The citizen can assume different identities at diverse moments, that are not unified around of one ' ' eu' ' coherent. For it, was the diffusion of the consumerism that contributed for this effect of ' ' supermarket cultural' ' , where the identities seem to float freely. This globalizante trend produces the spalling of the cultural codes, characterized for the multiplicity of styles, for the emphasis in the ephemeral one, the difference and cultural pluralism. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. Some new groups have servant symbolic ways of affiliation and belonging, strengtheing themselves to redefine the meaning of the symbols for its proper ends. Author Virginia Todeschini Borges affirms that, since 1940, the new generations had always obtained to express the force of its aspirations and its ethics for the form to dress, amongst other particular characteristics? beatniks, hippies, punks, preppies, yuppies, clubbers. 3 the DRAWING OF FASHION FOR the FASHION the fashion drawing is one of the aspects most important inside of the study of design fashionable.

What we have that to know is that although to be important, and of many people almost impossible having as, the fashion drawing is yes, something that must be developed to the few and be trained, understood as a whole, so that if it can give more efficiency to the processes of industrial development of which the fashion drawing is part, that is, almost all industrial modeling. As it affirms Edwards (2000, P. 29): ' ' Many people find exactly that they do not have to enter for a course of drawing for not knowing to draw. This is equivalent to decide that of it does not have to enter for a course of Frenchman for not knowing to say to the language ' '. In this way, it considers the theory of that the ability of the drawing can be learned by if treating, in summary, of the development of the ability of comment and domain and conscience of the functions and uses of the cerebral, inherent capacities to any medium human being. .