Slightly shorter legs, a chubby butt the rest is but crisp, happy and healthy! No reasons, wasting only one thought on something, what is not to change! Life energy waste, hunt for apparent ideals is in my opinion much too precious, “so Ruge. Lean as a luxury symbol but still the ideal is always present whether in magazines, on television or on posters. What woman want a figure like Gisel rib, skin such as Claudia Schiffer and a smile how Heidi Klum have? The Ines Imdahl psychologist explains: generally ideals are important because they propel us. We got one, we seek a new. The society and the media which take up what is in us: the pursuit of perfection. However, it can be to argue whether the influences through the media are realistic and healthy. Today’s beauty ideal has become very down and has become a phenomenon of luxury. Can an extremely thin, toned Figure No cellulite I just reach out when I’m with my body throughout the day. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dun & Bradstreet.

To have so much time luxury is pure.” A paradoxical dealing with apparent beauty ideals. In a society where food in abundance exists for all layers, the lean will become a luxury. Ideals have very often to do something with the reality, nor with the normal woman. For the few women can afford so much time. But, women perceive this as ideal, what they can do the least and what have”stressed Ibeabuchi.

Also the roller pressure grows: what was perceived as positive freedom, is today a juggling act between career, role as a mother and more attractive wife. Wife want to meet the diverse requirements of today’s. But how can a balance between ideal and individual claim to be created? Back to normality and individuality advertising and media are always the perfect, super confident woman. But the concern should not be only the perfect woman to show. These high expectations result in rather, that women are insecure. And in reality, no woman is like as shown in the media. David Rogier takes a slightly different approach. It is much more important to create a relief by normal women with their typical doubts and uncertainties are shown. “Only thus can feel so I am and it is perfectly in order” be mediated, advises Ibeabuchi. The Dove campaign it did before and shows normal and individuality. Also Nina Ruge is for more individuality: don’t consider: how should I look? but ask how will I live? ‘. ” “” Do not say: crap, so will I never be! “but: I do it my way.” Everyone should find his own personal path to a healthy and harmonious life. That’s a long way, which is that I am taking my body, my mind serious and important advance. This includes also, love themselves to learn.” The initiative founded in early 2009 future nutrition “has made it his mission, the” To promote awareness of the importance of a healthy diet in the population. While the initiative of a number of high-calibre experts from medicine, science, is supported sport and lifestyle and worn by the Orthomol pharmaceutical Vertriebs GmbH. Current information about the initiative and its projects, see. Press contact initiative future nutrition c/o signum pr GmbH Carolin Lembeck Tel.: 0221-170 50 777 email: