No doubt each of us have relatives or friends who suffer from allergies – so widespread the disease. It – genetic, which is accompanied by shortness of breath, "wet" nose watery eyes, skin irritations, etc. 88% of those people who took noni juice, steel gorazdno suffer less from this disease – an allergy. These people who are completely or partially rid of allergies on a daily basis received 75 ml. noni juice. Dr. Neil Solomon: For those who suffer from asthma, even minor physical activity become a daunting task and even a brief walk turns into a clock does not stop coughing. In Currently klichestvo asthma patients in the U.S.

alone is more than 17 million people and most unfortunate that this number is steadily increasing, it suffices to say that the number zbolevshih asthma in this country during the period from 1980 to 1994g.g. increased as much as 75%. Not rare, in recent years, and deaths as a result of the disease, and 90% of them among the elderly and in particular among women. But now we have a noni juice. In the lungs of human patients with asthma prishodit violation of the ways in which air moves, the bronchial tubes, exposed to allergens, incorrectly compressed and this prevents the removal of air from legkih.Mnogochislennye studies have shown correlation with allergic asthma, although not all suffer from allergic asthma, and conversely, not all asthmatics susceptible to allergies. The main symptoms of asthma: shortness of breath, wheezing, inability to breathe normally and the mucus or phlegm – producing cough. Even with very mild forms of asthma often have lung disease, which can be very unpleasant complications.

It would be all gorazdno worse if we did not have noni juice. Heredity is considered by many scientists, One of the main reasons that cause asthma. Asthma can also occur due to an allergic response of the body, hormones, bacterial and viral infections, stress and other various reasons. But there is still something. 30 – 40% of women experience asthma symptoms during their menstrual cycle. At the use of noni juice is disappearing. Another use of noni juice, proven by clinical studies of medical scientists, strengthens the immune system and increases cell structure of the bronchioles. This is due to prokseronina, which is transported to the affected cells and promotes their recovery. It has recently been investigated 5,689 people use Noni juice and asthma sufferers signs. 70% of them reported that asthma symptoms are greatly reduced and this is not the full course of rehabilitation. Number of noni juice consumed by these patients was 5 tablespoons per day.