Many hats keep no longer what they promise it nowadays many types of hats can be distinguished. There are among others the Bobble, the knit CAP, or also the Inca’s hat. All of these types of Cap represent CAP but actually a variation on the basic idea. This basic idea of persistent warm headgear was originally to serve as protection against the cold. In severe winter temperatures is, for a longer stay in the fresh air, namely highly recommended a hat e, because the constant influence of the cold can have other serious health consequences. This is true especially for those who are accustomed to only moderate temperatures. What not everyone knows but is that CAP, at least as regards the thermal properties, is not equal to Cap.

Even if every Cap model should actually pursue the same goal: to keep the head warm, significant differences exist between the current CAP types. Many surveys repeatedly found that many Manufacturer completely neglect apparently only on the style of the hat, so focus on the shape and appearance, and while the actual raison d ‘ etre of this headdress, holding the head. The result is that the carrier of some trend Cap while with regard to the trend, is quite far forward with enjoys however no or at least insufficient protection against the cold and with luck with CAP can get away the one or the other train. So lacking in many models in the material, which is not suited to warm. Other caps show significant weaknesses regarding the processing. And are therefore totally unflattering, if it comes to guarantee warmth. Is positive however, as regards the winter suitability, to evaluate the fur Cap.

In terms of heat budget is far forward. Through the coat, cold wind is held perfectly. The simultaneous air permeability of this cap also causes that a warming air cushion arises. These two Combined the best winter hat for very cold temperatures results properties. This is however only a quite small ray of hope among many average models and hats that are on the market. So some people may have made himself an own picture of with security in this cold winter.