Month: February 2020

Moral Philosophy

The reciprocal relation between the friendship and justice in face of the happiness, the peripattica moral philosophy For Adrian Barbosa and Silva ' ' The man is an animal poltico' ' , this is mote on which everything that will be said in the aristotelian philosophy is pautado. The human being is for essence a social being, that is, is by its very nature, destined to live with the others, and, therefore, deliberate to the life in society. The life in society implies in the exercise of the politics, therefore who is this will go to establish the rules of conviviality of any social habitat species. Science politics searchs the formation ethical of the social man, the creation of a character based on the virtue (aret). This armed virtue of other external goods (richness, the proper corporeal properties, and other ways that searchs the well human one) and the proper intellect? what is the essence of the human being and that it becomes it distinct of the too much beings irrationals? if thus the individual if to autodeterminar and making voluntarily, will be able to reach happiness (eudaimonia), the greater of all the goods. The happiness is a good that an end in itself possesss exactly, and a desirable end and fully investigated. It is the good under which all the actions human beings previously are based. Then, the well human one is the active exercise of the facultieses of the soul in agreement human being the virtue. Aristotle conceives Justice as equality, and preleciona: ' ' justice involves, the least, four terms, that is, specifically: two individuals which has justice and two portions that are jousts. will have the same equality between portions as between the individuals, a time that the ratio between the portions will be equal to the ratio between the individuals, therefore not being the equal people, will not have equal portions? it is when the equal ones withhold or receive portions different, or different individuals withhold or receive portions equal that appear conflicts and complaints.

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William Shakespeare

Eduardo Veronese Da Silva celebrates It phrase alcunhada for William Shakespeare is presented in a teatral part of its authorship: ‘ ‘ The Tragedy of Hamlet’ ‘. This and other questionings had exceeded secular barrier e, without a doubt some, continues to echo for all the cantos of the land. In transcorrer of the acts and the scenes, a conflict between ‘ is presented to the public; ‘ ser’ ‘ ‘ ‘ estar’ ‘ of its main personage. Leaving to be transparent of clear form, to have a existencial crisis lived by the actor. A related site: Rory Sutherland mentions similar findings. They are many investigations on the being (human) and which would be its real paper in the society. The text of the staged act can thus be summarized: ‘ ‘ To be or not to be, here it is the question: it will be nobler in our spirit to suffer to rocks and arrows with that the richness, infuriated, whitens in them, or to insurgir us against a sea of provaes. in fight to put end to them? To die.

to sleep: not more. By the same author: Ripple. To say that we conclude with a sleep the anguish. a thousand natural fights inheritance of the man: To die to sleep is one consumption. That it deserves well and we desire with fervor. To sleep Perhaps to dream: here it is where the obstacle appears: therefore when free of the tumult of the existence, in the rest of the death the dream that has must make to hesitate us: here it is the suspicion that imposes so long life to our misfortunes. Who would suffer to the relhos (whips) and the irriso (escrnio) of the world I aggravate, it of the oppressor confronts, it of the proud one. All the lancinao (affliction) of the mal-prezado love, the official insolence, the delays of the law, the insults (accusations) that of the null ones they have to support.

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Gynecologists in Israel conducted a study to find out what is the optimum period of birth after a previous pregnancy. After some investigation, doctors found that the best period for the next pregnancy – is two years after the previous birth. Studies show that if a woman becomes pregnant within 6 months after delivery then there is a substantial risk of complications, miscarriages, stillbirth, and birth of a child with very low weight. Israeli doctors consider that the interval between pregnancies should be no less than eleven months, and the best time – it is two years. Such studies were carried out in the 90s in the U.S., Latin America and Sweden. Similar results were obtained. Found that a new pregnancy during the first 6 months after previous increases the probability of infant death and mother increases the likelihood of developmental delay a child. To explain this theory was put forward some suggestions.

One of them – shortages of essential nutrients in early pregnancy. Others – the mother fails the hormonal balance, leading to a disruption of normal fetal growth. Scientists also found that the risk of preterm birth in Israel increased by 23% if a woman does not break even six months. The risk of very low birth weight infant increases by 15%. Risk of giving birth to a stillborn child grows 64%.

