Renting a car is a fact that many times is necessary but not like us. In this sense, the fear is always that we are handling a good is not ours and that is quite true. In this sense, to be able to sleep at night, we bring you a series of indications and tips to hire the rental car malaga. The main thing is to confirm the car insurance coverage. You must verify if base rate includes insurance to all risk, damage, collision, theft, theft of personal belongings or damages of the hirer and occupants. Some companies may ask for a rate higher when it comes to take out insurance with greater coverage by not being included in the initial fee.

In turn, it is desirable to ensure if insurance includes some sort of franchise (which would limit the liability of the leasing company) and insurance for partial exemption from responsibility for the theft of the vehicle on petrol, usually pays the fuel consumed, and should be returning the vehicle with the tank full or pay the difference. Another point to control is the issue of mileage. Contracts or may not have limited mileage. At the time of signing the contract look at the hired miles, if they are exceeded would have to pay the excess. It is sometimes more convenient to hire the car with unlimited mileage.

Other points to keep in mind are: observe traffic regulations. If it is fined the company will identify you as a driver and will receive the fine on his behalf. Usually includes a special fee for renting the car at the airport. The car hire malaga airport is more expensive. If you want some special equipment contact with sufficient time (Chair of children, hands-free, etc.). It will also carry a surcharge. Some companies provide for penalties if returned the car in a different from the starting point and was not agreed. In the end. enjoy your trip. That’s the part most important