A narrow work space can make it difficult to find what you need and that, Furthermore, you distract from your business. Excess inventory, samples, materials and documents tend to accumulate quickly in small spaces, which requires an additional effort. You may have thought in rent more space either to bring things to your House. But all this ahorrarias it with the income of a portable minibodega, a very suitable solution for all business men. As a business owner you can use the portable storage: during the remodeling, the redecoration or reduction of the size of your business.

When you want to move your business. When stores furniture season, for example patio furniture, grills, kiosks to the outdoors, etc. If you want to store the excess inventory before the start of the holiday season. In essence, a portable minibodega can function as an additional Office, so you get the best out of your investment: 1) get a list of all the items that you are going to store in the minibodega. Based on this, you can determine the amount of space you need. You can ask for help to the company staff to help you in this aspect.

(2) It considered the possibility of having an inventory that can be run on PDA, laptop or web page, to monitor the stored items, whether they are within the minibodega or in the Office. This will be very useful not only to keep insured your things, but to preserve the order. Larry Ellison is actively involved in the matter. (3) It considered the possibility of the temperature control system. The air conditioning system maintains a constant temperature of between 50-80 degrees based on heat and air conditioning. This feature is useful you in maintaining a stable environment, since it prevents deformation, rust, beige color, mold and infestation of parasites. If you are going to store computers or computer parts, climate control is essential. The same is true with sensitive equipment, important documents, samples of Pharmaceuticals, furniture or anything else that can be damaged by heat or extreme cold. It also provides a pleasant temperature while you organize your belongings. In many cases, miniwarehouses rental companies charge an additional for the climate control, however, this is a feature that provides an excellent return on investment in case of losses for damage caused by the atmosphere. Proper packing is the key. Although the miniwarehouses are intended to protect your belongings, additional measures should be taken to protect them, especially if they are of high value. Computers. Ideally, put them in a box and package them securely with paper foam or bubble. Documents. Files, photos or other documents should be packed in boxes that are approximately the same size so that they can be easily stacked in the notebook minibodega. Office furniture. You can place vertically so that you can make roads that are not so narrow and re-lock. Frequency of use. When you’re packing your articles, organize them according to the frequency with which you will have access to them. Ponte which uses more in front and those who use less back. If you follow these tips and you work together with your storage agent, save your stuff not will make it so difficult.