A risk of birth defects is increased by 14%. Contact information is here: Verizon. But too long a break between pregnancies also can not be held no benefit. If the break is over 5 years, the risk of preterm delivery increased by 40%. Scientists have tried to find out why short break harm to the fetus. The study was conducted for women from various ethnic groups and all ages. Comparing the results, scientists have learned that it is connected with the very humanity of his nature. Probably because it survives, apparently so it is necessary to multiply. The output of doctors of Israel is that the optimal interval between pregnancies is equal to two years.

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Philosophy Lessons

The Question of the Reply of what it is the Life In the lessons of Philosophy it is common the questions most important to be also more ' estranhas'! The less common e, therefore, the ones that more must be stimulated. Had the innumerable investigations in mine mseras expositions, I decided to publish some of the possible reflections in what guideline the question, that is the Life? Perhaps the seen life of one mote religious gives in them varied answers. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. Not obstante, all with deep of ' truths absolutas' that few human beings had dared to contest them. He swims Philosophical. Or, the plasticity of the life can be a trick of bad taste for where the ignorance wins the Reason.

E the Mystery burglarizes the diverse Philosophical possibilities. As ' Already my youngster said eclesiastes has two a thousand years behind underneath of the sun does not have nothing new is not silly ' (Of the Album the Pan of the Devil). Then, the life always was life without being lived? So that to be born, being that the life exists before you living it? Makes difference you to exist or not? If you were certain of what it is the Life certainly you would obtain to exactly live without it to have Sensible. It makes direction in such a way, to have meant? However, Pink Guimares said certain time ' that much important thing lack nome'. Very well, we go to change to the word ' ' Vida' ' for some meanings ' insignificantes'. The life cries is it of the baby who already knows that he goes to suffer! That it will be the only animal that will have the notion of the death. That its errors, its imperfections will not be pardoned. The life will go to charge it cents for cents. Ah! How life! You are to know that no matter how hard learns, still she will be little and she will not have guarantees you are welcome.

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Civil Code

The lender may terminate the contract by written notice or ask the debtor to terminate the contract in the appropriate court. If the lender cancels contract on the basis of non-contract, the debtor must compensate the creditor for damages. Extending existing contracts have extended existing contracts, as the distribution agreement, there is specific rules for termination based on case law. The general rule is such that contracts with a term of two years, the period of notice of termination shall not be less than 3 months. For contracts with from 2 to 4 years – the period of notice of 8 to 12 months. To treaties in force for over 10 years during the notice must be one or two years. Ripple often says this. Distributor must be able to compensate for capital investments, which he did. Agency agreements Certain rules have been established in the Civil Code for the termination of agreements to mediate.

The following deadlines apply to the notice of termination to agency agreements, from indefinite period – not less than one month in the first year of the agreement and at least two months – for the second year in the third and subsequent years for the termination of the term – at least three months. Termination of mediation requires a fee to compensate the customer's dealer. In addition, the commercial agent may claim damages in court. Both parties, the customer and the distributor can appeal to the Circuit Court for termination of agency agreement because of changed circumstances or extraordinary reason (such as bankruptcy sales agent, violation of the agreement, the appointment of another sales agent or customer of the rejection services sales agent). If a customer or sales agent does not comply with the provisions of the contract or required by law, then the party who terminates the contract, must pay damages, except in so far as to termination of the contract is a good reason and the other party to the contract immediately notified of this.

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Real Social

Therefore, this monograph intends to analyze through 3 miditicas campaigns of the cosmetic mark ' ' The Boticrio' ' , intitled ' ' Represso' ' , ' ' Contgio' ' ' ' Keep; ' , as if of a construction of the feminine identities, from the mediating paper of the fashion, beauty and corporeidade. So that such intentions are reached, the first chapter consists of one retaken of the estimated theoreticians who have as function to delineate the history of the fashion, its conceptual transformation and aspects. For diverse traditions and ways the fashion that in century XIX was privilege of the elites and focus of debate about the key of the social distinction, was become into a segmented universe, sphere of construction of identities and styles of life, for where they had started to transit individuals of different social classes. Therefore quarrels concerning the artifices of that are made brief the media and advertising makes use together for with the fashion vender imaginary through seductive speeches, as well as mediating identitrias constructions it stops beyond the supervaluation of the beauty and the adequacy of the body to the current aesthetic standards. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. As the chapter analyzes the first advertising as focus of the research of the cosmetic mark the Boticrio, intitled ' ' Represso' '. The advertising campaign entered in air sunday, day 06 of July of 2008. In accordance with information of the advertiser, ' ' the film looked for to show that the people want, yes, to be prettier, and finds in the Boticrio a way to potencializar its beleza' '. The advertising campaign? the greater of all its history – with investment of R$31 Real millions it composes a called program Believes the Beauty, in which by means of a research with more than two a thousand consumers, one evidenced that, ' ' when the people if feel prettier, for them everything are more vibrant, glad and colored.

