especially the installed processor, Apple let it be known but little concrete. Now the new iPhone 3GS has released T-Mobile Netherlands – as it seems, by mistake – some info about. Therefore, a 600-megahertz CPU works in the new smartphone in fact. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. Apple: iPhone 3GS twice faster than the iPhone 3 G was clear beforehand, that Apple’s best seller of the new generation of everything would have more: more memory, more CPU power, more battery capacity. Now the Dutch T-Mobile Depandance involuntarily, confirmed that in the iPhone 3GS a 600 megahertz powerful processor does its duty and to noticeably accelerate all applications together with memory increased to 256 megabytes. The specifications are still online.

T-Mobile has now reacted and removed the line of CPU. Processor increased by 412 to 600 megahertz In the iPhone the second generation although a 600-megahertz processor from Samsung is installed together with 128 megabytes of RAM. The CPU is reduced to 412 MHz – here Apple has improved so much, what might also feel users when using. It is still unclear whether the processor is the same, but ungedrosselte model from the previous generation.

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Free Conference Calls

Free conference calls: A practical solution for meetings free teleconferences are a more appropriate way to meet and to share, regardless of their current location for business partners. However, they have also a number of disadvantages, however, some companies are of the opinion that the benefits outweigh the potential disadvantages. Usually, free telephone conference solutions are used by volunteer organizations, trade representatives and families. Volunteer organizations are working with a very low budget. They are generally through private and corporate donations funded, which can vary widely from month to month.

If these organisations need to hold a meeting with partners, Conference calls offer an alternative which helps to avoid unnecessary costs. A similar situation arises with companies which employ mainly representative. These companies pay their representatives mostly to unrealized sales. Telephone conferences here used to find information about products and new representatives to replace to train. Through the use of this service, which is equivalent to only a fraction of the normal cost of the phone, higher commissions can be paid out.

Families use more free telephone conferencing services, they offer the opportunity to meet with family members, who live far away, without having to travel. The cost incurred will be divided. Thus, this solution is much cheaper than to travel or to use a fee-based telephone service, which family members in contact to stay, even if you live far away. A disadvantage of the free conference calls ( is the limited bandwidth, especially during peak periods. This problem does not occur during the normal time of day. As a result, it is advisable not of peak load time to have a conversation with. Due to the disadvantages, kostenpflichte solutions for established businesses are a better alternative. However, free telephone conferences for people with limited financial resources are an ideal Solution. Jonas boatswain Jonas boat Hall is an experienced expert in the fields of economy, technology and environmental engineering. In recent years, he has devoted his attention particularly Powwownow.

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The Territory

For plato the women would not have to belong to a man, but to all the men in order to invest in the procreation, in the same way the children must not have a father, but several. Plato as it perceives was favorable to one species of ' ' poligamia' ' , already Aristotle found ridicule such idea, therefore in its opinion the man alone tends to value what it he is of personal interest. (p 39) Aristotle, opposing itself it its master goes to say: ' ' he has two things that they inspire in the man the interest and the love: the property and the afabilidade; however, one and another one are impossible in the republic of Plato' ' (pg. 41) the community of the women and the cares of the children for the state destroy these principles, mainly of afabilidade. Security guard and control of the natality the social security and the control of the natality are elements that the governors must have attention, therefore, Aristotle consider some tips.

How much to the security of the city it affirms that: ' ' the land must be of difficult access to the enemies, and present an easy door for its inhabitants. Moreover, as well as the mass of the population, as we said, it must be easy to watch. The easiness of the monitoring of the territory makes the easiness of defense. How much to the position of the city, if it wants that it offers to all the advantages that if can desire, agrees that she is favorable of the side of the sea and the side of terra.' ' (pg. 122) According to it the localization of the city is main the responsible one for the security of the same one. The territory of the city must be divided in two parts a public and to another particular one.

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Cascading Style Sheets

Where to start? The article is dedicated to those people who will want to establish yourself website. Where to start? This question asked by all who have decided to create his own website. This is obvious because the Internet on our territory, and I'm talking about Ukraine, begins to gain momentum. In 2009, the number of Internet users were up to 7.8 million according to a study conducted in October 2010, the Internet Association of Ukraine together with market research agency InMind, number of active Internet users of the country was 12.9 million, which equals one-third of the population. That means you can earn good money by starting your online business. It requires large material investments, but patience and perseverance, particularly if you have not studied the programming language PHP, markup language of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets – CSS, you will need a lot.

