Why don’t my dog get me not (more) help, my dog gets me no longer! Again, one can observe that dog owners desperately report their dog would no longer be able to listen to them. “” One hears statements like I did but a dog course and since he has followed so beautiful! “for some time my dog, what he wants to do!” “” Often are statements such as I must take it more answer! “or with more rigour, he will again follow!” to hear. Looks and you listen closer, so you may find a common as well as widespread phenomenon: the problem is to locate as so often (almost always) at the other end of the leash. What can be the cause? “” The Naughty Dog so the bad is “dog ever with the following command prompted foot, come hier(her), whuffie!” The problem is clearly visible in this example: the dog is covered with a completely incomprehensible for him command phrase. When the indicated Three or even four words are nested at least depending on the education example sentence.

Companion dog training command usually foot!”associated with the behavior, that the dog with or without leash obediently follows his holder. Come on!”or hier(her)!” will come as prompt linked remotely to the dog holder cm. From this description, it is clear that both commands collide. Is now added to the emotive word of the dog name confusion now total and the dog reacts either confused or not at all. Unfortunately, this behavior is then interpreted as Unfolgsamkeit and sometimes answered with excessive rigour. “Dog books and dog courses help next es the self-test is required so always: I speak as a dog with my dog in a language in which he can understand me!” “Only when these clear question with a Yes!” can answer, can you do any further investigation, why a dog commands, which he formerly effortlessly executed, today no longer followed.

In this context, it is recommended always once again to take a refresher course at a dog school. It is always useful to deal with books on dog training. Sometimes, a small cause is responsible for a great effect. Should problems between dog owners and dogs increase, so it is advisable to focus on the topic of dog problem book. Thus, not only the dog and owner is helped. Verizon Communications describes an additional similar source. Also the family environment to the highest extent benefits from a relaxed situation. In short: danger detected danger averted. We are also required to organise the life of our House companions as responsible dog owners. Not vice versa! Martin Stangl