We will see the work I accumulate, it of capital, the companies under a different form from this text, we will try to open the eyes to enxergar what the others do not see. ' ' Many see, but not enxergam' ' Leonardo of the Vinci, one of the biggest geniuses of all the times. We are living in a time where nothing more it is valued of what the capitalism, some times even though the family is placed in as place stops in first accumulates coming it of capital, some will criticize when reading these first lines, therefore still is present in the head of the people who live in ocidente the Christian perspective, of that the family is in the top, and below of it they come innumerable virtues, but this is if losing, already it does not exist values to be followed, the term ' ' to gain dinheiro' ' it is if overlapping, but it is generating a errnea interpretation, generating a confusion in the mind of each being, we will dissertaremos on this. The Christian being, I say the true one, I am endowed with certain humildade, but a humildade that makes badly for it, others not, these choose its future, for which ways want to follow and trace one by one of them, will speak of the first one. Bitcoiin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This humildade cause a blindness, not enxerga that he is being controlled, in the mentally ill truth for the dogmas for the thoughts that follow, that the dogmas are not missed, not is, but form to believe is errnea, believe that I accumulate it of capital will not bring them happiness, that are missed and will be taken all to the fire of the hell, I remove of this context the calvinos that they see in it I accumulate of capital the salvation for the perpetual life. Many Christians who bring values of families and that they fear this thought on the capitalism, are controlled for the great companies, therefore its minds are not prepared for the wealth, but yes to obtain to survive, to only survive, many pass hunger, cold, but always they complain of the capital lack, however they do not enxergam that the way that follows is missed. Let us see what it happens in these societies, great companies create roots in these peoples, therefore the work is a value of great respect and people do not possess ambitions, therefore they are mentally ill, thus is easy to gain money on of the work of another one. What it is nailed by the family is that it grows and it works and it prays, simple, but it could be nailed, either also great, thinks great, it has ambition. We are being controlled for great companies, any one can see this, already they had created roots and they control the mentally ill mass.