In accordance with Andrade, on advent of the industries affirms. The industrialization process has been intensified with the sprouting of modern industries with bigger capacity of production. These industries, however cause the disappearance of others of small average capacity, come back toward the regional and local market, as the txteis, that benefited to the cotton … (ANDRADE, p.281). One sees, in this way, that the Northeast is apt for the viable growth for the new public and private investments. In order to extend its productive capacity and the power of exportation in diverse economic areas of the world-wide capitalism by means of the globalization.

Stimulating the new agricultural alternatives for the production of biodiesel, irrigated agriculture, the tourist chances and the expansion of the industrial complexes. GREAT CAMPINA – the CAPITAL OF the WASTELAND Between the ports of the coast and the vast northeast hinterland, this localization very contributed for the sprouting of important commercial markets with traditional fairs. The main ones are the cities of Great Campina, in the Paraba; Caruaru and Garanhuns, in Pernambuco; Arapiraca and Palmeira of the Indians, in Alagoas; Itabaiana and Lagarto in Sergipe. in Great Campina in the performance of the commercial activity obtained to accumulate great richnesses, today used stops to finance its industrial and technological park that almost blunts as promising in this metropolis of the Paraibano Wasteland. That she is located on the Bulk of the Borborema, between the humid coast and the half-barren hinterland, Great Campina is the Capital of Wasteland, being one of the most important cities of the Northeast region. Its localization is sufficiently privileged, was a decisive factor in the performance of the commercial activity, therefore since century XIX that this city comes serving of warehouse between the littoral capitals and some cities of the interior northeastern. In these particular its commercial relations with Recife very they had been always accented, the pernambucana capital functioning as point of supplying of manufactured products in exchange for primary products originating the hinterland northeastern the example of the cotton and leather, commerce before stimulated by the interest of England in these raw materials.