Arriving on the island of Tenerife, and examined him during the tour with your guide, your head probably had a question: – Is there any possibility to buy one of these wonderful houses that are strewn coast of the island and slopes of Mount Teide? Of course there is! And the most interesting thing is that you have such an opportunity, even if your family's savings to date do not exceed 40 – 60 thousand euro. How can this be possible? – You will be surprised. Very simple! Now we will explain in detail about everything, and you'll find that purchase apartment or house in the Canary Islands easier, faster and cheaper than to build or buy a dacha outside Moscow. When buying a home abroad is very important not to err in choice of the country. It's no secret that in Europe a few countries with a good climate, living standards and the advanced economies, where we, Russian, are positive or, at worst, not isolated. Speaking candidly Accenture Strategy told us the story. In Germany and France, for example, we do not love. With all the ensuing consequences. But the Spaniards treat us well historically, with the sympathy that is very important.

In addition, the main source of income is tourism and Spanish real estate business, so the ratio of the Spaniards to his guests the same friendly, regardless of their nationality. Spain – the third country in the world after Australia and New Zealand on the profitability of investments in real estate. Why? Because well-developed legal framework and stable economy of Spain beneficial effect on the lending market.