Month: June 2023

Socialist East Germany

The Champions League final shows exclusively German football classic with Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Gunter Netzer and many more. This weekend it’s finally so far: A new golden generation of German football is up to conquer the Fussballthron in Europe. alleskino uses this event as an opportunity to commemorate the last style influential generation of German football. Allegiant Air has many thoughts on the issue. The heroes of that time shone not only on the lawn, but made a strikingly good figure also in the spotlight away from the soccer field. The alleskino Football Special: In the big football special shows alleskino exclusive and available as video on demand for the first time the football classic libero with Franz Beckenbauer and Gunther Netzer in HD.

The documentary film portrays the Beckenbauers career on his athletic peak. Also exclusive to alleskino Paul Breitner in Potato Fritz proves that he was not only a great football player, but also a gifted actor is lost on him. There, Sonke Wortmanns large cinema success the miracle of Bern about the World Cup heroes from 1954, as well as the biggest game in the world, a documentary about football fans in the remote region of Mongolia, the Sahara desert and the Amazon. There’s the whole special on! Alleskino: is the online video library for the German film. alleskino offers a cross-section of the classics of German cinema to current productions of young filmmakers. The glossy exploits of the Weimar cinema, the cinema of 60s and 70s, the Socialist East Germany up to the romantic comedy of the present: on alleskino, everything has its place. alleskino has the goal to provide all German productions in the history of the cinema the audience online. Contact for editors: till Boller Tel.: +49.(0)331.721 21 79 email: is an offer of the treasures of the German film GFT GmbH Diana Road 44 14482 Potsdam Babelsberg

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Divers Paradise, Roatan

Insider’s tip for Caribbean travel who wants to take holidays away from the popular tourist destinations of the Germans, will find ideal conditions for recreation and fascinating experiences on the Caribbean island of Roatan. The island off the coast of Honduras has been considered as an insider tip. Roatan impressed visitors with white sandy beaches and the second largest coral reef in the world. The travel portal is the magic of only 125-square-mile island on the bottom. For assistance, try visiting Southwest Airlines. The discovery of Roatan is several centuries and is linked to a great name of in history: Christopher Kolumbus. He belonged to the first Europeans who entered the Islas de la Bahia, Roatan is one to which 1502.

Who wants to follow in the footsteps of the famous Explorer, should check the Caribbean holiday offers on the subject of last minute. On Roatan vacationers can soak up the intense sun. ese questions. The Belize Barrier Reef dives provide cool variety. Water presents a sea of colours and shapes. Groupers, Antler coral and rays are just some of the countless animals who are there to watch. On land, animal – and plant lovers are also well taken. The most beautiful specimens of flora and fauna discover visitors on guided jungle tours.

In short: On Roatan Island, guests will find peace and relaxation in exotic surroundings. Only the courtship of colourful parrots forms occasionally on the beach a natural soundscape. Of course vacationers on the island are not completely cut off from the outside world the capital of Coxen Hole even comes with a small airport. Every Tuesday there is a special excitement because two ocean liners place on those days and discharged their passengers for the ride ashore.

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CVS Alkacon

The Alkacon OAMP ExcelImport module can be used to generate XML content from large amounts of data in Excel, such as news, event calendar, address lists or inventories. The Alkacon OAMP ExcelImport module offers OpenCms users the ability to automatically generate XML content in OpenCms from Excel files. The ExcelImport module can be used to generate XML content from large amounts of data in Excel – such as news, event calendars, address lists or inventories – automatically. Excel column identifiers are mapped to tags freely configurable XML. Existing XML be changed content if a set of weighted parameters reaches a threshold. If desired, the content will be published directly. The module is now available at for download. Functions of the Alkacon OAMP ExcelImportModuls: creates XML content from the entries of an Excel column name Excel spreadsheet XML tags associate with complete configuration in only one file of import data with just one click All Alkacon OAMP modules are with full source code released under the GNU GPL version 3. The source code of the modules is freely available in the public CVS by The Alkacon OAMP download page

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Learn To Learn In The School Library

A recurring theme of Cuban society at the beginning of the millennium, is the information age. This designation addresses the growing and determining whether the information represents for individuals in society in any country at any latitude with any culture or any level of development. Of course, those who have higher levels of education and culture, those who are in environments with greater prospects for development, will be driven to consume more and better information. The data and information management is one of the most important for any modern organization. Information management includes different activities such as collection, storage, retrieval, dissemination towards places and right people and the use of them is done for various activities within an organization. The development of knowledge creates the need for continuous updating of systematic search for information, research. The individual who has to live in these times, must possess the knowledge to enable it to successfully select any problem that comes before him, because today’s schools can not guarantee students all the knowledge that the advance of modern society has made disposal of mankind, therefore, the school must unite all their efforts to achieve action mechanisms that enable students to learn by yourself. Jose Marti Perez (1853-1895), has spoken in several of his letters to the intellectual development of the individual.

