Weekend trip to Alicante if you arrive with the Hochgeschwindgkeitszug from other regions of Spain or the plane anywhere else in Europe, Alicante is his journey be worth. Offering excellent accommodation in Alicante, many attractions and entertainment, there is still much more to discover. The modern town, which was under attack of the war, has can get to still have many old buildings. Both frappierendsten are the two palaces of the city. The largest is the Castillo Santa Barbara. To get there, you must take a steep stairway up. Top it has a wonderful view over the town and the coast. As you descend again, you reach the oldest part of the city El Barrio ‘.

” Almost neglected, it has renewed the district. Now, it offers a variety of leisure activities for tourists. Many of the other interesting older buildings are only a short walk away. So, take a short break in one of the many cafes and continue to the next attraction. There are a variety of old and fascinating churches, such as for example the Cathedral of St. Nicholas or the beautiful church of St. Mary, which can be easily reached. Alternatively they can rediscover one of the six parks.

The Park del Morant offers a beautiful walk through the nature. The planting is exotic and the large pine trees give the whole a whole atmosphere. The mount Tossal park”near the other Castle offers best conditions climbers through its rocky landscape. In addition, there is a huge outdoor chessboard for the Stragen. Who wants something else erlebn, which should make a boat trip to the island of Tabarca. The approximately one-hour boat ride brings you the city Alicante about 300 years back in the past. In the past as a pirate hideout, it has preserved its historic character. Today it is a nature reserve that is waiting to be discovered. To complete your stay, the island offers excellent seafood restaurants. Like most regions in Spain, Alicante also has a historical past. Throughout the year there are numerous festivals, like the Carnival, the visitor, as enthusiastic and locals. Coming in June, you try to be on the summer solstice in Alicante. This is the beginning of the city’s largest festivals the bonfire of St. John. The Festival lasts about a week. So, you have the possibility of the Fireworks, to experience music and the hustle and bustle on the beach. In April, the Festival of Moors and Christians takes place. A very unique Festival that symbolizes the friendship between the two groups. In General, Alicante is a very open and friendly city.