The cattle one Brazilian suffers irreparable damages, the measure that leaves to make use of the transgenia. In fact still we are a country with few resources and the academies still need greaters arrive in port in such a way in level of investments, as of new thinkers illuminated, unprovided of radical feelings. To speak on the importance of the transgenia in the cattle Brazilian is something that it stimulates and it provokes. The field is vast and apaixonante. As much the favor as against.

But we can go in accustoming with new advances, new special positions and in specializations inside of the transgenicidade, where new segments will start to appear, as being new a transgenia of third generation. The question of many years behind, in Mexico occurred an infestation of fly of berne – Dermatobia hominis- causing enormous damages. An American researcher propos to the government of Mexico, one has controlled programmed of these flies. Something unusual. The creations of flies of berne in laboratories would be sped up and the males would be submitted the radiations, would estelerizariam that them.

He would have one considered period probatory, where the submitted males would not die and populaao of esterelizados males would increase and it would not have new fecundadas females and same that ouvessem egg positions, these would not develop. This would be the adjusted and logical form more of if controlling the situation. But commercial interests exist and everything then was alone in the intention. But then what the Transgnia has in having with Cattle the National one? Simple, however a little complex. One of the flagelos of the cattle bovine of cut, is the Fly of the Horns – Haematobia irritans-, that cause considerable damages. Innumerable companies commercialize products that promise to decide the problem. Lectures on handling and control, the all moment occur. Until bezouros they had been mattered.