ANDRe CHAMSON (1900-1983) from our time on your land, hospitality that you have provided us, of that bread that you’ve shared with us, we have, this experience, the feeling of our duty. As writers, we write with our testimonies. If the writers that we carry within us have disappeared momentarily before the violence of the experience human which we just pass through, wake up and tell the world that truth and justice are with you, wake up, and wake up to the Nations consenting to run the crime. Andre Chamson. Speech at the II Congress of writers. THE voice of a defender of liberty Andre Chamson writer, Member of the French Academy, together with Andre Malraux, Julien Benda, Louis Aragon, Claude Aveline, Tristan Tzara, and Rene Bloch, were the French representatives who attended the II Congress of writers, convened by the International Alliance of antifascist intellectuals that gathered in Valencia, in July 1937, Jose BergaminCorpus Barga, Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Fernando de los Rios, Ramon J. Sender, Vicente Huidobro, Octavio Paz, Carlos Pellicer, Jose Mancisidor, Juan Marinello Vidaurreta, Nicolas Guillen, Alejo Carpentier, Raul Gonzalez Tunon, Pablo Rojas Paz, Cayetano Cordova Iturburu, Elena Garro, Bertolt Brecht, Ludwig Renn, Theodor Balk, Willy Bredel, Egon Erwin Kisch, Heinrich Mann, Maria Osten, Anna Segher, Kurt Stern, Gustav Regler, Erich Weinet, Ilia EhrenburgErnest Hemingway, Cesar Vallejo, Rafael Dieste, Rafael Alberti, John dos Passos, Martin Andersen-Nexo, -U, Stephen Spender, Emilio Prados, Maria Teresa Leon, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Juan Gil-Albert, Herrera Petere, Lorenzo Varela, Miguel Hernandez, Ramon Gaya, Pascual Pla and Beltran, Jef Last, Malcolm Cowley, Fedor Kelyin, etc. The Mexican writer Elena Garro told us: ‘at dusk that day took the train to get to Spain. Peace wanted to leave the luggage at the hotel full of bedbugs and not we write down the name or the street of the hotel. Not We carry clothing.