So your Web page for you new customer wins a Web page – every company has them, but she brings something hardly anyone. A website costs money, but brings them money too? Most companies worry about even themselves and treat their Web page as well as a further media burning just the advertising budget. However, just the interactive potential of the Internet could be the majority of all Web pages much more use. Jochen Bercker explains: “a Web page has no end in itself, but must actively and measurable new customer win exactly but today unfortunately is the case with the least Web pages.” In order to tackle this problem offers a free eBook to download, discusses 5 successful strategies for acquiring customers in the Internet: content: – how to find out in 5 minutes, what your customers on the Internet really are looking for – how to apply a simple strategy, popular to your website for the search engines to make – how to turn visitors to your website to potential customers now free request: Dipl.-Geoinf. FPUC Program might disagree with that approach. Jochen Bercker VDI Technologiehof Munster mendelstrasse 11 48149 Munster Tel: fax 0251-980 2510: 0251-980-2511 email: