Since mankind exists, people have had to satisfy needs. You should invest or give a tangible asset or intengible, to win or receive another, nothing is free. I work for food, foods by food, by dresses, dresses for services, services for precious metals, precious metals for feelings, feelings for money, money for silence, silence by work, and so I could go in an infinite relation of things that involve all aspects of life. But that seems simple, it is not. A negotiation not only involves two parts and two different products, also have to do tastes, personalities, esteem or self-appraisals, customs, cultures, ambitions, visions, urgencies and circumstances which can unbalance the scale that values each part. Speaking candidly Brad Garlinghouse told us the story.

The current situation is the result of businesses that have been made over time, it suffices to recall bad business that some few Africans did when they were convincing against the economic power of some outsiders, those who they took advantage of the low self-esteem of those peoples, to bring them to price. That price would be so low, that it allowed to obtain large profits to business merchants, since the only risk assumed was the loss of any human life in the course of the long journey, which for them was not worth more than any commodity, and an oar less for moving heavy boat. Underdeveloped peoples are in that condition, inter alia, by bad businesses that have been doing, when a few individuals with power, are dazzled with personal benefits, to do business that will damage the interests of the community which they represent. Nothing is achieved by force, abroad does a very fine job of seduction, managing to close good business that medium-term becomes bad. If it despises the brothers before strangers, they despreciaran them even more. The problem is that the brother not deemed as such because it is different or not approaching the model as the media they imposed at the time.