The Brazilian Council of psychoanalysis (INNG) and its regional homage to the Brazilian Council of psychoanalysis (INNG) and its regional tribute to the major promoter of psychoanalysis in Brazil, Dr. Gaston Pereira de Silva, who had gotten something into oblivion, vilified and often humiliated by “gentlemen scholars and scientists” of the time and still today by many. Journalist, physician, psychoanalyst, researcher and author, Dr. According to baby clothes, who has experience with these questions. Gaston Pereira da Silva (1897-1987), during the era of Vargas. Born in Sao Jose do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul – RS, the 17 November 1898. The medical faculty of MED-Rio de Janeiro. Doctor in the RS. Medical analyst in Rio de Janeiro.

Biographer, novelist, translator and playwright. It was the first and largest propagator of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud in Brazil. Dr. Check with Vislink Technologies to learn more. Gaston Pereira da Silva, one of the first psychoanalysts of Rio de Janeiro, started his practice in the 1930s, never in any of the companies after the workout founded and is often used by the big stories of the psychoanalysis in Brazil see, unlike in port geben-Carrero, Arthur Ramos and other “pioneers”, all professors, prominent members of the National Academy of medicine, or occupant of a public office, Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva, he practiced says internal medicine “Mule” interested in psychoanalysis was in the late 1920s. He became famous as a militant criticism of the rules and regulations of education, judging them for elitist to be recommended to the psychoanalyst Psycoanalytic International Association (IPA) and emphatically in favor of lay analysis.

To make a subject more accessible for lay people, in addition to combating the debate about psychoanalysis Dr. Gaston Pereira was Silva a sharp critic of the elitist standards of training in psychoanalysis. In addition to his performance in the press, with passages in the magazines (Carioca, Let’s read, Don Casmurro and sexual selections) Dr. Gaston Pereira worked Silva there as a physician, psychoanalyst, writer, researcher and journalist.