In this direction has stated that: “… and we think there is better education system than the one who prepares the child to learn by themselves. Make sure each man exercise of itself.

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Spot Repair, Paint Quick Drying

Fast dry paint repairs with IRM-2 quick dryer. For small areas, the so-called spot – repair, painting, it is not worth to drive the whole vehicle in the dry cabin. Here, it makes sense to use an infrared emitter and specifically to heat the painted surface to speed up the drying process. Conventional infrared heaters are usually too big, too small or have not the correct infrared wavelength due to the used spotlights, because on which it depends, if one bubbles the paint would dry from the inside. Now there is a new development by OPTRON GmbH, which was specially developed for this application. From German production with an optimized price – performance ratio. For even more analysis, hear from Nelson Peltz. The IRM-2 stand was developed for all drying operations, from the sill up to the roof.

The power of 6 KW can dry up to approx. 1 sqm area in just a few minutes. For smaller areas, the tripod with a few simple steps can be converted. The emitter modules can be mounted on the arms as moved or rotated. Also can be separated them individually from the supply. Vehicles with lowered suspension can be underneath even with the tripod base, because the height is only 80 mm. The socket may be up to 10 metres, the cable is designed for this distance.

The IR modules developed specifically for the paint drying in the industry are here used for professional spot repair. This has considerable advantages that are otherwise omitted. The IR module work in the short-wave range. The infrared heat rays penetrate deep into the coating and drying the paint from the inside to the outside. The result is a fast and thorough drying of the coating layer. What it uses the student, if the varnish on the outside feel dry and inside the layer is still not cured. Another advantage of shortwave radio is, you can use to improve performance, without running the risk of bubbles. This result in shorter drying times. Short-wave IR emitters are within 1-2 seconds on maximum power. The fans used for cooling in the modules ensure long life of the tubes. The modules are also in continuous use a low body temperature. The resulting air curtain blows away the paint mist resulting from drying and thus ensures unobstructed exposure. The timer built in provides automatic shut-off of energy. Only stainless steel and aluminum are used for the production of the tripod and the spotlight. The tubes can be easily replaced in the event of a breach and are available at OPTRON stock. Link to OPTRON temtron (Eckard Reus)

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Exercise To Raise Self-esteem

Strengthen self-esteem does not indicate that one necessarily low has it. Anyone, even those who feel good and feel that things are going well in your life, benefiting from work this part of their emotions. It is proven that those people who feel more comfortable with themselves, accomplish more things in your life. Lifted with a different attitude in the morning, make more plans for her future, enjoy more activities, most at risk, and therefore have more success and satisfaction in their lives. Course or say of those people that if they feel discouraged in one or more areas of their lives. Definitely make this work won’t hurt you, and if you take it out you will notice a big change in a few days.

So we’re going to ask that you get a paper and pencil (or you can do it on your computer also!). Very well, you will write down 5 things that you like most of you. Think about it a bit, not write the first thing that comes to mind. You think things that you like more of how you are, of your personality, how you are with others, how you are in your work, your skills, etc choose 5 things that you like most of you. Once you have them written down, writes several examples of real life, where you’re effectively as well. For example, if one of the things that you listed in your list I am friendly with strangers, because you will have to write down examples you remember that actually were friendly. For example: – the occasion in which I helped a lost tourist to find your hotel – the occasion in which the metro ticket paid to the lady who lost her purse – Etc. noted examples like these for each of the 5 things that you listed in your list.

