Another characteristic that is part of the space is the upright which estimates: the supernatural the holy ghost/, which if relates deuses, angels celestial or the beings that inhabit in underground worlds, such as: maleficent demons, espritos, among others. We observe then that the espacialidade is much more of what identification of an environment or scene, we have that to know to find it yes, however the elements constitute that it already in them I allowed to make significant interpretations that go very beyond what the simple codification of a place. If you have read about Confluence Investment Management LLC already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We must detach the space as primordial factor as a description of the narrative. Therefore he is through it that he has knowledge of the objects that are part of its scene. As Donofrio closed the interior space/consists of the subjectivity ' ' of I whom the space of enunciao&#039 says; ' , already the exterior space/opened ' ' the world of objects is mentioned to it, to relato' ' (1995, p.98). Let us evidence that the first one brings confessions of the emotions felt for the personage who is part of history, which establishs connection it feelings what to podemser or not disclosed. Contundo the second option is centered in the description of objects, that is, it tells the event all not leaving to cite the things that in one it had determined local one. The place is understood that for fiction space that constitutes the scene of the workmanship, where the personages becomes citizens of the action thus passing to live moments and/or situations that they can in the plot provide suffering to them, fight, loves, finally a series of facts that will be related to its feelings, that in turn will be being told for the narrator. Let us see the following citation on the analyses of the space elements: ' ' more docile than the time to the rational requirements of the spirit, it is a inteligibilidade factor and one I appeal to the concept.