Although it is very important to protect the two stars that God has given us (either by medical reasons, by the weather, or fashion), we must consider the symmetry of our face to make the correct selection for this fitting is an extension of our image and taste. If you have round face, to add contour, select a square or angled mount. Choose a model that is wider than the widest of your face, with legs that come out of the top of the glass. The bridge over the nose must also be wide and somewhat arched. Educate yourself with thoughts from Phil Vasan. The oval face is ideal to wear goggles and you can experiment with different styles, but don’t forget to take into account the natural symmetry of your face.

If your face is square round or oval frames that soften the angular shape of this you must find. They should be slightly wider than the widest part of your jaw, with the arched bridge. Frameless lenses is better. Heart shaped face looks best with frames oval or square, because it conceals the width and creates balance. Choose sunglasses whose legs get out of the center of the lenses. A long and narrow face looks better with oval mountings, e.g. feline style (Catwoman). This style adds width to the bones of the cheeks, optically altering the symmetry of the face.

Round or square, frames with large lenses also favor because they cover much of the countenance and visually shorten. To give you better balance to your face, if it has a triangular shape, the top half of your mount must not exceed the temples. The ideal is to have the slightly arched bridge. A face either broadband or broad styled with Aviator style mounts. A long nose is softened by using a lightweight, delicate, Mount clear or neutral color. (The references of facial symmetry mentioned above you can consider them, also, when selecting eyeglasses.) EYE: If you can only have 1 glass, consider purchasing a good quality in a model neutral (like carey or brown) color to combine with everything and that the style is classic. A selection of this kind is an investment in a piece that you can use and use.