The blessing is online you can find a variety of books, blogs and forums devoted to this subject in which you can find answers to questions you may have. I advise you not to start from scratch with a CMS (Contentmanagementsystem angl.Sistema content management (content)). Control System – provides tools for adding, editing and deleting information on the site. There are a variety of content management system, among which there are both free and paid, built on different technologies. Each site has a control panel that is only part of the program, but sufficient to control them. Among the open source CMS, more and more popular WordPress and Joomla, the last component allows the shop VirtueMart, that naturally increases its popularity. I've worked with Joomla since to build your website I have used this particular CMS. To find the distribution of these programs, enter the name in the search engine you are interested CMS, there can also be found feedback on these programs.

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Classic Rationalism

Classic rationalism epistemologico movement, originated of the workmanship of Ren Discardings. Everything has beginning from a dream Discardings imagined ruelas of Paris pulling down and giving origin to an Organized city. It made an analogy with the Knowledge. As base, Discardings, he considers to renew the knowledge for the one the beginning of doubts. For in such a way, it believed to be necessary a previous procedure of critical and severe evaluation of all the sources of the available knowledge.

Basic premise dualism Separation between citizen and object. Decomposition of the object in parts/broken up, this would make possible to know it better analytical reasoning. In its workmanship Methodical Speech, Discardings establish the principles of what it would be the experimental scientific method. The inspiration for the method appeared from an only truth of the things (dogmatismo): Strategy for attainment of truths scientific method. The truth would come from God and would be disclosed through one method. An evident comment of an object evidences as criterion for definition of truths – veracity of the knowledge in relation to the object. For more information see Ripple. Each evidenced truth composes a rule. The rule would be a shortcut for the generation of new true knowledge.

Of the rule it deduces a new truth and thus it appears the generation of successive truths. Part of the estimated one of that the generated knowledge must be organized. The thought must be commanded and revised, the knowledge must be organized in complexity degree. It would not be enough to weave knowledge with speculative base is necessary that the research is mensuradas, quantified. Factor of more trustworthy credibility the more supported in numbers . One of the contributions of Discardings was the experimental method. An example is the experience on the arc Iris – water Simulated a drop d (a full sphere d water) and the rays of sun (light beams) the light when passing for the water suffered to a difrao generating the seven colors from the arc Iris. Thus it demonstrated as the Arc functioned Iris in the atmosphere. For the objects that if cannot capture direct experience – Is necessary to create a model to know the model to know the object. Another contribution was the cartesian plan (Coordinates x and y), relation between algebra and geometry. Concluding Philosophical movement with the central concern to investigate the characteristics of the experimental empirical knowledge that would guarantee a truth ideal legitimacy. Supported in a method of rational research. It is a method for legitimation of the knowledge with a logical and instrumental boarding. Perspective of the subject front to an object – Strategy of the citizen that wants to know and to be known object The knowledge must be methodical/standardized capable to be passvel of confirmation Supported in a systematic method. The belief in the truth of the things was basic for the establishment of science as a knowledge I legitimize. From racionalistas ideas that the method is established to make science. The classic rationalism believes the superiority of the reasoning to the shock of contradictory opinions – it Is opposed dialectic.

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Metropolis Paris

The baroque drama is seen by Benjamim while idea. Thus the idea possesss a intemporal constitution that allows a phenomenon of the past if to recognize in the one of the gift. The described medieval mosaic for Benjamim in the reading of its fragmentos allows, in its exegese, that perpetual and transitory if they complete and if they find in the redemption, the death means life and salvalo. The Allegorie in its profane roupagem catches the aporia of history to decipher the enigmatic one of the form. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. That is, it becomes possible the reading of the elements gifts in the historical context and its face politics.

