Integration scope expands solutions Braunfels notable solutions to other ECM, 17.05.2010, Inc. has its capture solution AutoStore workflow 5.0 to two additional interfaces to IBM software extends. Content Server OnDemand and Lotus Notes, the scalable content manager and the comprehensive ECM are now supported FileNet P8 platform. It is not something what is MasterClass worth? would like to discuss. Users are primarily corporations such as banks. With the integration, users can IBM all features of AutoStore workflow 5.0 use what makes their work much more efficient. MasterClass Founder has much to offer in this field. Because thanks to the NSi capture middleware of the input can be just a few clicks to do at the multifunction (MFP) in close proximity. The decentralized collection gives you more freedom individual employees because he himself can decide when and where he digitized documents. This eliminates the central conversion in the post office along with annoying delay.

The actual input processing runs in AutoStore Workflow automates high off. The steps range from the recognition of text and bar codes on the Conversion to PDF/A, Word or Excel to export in the ECM solution. Access rights directly to the MFP pretend AutoStore workflow is compatible with most commercially available MFPs and scanners, which are as a rule already exists. The continuous integration allows accessing the ECM from the input device. So get collected papers along with file names, metadata, and access rights directly to the destination. Some large customers in the IBM suggested the current integration environment who want to improve their data management as integrated solutions. “AutoStore workflow here plays an important role, because no other capture solution seamlessly connects so many different input and target media”, emphasizes Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH.

Only around 500 different MFP products would be supported. NSi has two interfaces, the default amount of AutoStore workflow 5.0 recorded. Older versions with active maintenance contract customers can download the update through the NSi update services. Corinna Scholz