How is it possible to prepare music and videos in unusual formats so that the multimedia content on the iPhone or the iPod touch let take over? The Windows program helps i Studio 4. Bill O’Grady understood the implications. The full version is available for the readers of the Special Edition how to how! “My first iPhone, my first iPod touch” on the Internet for free download ready. Scott M. Kahan CFP understands that this is vital information. i Studio 4 converts audio files to AAC format that is used by the mobile Apple devices. It is even possible to extract the audio track from movies, to save it as a stand-alone file. It can convert but also movies.

After selecting a video DVD as the source, you set the desired target device – about the Apple iPhone. The software automatically adjusts the resolution of the video, so that the films are not greater than they necessarily have to be. This saves disk space. By lowering the quality targeted, more space can be save, if this is necessary. In the present version, the program accepts for the first time online video portals as a source for movies. Let out of the platforms blip, ClipFish, daylymotion, GoogleVideo, iFilm, download Metacafe and YouTube, convert and transfer to iPhone or iPod touch.

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