The linking between beginning of the globalizante process cannot be never seen detached from the beginning of the capitalism, therefore it was through the great navigations that the world really became related, that is that the world if knew and if made entire, exactly that of disharmonous form. He is in this period that if knows systems of different governments, different societies, distinct economies and opposing cultures. what the globalization made? Unhappyly we cannot be romantic the sufficient to think optimum on this investigation, the problems found with the shocks cultures, social, politicians and economic it goes to make to be valid the natural election, that is, it goes to prevail strongest. The globalizantes had used of positivistas premises, where the progress alone is reached through the order, and go to establish its order, the European order, the order oppressor.

But still as Carlos Walter the globalization process alone will reach its climax in the years of 1970, with what Milton geographer Saints flame of technician-scientific-informacional period. The globalization in its climax alone really can be noticed in as half-full of century 20. today we can sight really globalizantes facts, what in nothing caravela makes in them to remember one breaching for three months the seas to establish commercial relations, in the atualidades with a simple click if transfers to additions millionaire, buys and vendemos, although the capitalism-globalizante to have initiated in century XV with the movement of the great navigations, the globalization alone will arrive its adult phase in century XX with the introduction of the informatizadas relations. 5.Regionalizao, Globalization and Capitalism the principle is important that when in relating to the term regionalizao to them, this is not understood in the cultural scope, and yes, in economic character, that is, I am speaking of economic blocks that pparently are closed in groups for the magnifying of its economies..