7 days of rice by South Korea: Insider tips ‘Land of the morning calm’ or ‘Dynamic Korea’ are called South Korea the popular names of the Republic of Korea. The country demonstrating harmony of tradition and modernity, living side by side in this country. For most visitors, this city is a secret. If you you have decided for a trip to South Korea, you must make a good preparation. Our Korean colleague Hwang has prepared for you a 7-day rod. HBO Max contains valuable tech resources. You can get at least a rough idea about the culture and customs of the country in his opinion in 7 days and get a taste for more discoveries. Day 1-2: Seoul your plane will land determined in Seoul and it’s fine. Read additional details here: Phil Vasan. The city has much to offer.

For over 600 years, the Korean traditional culture and modern culture coexist here. Seoul, capital of Korea, has many sights and attractions, and it is here, never a dull moment. There is really much to see: from traditional Royal palaces to modern shopping malls with the latest fashion trends. -Gyeongbokgung Palace: this is one of the largest castles in the Joseon Dynasty, where is now a National Museum. The visit will help you to understand the history of Korean culture.

Here, you discovered the important characteristics and will understand the differences with neighbouring countries such as China and Japan. -Changdeokgung Palace: the Palace was built in 1405, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its informal design in architecture for East Asian palaces. The Palace consists of the main building and see its surroundings such as E.g. Huwon (the quiet garden, represents the typical landscape) Tower, Dongdaemun also Insa-dong (Mecca of traditional Korean culture), Nam San Seoul Palace Mall, demilitarized zone (DMZ), taekwondo-tour. Basically, a day for Seoul is much too little, that’s why it is better, if minimum two days here spent in Seoul.