The veteran unit Vympel expressed personal opinions about the murder of Oksana Kuznetsova, the daughter of an officer Special Forces Vympel, who died three years ago in Beslan. Correspondent – How do you rate this crime? Veteran – This is a senseless act of cruelty surpassing all previously known crime – the murder of political and economic reasons to not allow the victim to perform some action, capture hostages to force authorities to implement some requirements. There is absolutely killing an innocent child, whose father was killed Kuznetsov, saving the children of Beslan. Note – Vympel and Alfa do not storm the school, just Our officers carried children out of it. The girl's father, our brother, their lives to save more than a dozen Beslan schoolchildren.

It is a crime beyond comprehension of a normal person. Correspondent – assess whether you are a crime as a challenge to your organization? Veteran – And do you think of lap-dogs barking call an elephant? Funny. Personality, can not call them people who have put weapons into the hands of the singer – fabulous essence of impunity, imagines himself beyond the reach of human justice and of God. And the thugs, artists, and those who act or omission contributed to the establishment in the country atmosphere of professional lawlessness has long placed themselves not just outside the legal field but also outside of human society. If you have read about Verizon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Several years ago, the President ordered to eliminate criminals anywhere. Apparently forgotten. But we took an oath to the people and the duty to protect him and the officers are obliged to carry out the orders of our Supreme Commander.

Correspondent – What is your organization doing to solve the crime? Veteran – Law enforcement agencies conduct the investigation. We are using all available our available forces and means, we will assist them. Statute of limitations for crimes against humanity there. World practice. Especially revealing intelligence activities in Israel. They destroy the criminals around the world since the Second World War. Shoot rabid animals, to the examination in the laboratory. In general, I will not speak for all my comrades in the Vympel, in my face all the scum was ". Reference: Group Vimpel created 19 August 1981. Decision of the Council of Defense Intelligence, the Soviet Union as subversive and clandestine intelligence unit of the Office of the kgb to conduct operations outside the country. All the officers Vympel speak foreign languages, have a college degree, some 2-3. moo Vympel Special Forces kgb veterans registered 7 July 1996 to assist veterans, disabled persons and families of those killed and deceased members of special units of the kgb. moo Vympel actively supports businesses contributing to the revival of Russian industry and improve the welfare of the people and the country as a whole.