From there to extract a wisdom capable to illuminate the darknesses of the nature. The language, in modernity, when investigating the ideology in its roupagem of fetiche sample that this if trai in its ambiguity. Disclosed then one becomes would free when showing the object as it really is, without the appearance of sacred. The author comments the idea of accepted Hofmannsthal for Benjamim on the antagonism of the sacred one, that distance the measure that sets the espiritualidade an exceeding value places that it in the atmosphere of the fear. He would be this the same felt of criticizes of Lutero the religion and the man transformed into merchandise in the Metropolis Paris.Segundo Tereza Callado, Benjamim places Baudelaire that it rejects all nuisance and it places the image to the service of the thought.

In contrast of what it happens in the imagstica contemporary used for the ideology of the same, the images of the baroque Allegorie are not emptied. The baroque imagstica had the capacity to decide moral conflicts, different of the method of the production where the reality is copy and constitutes at the same time reality and truth. The vulnerable aspect of the culture registered for the new Allegorie reevaluates the dogmtica nature of the system that had reached the art in that movement.

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Some times professors heard to say: If I had another skill to survive I would not be here! We bind the television and we see the speech of a member of the house of representatives, a senator or a governor and could say: He is obvious that she is a representative of the people. However, in more than 90% of the cases one will be only about one representative of the proper interests. A defender of the interests of an industry, a company or a pursuing of the society that he invested in its campaign. We move of canal, we find a program gospel and we see a man speaking. The registrations identify that it are in the screen start with the letters ' ' Pr.' ' , we think about what he seems obvious. He is a shepherd! It is dress as shepherd.

It speaks as shepherd. It says that he is shepherd. Then we ask: The one that church you shepherd? Of how many sheep you take care of? Perhaps it answers in them: Not pasturing to no church! I do not take care of of no sheep! Then we perceive that it is not really shepherding. He is only ' ' chicoteando' ' the sheep of other shepherds. He is only ' ' tosquiando' ' , taking off the money of the sheep of other apriscos. I can identify to me as leader.

I can until saying: I am the leader of this department. I am the leader of these people. But if I do not obtain to mount a success team. If frequent I find me playing the tasks alone is because I do not obtain to co-ordinate well. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. Perhaps I am not in fact a leader. Perhaps to prepare he needs me better to be a leader. Something that if seems a bee. He produces sound as of a bee. Ferroe as a bee. But it does not produce honey as a bee. Perhaps it is not a bee. This text is integrant part of the book ' ' Manual of the Shepherd – Volume 1' ' , of the same author (Veloso Publishing company), therefore with copyrights guaranteed by law. If you will be to use all or part of this text remembers to cite the source.

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Karl Marx

The Economic Classic Theory was puted in charge to introduce the concept to it of market, deepened for Adam economist Smith. Amongst existing theoretical chains in world contemporary to explain the relations between the three beings mentioned above in the capitalist societies and to guide the class action, two main ones if detach: the liberal doctrine, fruit of the thought of the English and French philosophers of centuries XVII and XVIII; the marxist doctrine, based in the thought of the German philosopher Karl Marx. The liberal theory praised the existence of a social contract, in which the individuals had abdicated of some of its rights on behalf of the guarantee to the freedom and the property, with prevalence of the individual interests (individualism). Learn more at: Larry Ellison. For the marxism, the State exists to keep the domination of a classroom on another one (bourgeoisie/proletariat) and displays a series of ideas that the principles of liberalism put in xeque, affirming that the development of the society if would give with the taking of being able for the classroom dominated, until then, not detainer of the means of production, institution it socialism and for the end of the private property and Been it. The two matrices base standards of relation between State and market throughout century XX in everybody and consecrate the pendular dynamics between them. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. For Rabbit (2009, P. 24), State and market are the two main references of the capitalist society; the changes and the advances produced throughout the time make a movement in zigzag, oscillating between the State (left) and market (right). Depending on the type of adopted governmental system in a society, with characteristic nuances of the ideological matrices, the relations between State and market (society) move, extending the possibilities of action or imposing limits to the will of the individuals or the collective. To the measure that the pendulum reaches its maximum point to the right, the market mechanisms present increase of the production, technological development and of the intent accumulation of the wealth in a society, however, they reveal insufficient to stimulate the private investment, the economic development and the social welfare, increasing the social inaqualities.

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