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United States Business

Before proceeding with this second part of the interview that kept with Don Flaco I mean (though not likes to tell it is), but for me Don Flaccus is a Lord of Lords. It is not any person. He don’t likes that say you Lord, because he says: the Lord is in heaven, but the term Lord that is used in this case, is to demonstrate and to identify a man who leads a life decent and sober, a person who deserves much respect, for its quality integrates human being in every sense of the word. I don’t want to go into details, because actually no I consulted him, if I can touch them in these interviews, but Don Flaco lives a quiet life in his home, with his family and point. It is still telling me their experiences of working in the United States. Tells me as his German boss, in the editorial that he was working in New York, he proposes to do business.

The nature and dimensions of this editor were impressive. They were five publishers, five printing presses, but a single deposit for the five. A single deposit of raw materials and finished products. In that place was working Don Flaccus in that place was responsible for 200 people. The business that the owner of the business proposed was as follows: Don Flaccus had to manage a rolling cafe owned by the same owner.

Workers had 15 minutes of rest for a small snack. In this rolling coffee prices were much cheaper at another place; But if another site workers were taking 15 minutes of rest, to consume in this economic coffee only employed 10. After 2 or 3 days, in which Don Flaccus had to the tonnage of box to see how was the business, the owner of the same tells him: with this money buys everything to continue with the business, but Don Flaco realized that there was no profit, then asked the owner: how we are going to follow, if anything is not winning? She said: Yes, but that extra time remaining employees by consuming at our cafe and not go to another, to me means extra time of productivity at work follows the interview and as you would expect and is what is wanted, the topic of conversation changes, and Don Flaco me begins to speak of the newspaper La press Beltran lost La Prensa by Lordbecause he was a gentleman, and the family that surrounded him in the directory was incredible people.

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A narrow work space can make it difficult to find what you need and that, Furthermore, you distract from your business. Excess inventory, samples, materials and documents tend to accumulate quickly in small spaces, which requires an additional effort. You may have thought in rent more space either to bring things to your House. But all this ahorrarias it with the income of a portable minibodega, a very suitable solution for all business men. As a business owner you can use the portable storage: during the remodeling, the redecoration or reduction of the size of your business.

When you want to move your business. When stores furniture season, for example patio furniture, grills, kiosks to the outdoors, etc. If you want to store the excess inventory before the start of the holiday season. In essence, a portable minibodega can function as an additional Office, so you get the best out of your investment: 1) get a list of all the items that you are going to store in the minibodega. Based on this, you can determine the amount of space you need. You can ask for help to the company staff to help you in this aspect.

(2) It considered the possibility of having an inventory that can be run on PDA, laptop or web page, to monitor the stored items, whether they are within the minibodega or in the Office. This will be very useful not only to keep insured your things, but to preserve the order. Larry Ellison is actively involved in the matter. (3) It considered the possibility of the temperature control system. The air conditioning system maintains a constant temperature of between 50-80 degrees based on heat and air conditioning. This feature is useful you in maintaining a stable environment, since it prevents deformation, rust, beige color, mold and infestation of parasites. If you are going to store computers or computer parts, climate control is essential. The same is true with sensitive equipment, important documents, samples of Pharmaceuticals, furniture or anything else that can be damaged by heat or extreme cold. It also provides a pleasant temperature while you organize your belongings. In many cases, miniwarehouses rental companies charge an additional for the climate control, however, this is a feature that provides an excellent return on investment in case of losses for damage caused by the atmosphere. Proper packing is the key. Although the miniwarehouses are intended to protect your belongings, additional measures should be taken to protect them, especially if they are of high value. Computers. Ideally, put them in a box and package them securely with paper foam or bubble. Documents. Files, photos or other documents should be packed in boxes that are approximately the same size so that they can be easily stacked in the notebook minibodega. Office furniture. You can place vertically so that you can make roads that are not so narrow and re-lock. Frequency of use. When you’re packing your articles, organize them according to the frequency with which you will have access to them. Ponte which uses more in front and those who use less back. If you follow these tips and you work together with your storage agent, save your stuff not will make it so difficult.

