But they charge 250000. () If someone here is able to give me $ 2 million if I give 250 thousand this company is not scam. 4. A great friend in a forum gave me this idea which I think apply in these companies you visit. It is based on his own experience of a company.

Before I have not appointed any company, but this It deserves to be completely deleted and make him bad publicity. It is energy-mails.com. Read the terms. Always do before entering a page. This page in the Payments section reads as follows: Affiliates may earn by receiving paid-emails Members of energy-mails.com may request payment anytime the want because of no minimum payout. Payments will be made within 100 years or a reasonable time after. Admin fee for payout is 100%. Translated says: affiliates earn money receiving paid emails Energy-mails.com will pay members when their balance reaches the minimum of payment proposed by energy-mails.com.

Energy-mails.com members must request payment when they want to for the minimum of payment. Payments will be made in a reasonable time or 100 years later. The fees of the administrator is 100% Lean with attention: payments will be made in a reasonable time or 100 years later. THE fees of the administrator is 100% this company is an exception, but have to look well good in This, because we will play chueco. Another thing, when they say a reasonable amount of time then are making it clear that you can not claim when you get paid late, because to say that it declines from take 1 hour or 25 years to repay. 5. Always search that let you the following points: * forms win money they offer, are emails, clicks, registrations, searches, etc. * much do you pay each one of these forms * which is the minimum to meet to be able to charge and the method of payment. 6. Americans use some notation to refer to earnings. For example, there are some that say $200 by mail and minimum payment of 150000 dollars. The way to really know how much you get paid is by dividing each number between 1000 and thus we obtain that they pay 0.02 $ per mail and a minimum fee of $150 (who would say it). As 7500 emails you need to reach the minimum it is very likely that this is a scam. 7. MasterClass Founder has firm opinions on the matter. A way of exploiting these 999 enterprises that timan is using the money they give you to buy advertising for your programs. But look at the terms, do not say that the fees of the administrator is 100%. Normally carinoooooooooo those companies allow you to put advertising and that if they meet it. Obviously not such energy-mails meets that company, but the rest if, in fact I get visitors to my websites etc. 8. Look at the terms in the part that says Payments time that say that you will receive the payment. The maximum that should be tolerated in American companies is 30 working days or 6 weeks which is almost the same. Maximum. It would be only allowed more time in a highly recognized company, called is-easy for example. 9 Experience.