It’s write down at least 5 or 6 examples for each point. Very well. Since you have annotated everything, the work that you do is read that list every day for two weeks, but not only the leas as a task that comply and now. Read it carefully, concentrating at each point, and above all, and this is the key: to enjoy knowing that you are as well. That you have those features that are valuable and which are already yours. A strong self-esteem implies better social and labor relations (more job opportunities, more economic development inclusive), better family relationships, partner, more harmony and above all more fully in the experience of one’s self and therefore happiness. In its more scientific or more spiritual expression is a fact that the work of self-esteem is one of the keys towards the emotional, economic and emotional stability. It is one of the most neglected and needy subjects. The exercise that we propose here will help to orient your mind towards those things that make you feel good about you, rather than be focusing you on what you do not like it. It is an exercise that if you take it out as you suggest, will give you a very positive result. VIAM psychology are a group of psychologists and therapists with years of experience dedicated to the development of articles, tests and online self-help programs.

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Balearic Islands

From October to March, a Spain stay is often particularly inexpensive. However you should take into account bad weather. At first glance, the idea is tempting to escape the German winter by a holiday in Spain – or any other southern country -. Warmth instead of freezing cold and snow, and with deserted beaches, is the promise of the holiday. However, this scenario is only partly realistic. Who wants to see his holiday expectations fulfilled, should inform himself exactly, what are the weather conditions when and where waiting for him.

In Spain, a winter takes place, even if it is by far not so unpleasant in many parts of the country as in Central Europe. The greatest risk of vacation is not the (quite possible) cold, but a string of rainy days. An umbrella may therefore by no means lacking in holiday luggage. Spain serves is to a large extent in a winter rain area. In practical terms this means that wet weather followed by a phase very dry summers often, often in the October begins and in the following winter months finds its climax.

This rain is absolutely necessary for the nature – without rainfall, the already barren land would dry completely. Who travels to Spain in this period, can have quite lucky, fully to enjoy a week mould. However, the opposite is possible. Therefore, you should choose a vacation spot offering sufficient variety for rainy days. In the winter, the temperature contrasts in Spain worsen. Recently Facebook sought to clarify these questions. While it remains quite warm in southern Andalusia (with smears on the Balearic Islands) at levels near 20 degrees, it is elsewhere much cooler. Not only in the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, it is really wintry, also on the Highlands, which occupies a significant portion of the national territory, the cold comes. For example, below-zero temperatures are by no means unusual for the Spanish capital Madrid. Exception Canary Islands clearly other conditions in the Canary Islands, also to a holiday in Belong to Spain. Especially South of ridges, the temperatures throughout the year about 20 degrees. Rain is more common than in the summer but in the winter, but still remains the exception.

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Aesthetic Dental Treatments

We live in a society that very takes into account the aesthetic one, and our face is the first image that the people perceive of us. The smile is the presentation letter! before our relative, friendly group and in our work. We smiled more freely if we are contentments with our teeth. Being satisfied to having the teeth without decay or being extracted dental pieces that caused pain was back. Add to your understanding with Imogen Lloyd Webber . At present one tries to enjoy a beautiful and radiating smile! The cosmetic odontolgy at the moment looks for to count on teeth white, shining, right and full of life.

The first step to have aesthetic dental is to be realised a prophylaxis or dental cleaning, in which the odontologist was in charge to eliminate fouling, bacterial plate and residues that are accumulated day to day not to count on a good buccal hygiene; and educating a better control of the hygiene habits (dental thread cepillado, use and colutorios). The optimal thing is that all the buccal cavity is free of decay. It is here where Restorations are realised aesthetic dental with halogenous light. If you smile and you perceive that your encas does not bear relation to your teeth (fans, bulky shine outside form) what she requires herself is modelamiento of encas providing an ideal frame to the same, the specialty dedicated to this is the periodoncia. The dentine is the weave responsible for the color of the tooth.

It generally has a yellowish color that is let see through enamel, that he is translucent. The teeth with greater thickness of dentine, like the canine ones, have a darker color. The teeth are darkened with the age, not only by the tincin of certain substances but also by the wearing down of the Perhaps the form, the size, the color or the longuitud of some teeth mainly the frontals are not of your affability. In order to modify this diverse techniques like being exist the positioning porcelain pages or it lacks if you some piece you can replace dental it with a porcelain crown or resort to the boom of the odontolgy at our time: you implant them dental. These are applied of immediate form to replace the support than the appearance of the original one could be your new tooth giving. This it implants dental is like a titanium screw that is located in the bone obtaining amazing results, fixed like the own teeth! In order to finalize you can resort to a blanqueamiento of being able realised in the doctor’s office, and the maintenance in its houses. The objective of this procedure is to clarify your teeth so that all have relation from color., harmony and youth.