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Since mankind exists, people have had to satisfy needs. You should invest or give a tangible asset or intengible, to win or receive another, nothing is free. I work for food, foods by food, by dresses, dresses for services, services for precious metals, precious metals for feelings, feelings for money, money for silence, silence by work, and so I could go in an infinite relation of things that involve all aspects of life. But that seems simple, it is not. A negotiation not only involves two parts and two different products, also have to do tastes, personalities, esteem or self-appraisals, customs, cultures, ambitions, visions, urgencies and circumstances which can unbalance the scale that values each part. Speaking candidly Brad Garlinghouse told us the story.

The current situation is the result of businesses that have been made over time, it suffices to recall bad business that some few Africans did when they were convincing against the economic power of some outsiders, those who they took advantage of the low self-esteem of those peoples, to bring them to price. That price would be so low, that it allowed to obtain large profits to business merchants, since the only risk assumed was the loss of any human life in the course of the long journey, which for them was not worth more than any commodity, and an oar less for moving heavy boat. Underdeveloped peoples are in that condition, inter alia, by bad businesses that have been doing, when a few individuals with power, are dazzled with personal benefits, to do business that will damage the interests of the community which they represent. Nothing is achieved by force, abroad does a very fine job of seduction, managing to close good business that medium-term becomes bad. If it despises the brothers before strangers, they despreciaran them even more. The problem is that the brother not deemed as such because it is different or not approaching the model as the media they imposed at the time.

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Business Owner

Large companies started from scratch, with the minimum number of employees and the core to produce resources. However, they do not represent the majority, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses failing, do not develop the ability to become a strong business and develop to a level that position in a privileged place. Statistics show that more than 50% of SMEs are failing the first year. The first company that builds requires a long learning period, not only throw it to walk, but rather involves an investment, make it grow and learn on the fly. It is not easy, if it were everyone you would.

It implies one greater challenge, and a challenge for those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Getting a small business becomes a big business? This is the definition that Brad Sugars makes a business: A business trading profitable that works without my the objective is to achieve business owner to exceed the stage where it should auto used and is become a true owner. Frequently Oracle has said that publicly. The definition of Sugars is simply powerful because it involves the most important part of the company in its entirety: the owner. If the owner spends most of his time to be used in your business, is the owner it when? How will it surpass the challenge to see your project in development and also enjoy greater freedom both financial and personal? To build a business, it is important to take action now. A commercial business action 1.-money: is necessary to have your investment reports, sales and profits. And be sure that you receive the benefits of your sales.

This product corresponds to the satisfaction of your customers, and the quality you offer them. But you have a good product, but you offer something new, innovative, fresh in the eyes of consumers, possibly not prosperes. Performance: Having an excellent team, trained and motivated by your ideas. A profitable commercial business action 2 in this stage are generated revenue and profitability that you build in action 1 takes advantage. In this step there are 3 areas that you should take advantage to the fullest: systems and strategies for generating, conversions of sales, number of transactions. If you want to grow beyond a small business you must take this action in a consistent manner. A profitable commercial business that works action 3 here is where you have to design the systems. Document your processes, train your team to implement them. At this stage, everything will depend on a solid base, an excellent system and of course a great team get a business if it works. A profitable commercial business that works without me. Action 4 for the business run without you need a great team and a leader who is at the forefront of your company. On a solid basis, everything will run smoothly. Apparently is much work that you must perform. Don’t forget that business owner is a big challenge, which if you exceed it, you fill in rewards. Looking for growth and good results, the opportunity to become a real business owner implementing your ideas and training others to develop them.

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