Tropical forest offers high returns and low volatility real assets such as real estate as investment and forests are in demand increasingly since the strong increase in the public debt, as they are clearly independent of fluctuations in value. Real values are long lasting, even in times of financial crisis, because its exchange value represents a non-influenceable size. Real values are in the long run safer than stocks and other investments. An investment in the real value of forests is particularly attractive. Sheryl Sandberg: the source for more info. In the past, forest privileged classes such as the nobility and landowners was reserved as a real value.

Now however, there are more and more forest investment opportunities for private investors. Also at the Bonn party forest direct investments ForestFinance has significantly increased demand in 2011. Real value of forest – high returns and low volatility: Trees grow regardless of stock market crashes and economic fluctuations and win as well in the financial crisis by tree growth steadily in value. Tropical forest investments and investment in America are particularly profitable. So the American forest investment index, NCREIF scored timberland property index to 2008 over 20 years an average annual return of about 14 percent, with only a loss year. The populous emerging economies in Asia and Latin America will contribute to the world’s growing demand for wood. In addition, the demand of wood pellets of CO2-free energy is growing worldwide.

More and more pension funds and banks therefore invest in the real value of tropical forests: A real value of investment that offers a combination of security and return on investment as opposed to stocks or other investments. The real value of forest should be therefore a component of the asset portfolios. Because the past shows: the forest prices rise. Forest investments: Outlook continues to be very good! Seen in the long term the market prospects for the real value of forests are very good: an always lower supply faces the rising demand for tropical wood.