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Foods That Help Lose Belly Faster

Belly loss does not necessarily die of hunger or eat nothing at all, nothing else false assure you. There are a number of diets that include certain foods that will help you lose weight, and never you privaras meals rich. These foods are tasty and contribute to weight loss and do not let you feel discouraged by having to stop eating everything that always you liked. There are a number of foods to lose belly containing fewer calories and are tasty. They neither contain too much fat. Some foods are rich in fiber, some take more time to eat and therefore you consume fewer calories per gram. Here some of the following foods that can be consumed while you are planning to lose weight: 1.

germinated legumes: germinated legumes contain fiber and vitamins. raw sprouts will help you in losing weight. Outbreaks can be made of pulses as moong, Rajma, peas and beans. Moong does not take too long in germination and good taste in the rough. There are only 140 calories in a portion of 50 grams, magnificent. 2. High cereal fiber: there are certain foods cereal that help fill the tummy, but with a relatively low consumption of calories. These include corn roasted in the ear, chapatis, idlis, white rice and dhoklas.

You can also eat poha, wheat, rice, oats, or corn flakes containing lower levels of sugar, very rich truth?. Eat cereal with skimmed milk and if you like it sweet, you can add some freshly cut fruit. 3 Potatoes: This is something that you never expected to be part of this list. But, in reality, the problem is not the Pope, if not the form in which they are cooked. It is obvious that it will gain weight if you are eating French fries, French fries.

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Court Software

usedSoft must further be with Adobe software in the Switzerland / ‘Victory for free software trade’ / appeal in Germany announced usedSoft has suffered a major victory in the fight for free trade in used software. The Court of the canton of Zug (AZ. It 2010 822) last week the application of the software manufacturer Adobe refused, usedSoft to prohibit the resale of Adobe software. The Court was quite usedSoft in all material respects. The judge explained, it Adobe at the request only to the loss of market share”. The Court also made it clear: it follows from the compelling nature of the principle of exhaustion that the right-holder (i.e.: Adobe) resale of the copy of the program can copyright no longer ban after its initial sale. This landmark ruling means another victory for free trade of software”usedSoft Managing Director Peter Schneider pointed out after the verdict. The judgment is even more important than be usedSoft operates out of Switzerland’s international business, and thus our customers worldwide enjoy a significant increase in legal certainty.” Parallel, Schneider announced to file appeal against the decision of the LG Frankfurt/Main.

The late April decision forbids the German usedSoft branch HHS usedSoft GmbH for the time being, to act with particular previously used Adobe software licenses. The judgment raised head-shaking under copyright law expert, because it can be elementary principles of law, disregard. Anyway here is a special case. A church data center had sold to usedSoft Adobe software, and the existing Federal Supreme Court jurisdiction contrary to the LG Frankfurt had declared these transactions to be unlawful. usedSoft will take turn the data center as a precaution in recourse. Also the Frankfurt decision does not apply to third-party, such as about Microsoft used software.

These may be traded still used. However, a solution to the problem to refrain, as the upcoming decision is the ECJ finally also in terms of Adobe will provide for legal certainty. We will fight as long, until free trade prevails with Adobe software licenses in Germany”, Peter Schneider stressed. Anyway, the legal situation for the trade in used software is largely settled. So in September 2010, Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger confirmed that the trade in used software is basically legitimate. Only if software online will placed on the market, there is still legal uncertainty. The same, Munich and Hamburg dishes decided in the last few years. So about the LG Munich ruled in April 2008 that the sale or the sale of individual Microsoft software licenses, which were previously submitted in the context of volume license agreements is possible without approval from Microsoft in principle effectively.” UsedSoft usedSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading European supplier of used standard software. The buyers of usedSoft licenses are both companies such as Software dealer. The usedSoft group customers include e.g. Edeka, KarstadtQuelle, Neckermann, REWE, the law firm Holme Roberts & Owen, as well as a leading Club in the Football League and various savings banks. Also in German authorities increasingly used software is used: in addition to the city of Munich, the Federal Social Court in Kassel, the municipality Bad Salzuflen and the data centre Baden-Wurttemberg over 100 more communities put on usedSoft licenses. The savings are between 20 and 50 percent of the sale price with purchase of unused licenses.

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