Low-energy block House as a round block plank on the Switzerland it comes another block House in the Switzerland, even after the latest Minergie standards. The wall construction is a circular block plank, with a VierkantAusenverschlang according to the customer requirements. The high-quality wood-aluminium window in triple glazing of ISO are a further quality feature at this log cabin. Much of what today is trend-setting for us, has a long tradition. The log house construction is based on centuries-old experience and skill. The increasing trend to live consciously and environmentally-friendly way to build, has taught us to translate these experiences into a modern life. Today we speak of know-how and our wood block buildings speak all over the world for themselves.

The development has brought it to the block House today no longer holds, but is also modern and energy-saving. We can create all the block houses in low energy construction. Quality customer satisfaction best price / performance ratio in our production facilities work with highly motivated employees in the Production lines. All production lines are drawn according to the latest quality management system certificate. Gladly we announce also builders request that want to interact with you.

Our production facility of the Estonian Association of blockhouse, which permanently monitors the quality and the service externally is also. Also a per dwelling in a cottage in South Tyrol is our range of timbers is possible at any time the whole spectrum of classic log home construction but includes also the modern way of life. Of all courses of square timbers, round logs, and even very exclusive hand-beaten solid log cabin, we can offer at an affordable price. During installation, our German Assembly team helps you with the different construction works. Of supervisors installation to the turnkey delivery inclusive of all development work such as cellar, heating, plumbing and electrical. You challenge our multilingual consulting team, send us your floor plan ideas developed our own planning team with you your dream log home. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.